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  1. I think some will know her. The experience let's say won't repeat
  2. still got a few more before i end my trip........
  3. Back early in the morning and had to do the right thing, shag the lady friend *apologies for the shaky photos
  4. it must have came in her dreams
  5. yes, i almost forgot, its call hilltop for the last post
  6. Sorry been really busy lately with many things and yes still in LOS will share more photos from the Trip and i think she enjoyed it as much as i did
  7. The next installment, A LB a day keeps the doctor away
  8. Back after a a 2 weeks absence as there are more important things to take care of other than fucking Lbs (555555) So on every trip i do mix the GGs up with the Lb and this time there are no different Every trip i always have unfinished business and i guess thats the reason to come back to finish the business my first GG of the trip is M, she been working on the scene since 19 and now must have been 4 - 5 years and got engaged in between blah blah blah I met her at her place near marquee mall which is about 10 minutes away without the traffic and yes she says she will come back with me to my place to swim and chill, and there i was getting another Trike 10 minutes after meeting her She was very cool and totally gave the girlfriend experience and not a very shy person so it was great as we hangout with the prof and his company on subsequent nights I was at SM Clark earlier in the afternoon and not surprised that they are putting the xmas decoration on since The Philippines are massive about Xmas We did a little people watching at Kokomos on walking street and good to see that the traffic increase by a few folds but it has definitely gear more towards the Asian clientele
  9. First thank you. Yes he is a very interesting figure to the scene and provide good insights as well, definitely someone to meet
  10. Finally i am on my way to AC and it was not easy to let Kendy go because she is a darling and told her i might return before i leave PH but seems like this trip i wont be coming back to Manila. So i took the Grab taxi to Trinoma to take the bus to AC which is about 2 hours, as i was told i did it wrong but as long as i get there it will be fine. As i arrive i see the bus leaving seems like i missed the 1pm bus but........ another bus turned up in 10 minutes time and apparently there is a 2pm bus and as long as the aircon is working it will do me fine. Leaving Bangkok and Pattaya because of the Flash Flood and happy with the Sun in Manila. and soon the bus started, and realizing that i was one of less than 10 passengers, who knows how they make money. Paid my 230p and took a nap, soon 2 hours passed and roll into SM Clark, took my favorite (not really) trike to my favorite hotel on walking street and soon you guys will know why this hotel is my favorite and The Prof would swear that this is "THE HOTEL" to be...... As i have a short meeting online, i took the meeting and cant wait for the meeting to end..... very soon i was on my way to Phillies aka Femboy Central. This time round i realized there are more and more silicon in AC which is a big surprise as previously silicon was kind of a rarity. As i enter Phillies i see a familiar shadow and giving me all the right sign..... yes i met her in April for a threesome ..... her name is Kate Very soon i was on the rooftop 24 hour open, no cameras working swimming pool overlooking walking street..... as my old habit of swimming naked is dying hard..... after a few drinks.... mutual blowjob and naked swimming, we needed a change of scenery and Tom Cruise's latest movie would be it...... Flying higher with those fighter jet. Kate went for a quick shower and change into her chosen outfit, we played around, 69 and whatever works, time for the daily special of the tail with the plug. We had a good 30 minutes and soon we both erupted, and she told me she hasn't been fucked for 5 days which looks like it from the amount of jizz. I slept with a smile on my face and looking forward to The Prof descending in AC and we will Lock and Load
  11. Sorry got sidetracked with my little side adventure to Pattaya, will get back by late today
  12. Big Surprise The next day started with a walk around the block and did a bit of shopping while trying to hunt on the go, started chatting with a cute femboy by the name of Kendy on the web but after yesterday's mistake i decided to do a quick video call with her to minimize my risk of failure. The Prof and i spoken over the phone and decided that if i found someone cool to hangout will head over to his area later on the evening. i made arrangements for Kendy to come over to the hotel in the late afternoon and see how the test run goes, she turn up and looking just like her profile pic. We had a little dress up and to which became a full on session which i needed after yesterday's no action. Very fast she cemented her place in the bed for the rest of the evening. From her social media The actual person We went to Cowboy Grill and got there just before 8pm, the place was half packed but the music was unusually loud, we had to move to the back of the hall and quickly had our dinner before moving to the next activity which is a Philippines all time favorite Karaoke. the initial idea was to spent an hour singing and later head to the club but that did not happen, we had a great time singing and just having fun. The night ended with us going back to the room for Round 2 as i had to leave for AC the following morning.
  13. Lol we are same same but different as they say in Thailand Thanks Lady Marsha for the kind words, you don't happen to be the same Marsha from Pattaya ?
  14. Next day, had a work breakfast with a work colleague and he was very interested at where i was staying but i am not giving that away. At the same time texting The Prof whom is staying at the other side of town and we agreed to meet later at the famous LA cafe and he would show me around the block, took a Grab taxi that cost me about 350 Pesos (like grab for the safety and no need for haggling). As i walked in, the seedy-ness of LA Cafe really pulled me in quite quickly and there were about 10 - 15 ladies scattered all around giving me smiles and winks. I spotted The Prof quite quickly and walked over, what really stands out is his interesting choice of T-Shirt which i am very keen to get a photo of. He gave me a brief introduction of the area and LA Cafe, as we met in the early afternoon, the action was on the light side and as the afternoon progresses more and more FL ladies turned up. We had some food and exchanged our adventures which later became a daily occurrence which became something i look forward to. As the Prof has company back in the room we decided to meet up again in Burgos area and we would each bring a company and hit some bars. The first mistake of the trip happened, and i guess is the risk of the online game. As Covid happened many LB look nothing like their photos. I was chatting with her on Pinalove and later on Whatsapp, she agreed to come over and i thought if she is fun enough i would have her around when i meet up with The Prof and his company. I waited at the lobby as she told me that she is on her way, the moment i saw her i wish i could backout of the deal but decided to go ahead but she wasnt going to stay for the later activities. She tried to give me a happy ending "massage" and asked me every 5 - 10 seconds "Are you enjoy?". Gave her the agreed price within 20 minutes of her walking through the door. Photo from her social media The actual person Lesson learnt and went to meet up with The Prof later on at a Cuban theme restro-bar with live band, we had some Mexican and Filipino food. Later on we moved to a sports bar where i picked up a casino card dealer (looks like i ended the night with a better hand than i started) and The Prof left earlier as they were staying at the other side of town.
  15. yeah mate i survived, do send me a pm and we can link up.
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