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  1. Unfortunately having thoroughly reviewed the current travel situation & recent surges it’s looking like the LBWVB event will be postponed until March 2021 - proposed Saturday 20th March This is due to uncertainty of: International travel Quarantine regulations upon arrival/return Pre-flight certificates/insurance requirements Staging an event for more than 50 people - crowd gatherings currently not allowed This will also give us a chance to recover lost time for fund raising for the respective charities. Hopefully many restrictions will have been lifted by March allowing most the freedom to travel. The Areca also feel March would be a more suitable date; this we can review again in December. Be safe.
  2. Areca is actually 3 separate hotels. Areca - Soi Diana entrance Evergreen - Soi 15 entrance Corona - in the middle of Areca and Evergreen Our Pool area is the usual one called the Blue Ocean Pool which is between Evergreen and Corona Best to walk through from Areca entrance in Soi Diana for ticket entry as the Soi 15 pool entrance is closed
  3. LBWVB 2020 are pleased to announce that tickets for the 21st November event being held at the Areca Lodge are now available from the participating bars and the Hideaway Guesthouse, Restaurant & Bar.  Tickets/Sponsors are now for Sale from: Tickets can also be pre-booked directly from the LBWVB site via:- (contact lbwvb@hotmail.com for assistance, more details) Ticket prices remain the same at:- Sponsor contributions at 4,000 Baht - 100% goes to Charity. Includes a comp ticket. Tickets at 1,500 Baht which includes: Cash prizes will be awarded to all participating teams. There is no entry charge for the teams. Drinks for both the day and evening are discounted by Areca for all attendees. Areca are also offering 20% discount on Direct room bookings for the weekend of the event. For reservations please contact Nancy Hoffee at Areca mentioning LBWVB and the dates required. Areca will also have limited tickets available from about 2 weeks prior for guests.  Thanks to all for your previous and continued support and we look forward to seeing you all in November. 
  4. More information to follow but the Areca Lodge, our hosting venue, is booked for Saturday 21st November 2020. 5 Teams. Artwork completed for Posters and Tickets. Tickets should be on sale from early April from participating venues. There are 2 compilation videos worth viewing: 1st is a short 2 minute video detailing what we have all achieved over the last 7 years - Thank You Very Much Sadly 'Kev in Thailand', who gives the dialogue at the end, is terminally ill back in the UK. He really could not finish his commentary - that is the spirit of LBWVB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjOdamHepGM 2nd is a 20 minute video which is a compilation of videos from each year since 2012 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dt0upqHIQNI Hoping we can count again on the good and generous nature of this forum - thanks. It is all about: Fun Charity Promoting LBs in a positive way Tony
  5. Just one photo from the birthday party for the boss on 29th Feb
  6. Apologies for not posting here before.Sad that the event will not move forward but a remarkable result from a niche market of like minded generous people.Many thanks for your support and contribution - no other group has come close to what we jointly achieved.I hope that you all retain pleasant memories of an incredible event over 7 years.It was a blast.20 teams participated overall. Some of whom no longer exist. Anaconda, Cocktails & Dreams, Horny Bar, Stringfellows, So What.I met hundreds of BMs form this forum, and others, and value the friendships made along the way.The Areca Lodge, who hosted the event every year, are disappointed as are many charities that we have directly helped.
  7. LBWVB 2019Unfortunately there will not be an event this yearDifficult decision as so many charities have benefited through all your generosity.It has been a great deal of fun for both participants and attendees and an amazing success story.5.86 million Baht raised over 7 years with 4.71 million going to various charities. Costs to stage the event were 1.01 million0.14 million (138,000) remaining to donate to a deserving charity at some date in the future.Many thanks for your support and contributions which have helped so many people.A special thanks to all the bars that have participated and helped raise funds over the years.Also to Referees, DJ, Photographers. Contributors of Raffle/Auction items and Trophies. Brilliant support from so many.The event has put Lady Boys in a different light showing their positive contribution to society in a spectacular way.
  8. Team Score CardCharitiesSponsorsCommentsMedia Linksare all onhttp://lbwvb.com/ladyboy-water-volleyball-2018-eventHere are 2 Videos from the event:Thanks to Pattaya People Media Group (Barry Upton) for covering the event.http://lbwvb.com/archives/41431Thanks to Kev In Thailand.As Kev says "It is all about the kids"http://lbwvb.com/archives/41424A special Merry Christmas to all the people who supported LBWVB 2018 from those that you helpedTryhttp://lbwvb.com/gallery-category/lbwvb-2018For about 1000 pictures.
  9. Good idea. Will publish Auction items around October. Coffee table Photo album and a unique original cartoon are 2 of the items.
  10. Tickets now on sale, for the Lady Boy Charity event of the year, on Saturday 17th November, at: Surprise Yourself - Soi Bukhouw near Asian Backpackers Hunny Bunny - Action Street 69Bar - Soi Made In Thailand Katoeys are Us - Soi Diamond off Walking Street Why Not - Bangkok Soi 20 off Sukhumvit Road - from 5th April Hideaway Guest House - Soi 15 off Soi Bukhouw Direct: PayPal - lbwvb@hotmail.com or contact lbwvb@hotmail.com for Bank/Western Union.
  11. This year the annual Lady Boy Water Volley Ball (LBWVB) is planned for: Saturday 17th November 2018 Areca Lodge - Blue Ocean Pool. Soi Diana. Pattaya Discounted drinks day and evening. http://lbwvb.com/lbwvb-2018-plans 12.00 - Doors open. Team photos 13.00 - Matches commence. Every Team plays each other team - 10 Matches 17.00 - Matches complete - winners announced. Rest. Change for evening 19.00 - Evening festivities start. (Dress code Smart Casual) International Buffet. Prize giving to Teams and Charities. Surprise entertainment. 22.30 - Finish. Celebrate with Winning team. Team Parties: Commence Bangkok 9th November finish Pattaya on 15th. Schedule to be confirmed. Tickets - 1,500 Baht which includes Volley Ball and evening buffet. Sponsor - 4,000 Baht/Team - includes complimentary Ticket with all 4,000 going to Charity Donate - Amount - Up to You. Raffle and Auction items are always welcome. http://lbwvb.com/upd...donate-to-lbwvb - Paypal lbwvb@hotmail.com - Direct. Contact for Thai Bank details or alternatives. All proceeds to Charity. Only direct unavoidable expenses charged. Hotel. Prizes. Printing. All the charities are screened. Our contribution is followed up to ensure used correctly. Event audited internally and externally. Results 2012 to 2017 http://lbwvb.com/lbwvb-2018-plans Fund Raising to Help children who need our support Thanks. Web Site: http://lbwvb.com/ FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/LBWVB
  12. The LBWVB web site has had a few significant updates - thanks to our volunteer IT guy: Photos Page - Select the year to view. With well over a thousand photos the page was taking too long to load. Now select the year and view that year's galleries. http://lbwvb.com/gal...gory/lbwvb-2017 Accounts for 2017 - Doc Archive. Shows audited Accounts for 2017, Accounts 2012 to 2017 and 2017 Audit report. Thanks to our auditor. http://lbwvb.com/upd...ocument-archive Events 2018 - Place holder page for this year. Shows pictorially in Pie Charts how we have done over 6 events. Income, Spend and Charities to benefit. http://lbwvb.com/lbwvb-2018-plans If you attended LBWVB 2017 and have not yet left a comment please do so (scroll to end of page): http://lbwvb.com/lbwvb-2017
  13. Apologies for the delay while awaiting Bank Interest in mid-December. Financial results for LBWVB 2017 The external audit has been concluded and the official audit report attached. Thanks to Aprbr taking on that voluntary role again this year he does not charge for his services and manages to fit in the audit during a hectic professional schedule. Nothing worse than looking at a load of numbers so will leave that for the official report. In the meantime the pictorial results. 2 Pie Charts 1) Total Income by Type - thanks to all of you for your support 2) Total distribution of income - again helping so many charities. 2017 Charity up date: Glory Hut have ordered their 40 beds, mattresses, pillows etc - delivery 4th February to coincide with moving to their new home. Bell and I were invited to help with the order. Pakse Medical centre have nearly finished their new toilet block - photos coming. Pattaya Orphanage are planning the repair of their main hall roof. The children gave a plaque to LBWVB for all our support. On the LBWVB site will be an accounts summary, by individual year and totals, for 2012 to 2017 in numeric form and Pie charts. 5,056,413 - Total Raised 861,839 - Total Expenses (17%) 4,115,000 - Donated to Charity (81.4%) 79,574 - Surplus carried forward to 2018/TBA (1.6%) An unknown surplus occurs as the Auction/Raffle and some Ticket sales are only raised at the event, after Charity Cashier cheques are drawn. Many thanks on behalf of all the charities we have helped. On the site there will also be a list of Charities to have benefited. The purchasing power of our contribution is higher than that of the UK or US so we make a significant difference. https://en.wikipedia...ng_power_parity LBWVB Event 2017 Audit V2.pdf
  14. Some photos posted already - especially of the orphans - inappropriate to post on here but represent what LBWVB is about. http://lbwvb.com/photo-archive
  15. LBWVB - 2017 1st - Pink Panthers 2nd - Golden Eagles - Why Not Bar - Bangkok 3rd - Green Hornets - Katoeys r Us - Pattaya 4th - White Sharks - New Bar - Pattaya 5th - Black Scorpions - Lita Bar - Pattaya Best Cheerleader - Katoeys r Us - Pattaya
  16. Many thanks for supporting this the 6th annual LBWVB event. Our 6 events will have raised about 5,000,000 Baht with 4,100,000 going to Charity. This year 3 Charities will receive a cheque for 200,000 each: Amount finalized on 8th November. Ticket pre paid collection: Hideaway Guest House on Soi 15. Friday 10th November from 20.00 to 22.00. Soi 15 is behind The Avenue Shopping Mall going towards Soi Bukhouw. Hideaway is on your left about 30 meters before Soi Bukhouw. Main Event - Saturday 11th November. - Doors open at 12.00 Please remember your ticket. Raffle Tickets on sale at 100 Baht each or 6 for 500. Great prizes - Dining vouchers to Pattaya restaurants and other items. 12.30 - Team Photos. 13.00 - Matches commence. 10 matches of 15 minutes each. 16.45 - Volley Ball ends. Announce Winners. Teams and Guests have 2+ hours to change and rest. 19.00 - 22.30 International Buffet. Raffle. 16 Dining/Hotel prizes and 4 Cosmetic sets. Entertainment. Auction - see items below. Cheques to our Charities. Prizes to Teams/Cheerleader. 22.30 - Go celebrate with your favourite team. Auction items - subject to change - bring your wallet: Unique 'cartoon' artwork by our own Forum artist Kwan. Copy 2016 attached Photo 'coffee table' book - LBWVB 2017 Photo 'coffee table' book - The Best of 5 years - 2012 to 2016 - Photo Photo 'coffee table' book - The Best of 5 years - 2012 to 2016 - Photo Akribos Ladies original watch. Value 100+ USD - Donated by BayHill. Photo. Barcelona Track suit top worn by Dutch star Edgar Davids. Photo. New Bar Team Set - Poster, Limited edition Baseball Cap and Polo Shirt, an original Casio watch plus 'His' and ' Hers' Eau de Toilette by Calvin Klein Egyptian Mystery pack. You can make a reserve bid, prior to the event, by email to lbwvb@hotmail.com. Many thanks on behalf of the Charities - without your support it would not happen. Tony 3rd Nov - Friday - Mercury Bar - Nana Sponsor fund raiser 4th Nov - Saturday - Why Not Bar, Soi 20, Bangkok (Loy Klathong) 5th Nov - Sunday - Rest/Travel Pattaya 6th Nov - Monday - New Bar, Soi Made in Thailand 7th Nov - Tuesday - Pink Panthers at Hunny Bunny bar in Action Street 8th Nov - Wednesday - Lita Bar, Soi 13/2 9th Nov - Thursday - Katoeys r Us, Soi Diamond off Walking St 10th Nov - Friday. Collect tickets 20.00 to 22.00 at Hideaway Guest House - Soi 15 11th Nov - Saturday - 12.00 - LBWVB Areca Lodge, Blue Ocean Pool Web Site: http://lbwvb.com/25026-2 FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/LBWVB
  17. Apologies as I thought that I had posted this already: Previous post of thanks from Pattaya Orphanage - the video just completed. In 2016 media coverage was not allowed but this was salvaged video from the evening. You, your team and especially the LBWVB Pattaya who inspire and empower all of us to keep taking good care of the underprivileged kids. Hope you'll enjoy your everyday life..“ Thank you very much... thank you very much for the nicest things that you have ever done for the kids”.. Better to let the children tell you that directly: LBWVB 2016 "Thank You Very Much" Sang by The Pattaya Orphanage youtu.be The kids from The Pattaya Orphanage perform the song "Thank You Very Much" at the Ladyboy Water Volleyball 2016 event to show their appreciation for all the ... For 2 years the children, with carers, have attended the evening and happily entertained us. The hotel take care of our special visiting performers with ice cream etc. LBWVB recommends the songs, for the children to learn, which they have now performed at many other charity events. The Orphanage explained that learning the songs also helps with English language skills - hopefully more songs will soon be added to their playlist. With your support a lot more than just Charity fund raising has been achieved. For 1 day in the year: LBs have an opportunity to 'shine', in a positive way, within the community. Help those people worse off especially children. Have a fun day out for all - attendees, organizers, hotel, teams.....
  18. Posters are up in Pattaya Venues. Sponsor 4,000 Baht includes a Free ticket but 4,000 goes to Charity Tickets 1,500 Baht for Day and Evening (includes International buffet) available at: Hideaway Guest House. Soi 15/Soi Bukhouw. Katoeys r Us - Soi Diamond. Walking St Lita Bar - Soi 13/2 New Bar - Soi MIT TJs Music Bar - Soi 18. Naklua Available in Why Not Bar - Soi 20. Bangkok next week
  19. So did I.... A number of events enabled 2017. I explained last year that it was my last as I did not have the energy to do again unaided. For so many opinions given there was never any hands on help proferred. In Dec/Jan that changed and parts of the event will be delegated as sub projects. Ticket control/duty. Auction. Raffle. maybe others as they emerge. Artwork was all created and paid for in record time. An Anon donation of 1,000 USD provided there was an event...34,500 Baht. Charities. Not only are they delighted to receive a healthy sum but also enjoy the event too. Let us see how it goes. Tony
  20. Deposit paid to Areca Lodge Posters and Tickets available from next week - printing completed 20th March
  21. This year was unique in many ways... 10 Matches were hotly contested where each team played against every other team. 4 Matches per team 1st - Blue Dolphins (TJs) won all 4 of their matches so won the title and trophy. World Champions of Lady Boy Water Volley Ball. 2nd - Green Hornets (Katoeys are Us) Pink Panthers and Green Hornets both won 2 matches each. The decider was Points scored and Green Hornets were higher. 3rd Pink Panthers 4th - Black Scorpions (Lita Bar). Black Scorpions and Purple People Eaters both won 1 match each The decider was Points scored and Black Scorpions were higher 5th - Purple People Eaters (Kings Bar). All team managers (5) received a gift of Make Up and Perfume and Stockings. Every player (25) received a Gift pack of: Mary Kay make up, Lipstick, Mascara, Eyeliner Victoria Secrets Bikini Stockings Cash. Winners 2,000 each, 2nd 1,500 each, Others 1,000 each Plus each team received 2 Vouchers for food and drink (Value 1,000 each) at Inter Issan Club near Pattaya Tai and 3rd Road. Match Time and Scores Final Combo.pdf
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