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  1. He was an important writer of much of my early research. I'd love to re-read his posts from back in the day...Stogie's site, I believe. Top shelf! The years have really flown by. A huge loss to our community.
  2. Stopped in briefly 2 nights ago and was given a warm welcome by proprietors Poesface and Nam. Lovely girls and great vibe! I've been a bit out of the loop for a while. Great to return to Bkk and discover Why Not. This is a good one! Rocket
  3. Great photo CocoJazelle! Hope to be visiting NY in a few weeks! So nice for me to be returning to LBR after a bit of a break and to see this :) Rocket
  4. Cuban Gays Stage Mass Wedding - Castro's Daughter Leads The Way http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2015/05/150510062929910.html http://www.bangkokpost.com/vdo/world/556695/cuban-gays-stage-mass-wedding
  5. Again, excellent reporting Gutsy. The bar looks great. I'm not sure why I didn't visit there on my last trip
  6. Study confirms that penis-length is not correlated to foot size... http://bangkokpost.com/news/world/487721/thai-men-come-up-short-in-1st-scientific-penis-length-study from the Daily Hit Blog: http://hiit-blog.dailyhiit.com/hiit-life/new-study-shows-country-biggest-penises-world/
  7. Tourists Fall Off Express Boat Into Khlong [Video] Published by Stickboy BKK on February 25th, 2015 Foreigner Falls Off Express Boat Into Khlong Video footage captured the moment two foreign tourists were pulled from a Bangkok canal after they lost their footing and fell into the water disembarking a river express boat yesterday. Commuters using the Saen Saep express boat service threw the woman a lifebuoy and can be seen pulling her out the water as a male struggles to climb on to the pier before a woman and man come to his rescue and help him to safety. Both tourists appear uninjured and in need of nothing more than a tetanus shot and a long hot soapy shower. http://www.stickboybangkok.com/news/tourist-falls-off-express-boat-khlong-video/
  8. http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2015/02/brooke-guinan-trans-fdny-firefighter.php
  9. Gotta add my vote for the girl in the first photo
  10. I would probably bring a business card from the hotel and maybe have something like a hotel receipt in my back pocket just in case. It's amazing what a little bit of paperwork can do sometimes :)
  11. I have a k bank account that i started at the bank near Nana Station. I just realized last year that I had been signed up for some kind of insurance that was costing me 500 thb/year. I have no idea how that was started. I did not knowingly ask for it! Hahaha. Anyway, it's all sorted now. It's a weird thing signing paperwork that you can't understand :)
  12. What a clever idea! This is what I love about this place...creative solutions to complicated problems. Just as I was starting to think this subject could not get any more insane. What's next? http://nyti.ms/17qpKwX
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