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Ladyboy Water Volleyball Pics

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some of my collection, just got home a few days ago. Fantastic event and great to see the girls in action

I'd like to dedicate this post to my favorite team: The Golden Girls of La Bamba,

and the unique snick cam ™ shots

Posted Images

Thanks guys for the kind words. The biggest reward was seeing everyone smiling and looking so happy.

The atmosphere was brilliant - carnival/festival and everyone in great spirits.

Only 2 weeks before some bar staff seemed so disinterested I hit a low point in planning and even wondered if all the teams would show. Thay all did with pazazz and style. They could not even be with out their high heels when out of the pool.

The Hotel were fantastic - the Drink coupons prevented any disputes over any bins and resolved the language barrier as we had many non English speaking guests.

Dear Mr. Tony,

First of all, thank you very much that you selected Areca Lodge for your party and charity. Not only you and your guests enjoyed that, but all our staffs also.

Anyway, I thought, yesterday should have some error and uncontrollable factor; we would like to apologize for that. Looking forward to welcome you again.

What about doubling the size? Same month next year.

300 people and 12 teams. Target 500,000 to 1,000,000 Baht for Charity. Volunteers?

Package deal with Hotel to include accomodation + Ticket to the event.

Invite Guiness Book of Records - World Championship LadyBoy Water Vollley Ball

Anaconda are World Champions today because it has never been done before.

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How do you win Ladyboy Water Volleyball?

The same way you get to Carnegie Hall.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

Anaconda had numerous 4 A.M. practices on the beach. Now that was beach volleyball practices not water volleyball but it was probably the margin of victory considering how close the final was.

Anaconda had the largest contingent of ladyboy cheerleaders suggesting that they were taking the competition seriously.

Please don't interpret this as denigrating the other teams. Cause win or lose the orphans are getting a new roof and villages in Issan are getting water treatment systems. So really everybody wins!

A couple years ago I was at Sally Bar a few nights before the Beach Volleyball event and one of the ladyboys there told me, "we don't care if we win; we just want to look good" And indeed they did look good.

This year all the teams looked great! Bikinis with team colors is a concept that really worked! It was an amazing display of ladyboys poolside! Guys who have shagged hundreds of ladyboys, guys who you might think might be jaded, were blown away by the spectacle of it all.

If there is indeed a LBWV II next year, don't miss it!

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I promised from the beginning that a set of accounts would be published immediately after the event.

I also promised that ALL Sponsorship and Donations would go to Charity and not subsidize the Event itself:


Event Income:

91,200 - Ticket sales

23,872 - Bar entry

63,580 - Auction

178,652 - Total Event Income

Event Expense:

41,250 - Hotel+Buffet

25,000 - Prizes (C&D contributed theirs to Charity)

8,185 - Misc & Charges

74,436 - Total Event Expense

104,216 - Event Profit (178,652 - 74,436)

124,176 - Sponsors

52,962 - Donations

1,500 - Other

282,854 - Total Net Raised

225,000 - Paid to the Orphanage and Rotary

57,854 - Surplus

For a full set of accounts please see document attached

PS There may be some minor final adjustments as some people have asked to contribute after the event.


Certificate Master Final V1.3.doc

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Rossco, who did a GREAT job and deserves huge kudos, did err in one detail; rejecting my proposal to rent a a scuba tank and stay at the bottom of the pool taking pics. I was forced to hold my breath, at best I could get 3 shots off before surfacing.

I'll be ready next time, scuba tank, weights (buoyancy was a problem), camera and a Go Pro video camera in underwater housing.

I also need to slip the girls some Kamagra 30 minutes before the matches start :)

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Alas I spend at least 3 months a year In Pattaya and always seem to miss these special events.

Oh well ....one of these days.

Congratulations to you Rossco and all concerned for a wonderful event.

Cheers DK

P.S. Snick ....The water level seemed to be just your depth. You could be under taking photos and still be

standing up. :drinks:

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I don't know about that Boy Snooki, we were all laughing at your drunken attempts at refereeing

What attempts? There was no attempt. Shit, did you see me trying to keep score? That was an outrage...

But you're totally right, dude -- I was seriously channeling my inner Jersey Boy... :party0048:

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I'd like to dedicate this post to my favorite team: The Golden Girls of La Bamba,

LaBamba was the most sponsored team. Cocktails and Dreams also had lots of supporters who made their trip possible.

Anaconda had the biggest ladyboy cheering section. TJ's had a bunch of their regulars who were rooting hard.

But all the teams were really winners as well as the attendees and also the orphans. A triple win!

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