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  1. Stroker, this is a very inflammatory post - asking a leading question accompanied with a picture of a rather unappealing male. No prizes for guessing what sort of response you are looking for. Nice folks are too polite to say what they honestly think, impolite people will use the invitation to pour scorn on these hapless bastards who are too stupid to know any better as to how they should dress when visiting a foreign country. And the unfortunate fact that most of them are dangerously overweight just provides more reason to ridicule them & their lack of dress standards. I have gone past the age where I take any pleasure in mocking those who don't share my views. Though I still find anyone who would choose to go out dressed like this to be beyond the pale.
  2. That's a nasty wound from a stiletto heel, it could easily have blinded her. High heels are no different from a knife attack IMO. I hope they throw the book at her.
  3. pacman

    Airline News

    I was on a trans-Australian flight (that's one that flies from one side to the other, not one full of cross dressers) late at night when a lady sitting behind me passed a note asking me to close my window because it was blowing in her face. I stood up & shut off the air nozzle above her head that was fully open blowing straight at her. I never spoke to her, she was hiding her face when she realised how silly she was. I had no desire to make her feel worse but I do regret throwing away the note. I had several people dismiss my story as fanciful. As if I haven't better things to do than invent stories about dumb passengers. If I needed to do that I would have said it was a trans-American flight..... (apologies to Kahuna)
  4. I would have thought Billy....
  5. Are you referring to Rogers? SiamSam recently mentioned it is still open & still good. It isn't close to Soi Diana, it is on Second Road at the rear of a building. (I think it's a bar complex catering to locals, it wasn't busy when I was last there.) If you travel north from Soi Diana look to the right hand side of the road & check the signs. Before you get to Pattaya Klang (?) aka Pattaya Central Road you will see the name Rogers Italian Restaurant. It's a big sign along the top of the building, not at street level. I'm sorry if my info is out of date, it's been a while since I dined there with Sam....
  6. And the reaction of the guy standing next to her when he looks down & starts screaming? Is that because he saw an imaginary dick? There is nothing subtle here at all. The Thais have a penchant for making fun of themselves reacting to pretty girls who are in fact LBs. Anyway, look at "her" shoulders, they are too angular for any GG.
  7. Let's see now.... she's taking a leak standing at a urinal.... hmmm... I dunno, she's got me tricked.
  8. Pattaya beach once was perfect white sand with clear blue water. Here's proof from 1976. They paved paradise & put up a parking lot.
  9. Yes. 90% is about right, it varies from country to country, shop to shop. But it is 90% of today's gold price, not of the price you paid for it. If gold has gone up since you bought it, you've done well. If it went down, bad luck. And the gold price has taken an absolute hammering in the past few years. It's all being manipulated by the Wall Street banks & Hedge Funds in a quid pro quo deal with the Federal Reserve to keep gold down in order to prevent the collapse of the US dollar. The only way they can do it is by short selling the Gold ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) where no actual metal changes hands. If anyone wants to close out their ETF contract for actual gold, they get charged an extra 50+%. Or they were, I don't think anyone will give them gold for a paper contract anymore. When the shit hits the fan, those ETF pieces of paper won't be worth anything. As for the Thais & others, they find the gold price useful for setting the price of their jewellery. Hasn't anyone noticed it is odd that the gold shops in Asia can sell their gold jewellery for the gold price? I first questioned this many years ago. It was obvious that they couldn't be buying their gold at the same price. And it turns out they don't. I was sitting in a gem dealers shop talking about something I wanted made, he told me he couldn't get started on it till the 'man' showed up who he bought his gold from. "What man?" I asked. My colleague smiled & said nothing. Turns out it is all gold sold on the black market for cash, bought from itinerant, uneducated gold miners who operate all the way across northern Africa, through the Middle East right up to the Ural Mountains in Russia. Tens of thousands of them who have never heard of the "gold price", they just wait for the guy to turn up to buy whatever they have for cash. Somehow this gold finishes up in all the workshops & souks of the Middle East, Pakistan, India, Thailand & god-knows where else. 100's of tonnes of gold bought & sold without any royalties or taxes paid on it in a network so sophisticated they can smuggle millions of dollars worth into India alone every year. My best guess as to who's behind it is the Russian mafia, all I know is they kill anyone who tries to interfere in their operation.
  10. Thanks RX. It's logical & it works.
  11. Obsessions is the only place I know of in LOS where every drink order is signed by the customer. If there's any dispute they will show you the order & where you signed for it. It has stopped 1000 arguments. Plus it is owned by a farang who does everything possible to stop overcharging including the installation of a computerised till that tallies exactly with the signed-for orders. The one thing he can't do is to step inside his own bar & oversee it himself. As he owns the last major parcel of land in Pattaya not held by a Thai, the police will arrest him & seize his property if he even so much lifts up a glass. They ever installed a camera on a pole outside the entrance so they could monitor him 24 hours a day. The reason for the camera was given as 'street security'. A good idea except it is the only one anywhere in Pattaya. In a quiet soi, not on Walking Street, just the place you need extra security.
  12. I agree Sam. Wild horses couldn't drag me there.
  13. I had something put into my beer a few years back while in JennyStarBar with Petesie. I remember going there, I remember being asked what I wanted to drink, I really don't remember much else. I only had a mouthful or so before I had to get outside. The next thing I remember was waking up in the Penthouse with someone next to me who I have no recollection of talking to. Apparently I went back to Ezy Bar (it was a long time ago), friends thought I was drunk, somehow I was able to walk the few hundred metres back to Soi 13/1. I was out cold for 13 hours & when I woke I had no memory of anything after Walking Street. I do recall the bar was so busy that my beer was passed through several sets of hands before I got it. I suspect something was dropped into the bottle while it was being handed over. In fact, I am sure that's what must have happened. It was very scary & I am so glad the other party hadn't tried to rob me. She wasn't my type at all & was happy to go after I gave her some money.
  14. Thanks RX. That's what you get when they only buy one banner per country. To hell with the truth......... it's international!!
  15. Representing Cambodia? Thought she's Thai....
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