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  1. My guess is you haven't been there...? (the embassy, that is) The university, Chula, for anyone interested, is top in Thailand. It's also total shit...
  2. Ken, I’m a little disappointed. As our resident Man of Letters, there were high hopes for your post. Did you read the whole thread? Cuz you kinda whiffed on your whinge, dude. Now, as a make-up assignment, for homework I want you to get back in them hallowed halls of yours and write me an essay: a rhetorical analysis of this thread, employing the Close Reading and critical-thinking skills that seem to have somewhat abandoned you in your last writing. (You can skip over all the OP’s usual foot-in-mouth song and dance, unless you want to do it for extra credit.) And you better do good too, cuz our collective forum GPA is riding on it...
  3. I have no qualms with news threads. People post them all the time. I usually don’t pay much attention to them of course because it’s not why I come to ladyboy forums. When I want the news I go to actual news sources, and form my own opinions. It’s when people try to make my opinions for me that I have a problem. The tone and delivery here were designed to induce fear, starting with the title. And by starting with that title, this guy swindled me into opening his thread and reading his words. And then he tried to swindle me with those words. And I take exception to that. I also take exception when people try to brainwash by passing off opinion and speculation as fact, with trademark lack of support or evidence. I kept reiterating the term “ladyboy forum” to remind us why we’re all here – we come here in our free time to enjoy ourselves. Not to have someone try to instill fear in us because that’s what he feels all the time. Yes, Pacman, you are a fear monger. The fact that you claim to have not considered this, in the face of your vast posting history, says that you’re either lying to us or dumber than I thought you were.
  4. Rhetorically speaking, Khun PDogg, the topic is not the point. The topic may be the Mideast. But topics are simply used as devices by which the author delivers his central message, or theme. And the theme is fear.
  5. Pacman, this is a ladyboy forum. I gotta wake up on a Saturday morning, after a lovely evening out in Bangkok watching a ladyboy beauty pageant and playing with cocks in panties, and use my short amount of free time to go to my favorite ladyboy forum and read this shit? It's almost certainly too late for you (and you probably won't learn it from a ladyboy forum), but if you had tried a little harder when you were younger you may have seen that the glass is, in fact, half full. And until the bomb drops on me, I'm gonna be sucking cock and not crying in my drink or making other people feel worse around me on a ladyboy forum... PS -- Your argument is full of fallacies, namely what's called a logical fallacy in attacking the straw man ("Aunt Sally" for those in the UK). Half the time it's not what you say on this or any other ladyboy forum but how you say it that's so fucking irritable. And before you start: no, I won't be baited into an argument -- this is a ladyboy forum and I've wasted too much time on this drivel already. PPS -- Khun Kahuna, please don't forget to pick up my underwear while you're stockpiling ammo...
  6. If she was Japanese, I'd prefer she had a pussy (there's none like them in the world). But if she was from any other country, I'd prefer she had a cock...
  7. Nice work, Snickalus! (you ever get your thumb drive back?)
  8. PD, love your news threads. May I humbly request that you at least include the essential inverted pyramid of the news article in your pasting (first two paragraphs cover everything necessary in a news article)? I'm not one for clicking on a link after one line of text... Cheers and thanks.
  9. Enjoy the night, brother. Hope it's even better than last year -- and that's a tough act to follow! PS - I'll take that smooch next time you pass through the capital...
  10. Nerd Alert! But seriously, folks -- you gents will forget (have forgotten?) more math(s) than I'll ever know. But what's really important is how funny this reads -- never has math been so entertaining! Good show. And a forum first. (for better or worse...) PS -- Any Science guys out there wanna talk about some "cleavage"...?
  11. Hey, mate! Is she the one in the lineup of five asses that had that tiny, pert, dark chocolate one...? Simply scrumptious...
  12. Pop music is bad enough without mixing in asians' amusicality...
  13. [emoticons are acting all kindsa strange recently...]
  14. Yeah, it's safe to come back. And yes, you do have him to thank.
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