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  1. Stopped in briefly 2 nights ago and was given a warm welcome by proprietors Poesface and Nam. Lovely girls and great vibe! I've been a bit out of the loop for a while. Great to return to Bkk and discover Why Not. This is a good one! Rocket
  2. Great photo CocoJazelle! Hope to be visiting NY in a few weeks! So nice for me to be returning to LBR after a bit of a break and to see this :) Rocket
  3. Cuban Gays Stage Mass Wedding - Castro's Daughter Leads The Way http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2015/05/150510062929910.html http://www.bangkokpost.com/vdo/world/556695/cuban-gays-stage-mass-wedding
  4. Again, excellent reporting Gutsy. The bar looks great. I'm not sure why I didn't visit there on my last trip
  5. http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2015/02/brooke-guinan-trans-fdny-firefighter.php
  6. Gotta add my vote for the girl in the first photo
  7. I would probably bring a business card from the hotel and maybe have something like a hotel receipt in my back pocket just in case. It's amazing what a little bit of paperwork can do sometimes :)
  8. I have a k bank account that i started at the bank near Nana Station. I just realized last year that I had been signed up for some kind of insurance that was costing me 500 thb/year. I have no idea how that was started. I did not knowingly ask for it! Hahaha. Anyway, it's all sorted now. It's a weird thing signing paperwork that you can't understand :)
  9. Great idea for a thread Pentire. Guess 1 was one of the first places that I explored when joining this club. And, yes, there was an amazing lineup. Beer, Jenny, and even Jane were among my first "teachers" I always had an interest in Ohm and Viviannne but sadly never had the chance (actually didn't move on it when I should have) I've got to give credit to TLF as that's where I saw all of the amazing photos of the Guess girls. I learned a lot there.
  10. RocketSquirrel

    P'Beer Bar

    Again, nice groundwork TC. Will have a look tonight.
  11. To me, this year, Pattaya feels quite different to me on this trip, especially along Walking Street and Beach Road. A much nicer energy. Coincidence? I think not. I used to visit Phuket regularly but stopped doing so a few years back because I found it unpleasant to be around both the tourists there and the locals. With regard to the OP, I agree that the subject is a bit complicated. Factors to be considered include quality of the tourist to Thailand, the business practices of the locals, and also the ethnocentricity of many of the Thai people. Thailand's adult tourist areas do not seem to attract the West's finest. It would be so easy for those in the tourist areas to conclude that Westerners are not smart and have absolutely no manners. I believe that there is a very marked difference between the tourists who visit Pattaya and Patong and those who are truly here for temples and beaches. I find it uncomfortable when I see visitors ignore the most basic of Thai values, whether it's going without a shirt, screaming loudly at a waiter in a restaurant or being intimate or suggestive in public. This is not occasional, it's the norm in the tourist areas here. The simplest of manners fall into the "Thai Culture 101" chapter of any travel book or on any website. The argument that "it's my money, I will spend it as I like" holds up when referring to unacceptable behavior by the Thais (such as pressure for lady drinks), but IMO, it does not justify culturally insensitive behavior toward our hosts. I think that the bad behavior of tourists in other countries does indeed put the issue in perspective, but I also feel that bad behavior elsewhere does not make the negative stuff that goes on in Thailand any more acceptable. I don't think that I will lose my love for Thailand any time soon and it will probably remain my first choice as a travel destination.
  12. Paradise has been somewhat quiet during each of my 3 visits there. But I did hear that it was really hopping the other night. IMHO it's got a really nice vibe with low-key but nice girls (mix gg-lb). The DJ has a great music selection - all types and he's a friendly guy. Music is not unreasonably loud. I really hope that things go well for them there.
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