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  2. She is beautiful. Is she functional down there?
  3. Why was she limping, did she stub her toe?.
  4. actually Dao shot it using my camera thingy. if anyone is unsure, the dancer is linping, she was the star of the show last night.
  5. My Jomty homie, BBG, must have went to film school as he shot a great video at Dao's party. But he's a bit technologically challenged so he asked me to post it for him. Looks like a great party; wish I could have gone but was a bit under the weather. Zaza Massage may not have the golden urinals like their neighbor across the soi in this video, High Rollers. Instead they have pretty ladyboys with tasty sausages! LINE_MOVIE_1670164684924.mp4
  6. posted by me because Emmy is a little lazy tonight.... Dao's birthday bash, 3rd December. Zaza Massage.
  7. Wondering about Nam… Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hi Guys First message here and new joiner... Please be ''gentle'' with me 555. Seriously great line up at the club on las posting (June). I may venture into town and have a look and a well deserved massage too. Have a great day folks xx
  9. Man oh man ... I wouldn't be able to choose. Guess I would try a 4-hands massage from Jeab and Mona
  10. Thanx Woodie. That's a promise I can make! For sure I will go visit next time when I'm in Pattaya. A massage a day, keeps the doctor away
  11. Dao is a sweet lady She is coping ok after Bretts demise. Such a sad occasion, but onward and up. Visit Zaza's, I am sure you will have a great time. Great girls and they will look after you.
  12. Madam Dao is a real head turner ... OMG! Zaza goes straight to the top of my bucket list!
  13. Madam Dao from Zaza massage told me to post a picture of her here. because she doesn't know how to do it. And she told me to tell everyone Welcome to Zaza massage Dao come back now.
  14. I haven't been down for a while, but l did speak to LinPing a few days ago, and yes, Zaza is still going.
  15. I'll be in Pattaya in 2 weeks time, how is Zaza Massage now? Still going ok?
  16. Thanks so much for joining the Zaza Massage club Emmy.
  17. and what has your opinion to do with anything? who do you think you are? Hitler? i would guess the opinion's of PD and BB regards thread fucking are the ones that count. Not yours or mine. have you ever considered that a bit of thread fucking is somewhat harmless and in fact helps to keep threads going?
  18. I put the thread in Zaza so I can hoover any thread fucking that I knew would start before to long and it did . Regardless of the topic there is way to much thread fucking well thats my opinion anyway If Pdog and BB want to move the topic then they have the power to do so
  19. why is this thread part of the zaza club? why not the open forum? it's wrong ... it's a general topic, absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with zaza. albeit a good topic but gives someone moddy powers that should only be used for 'club' purposes... not generally. i do believe that the hoovering as already commenced.. so i am told anyway perhaps i'll start a thread about horses in the emmy club....? wow! power and ego!
  20. Back in 2013 I was sitting in Hillary 4 bar BKK , when it happened to be drain cleaning day . So the lid comes off right on the foot path with no fencing to keep passers by from falling in and then this young guy jumps in the flooded drain with NO shoes and starts to unblock the drain , He must have been the apprentice or his first day . Notice very close to his head in the photo and yes he was standing up.
  21. Not sure whether you are aware of it or not Rom, but there was a bar frequented by a gay clientele in Dublin at one stage called the Pink Elephant ;)
  22. Everyone is welcome to add something as the thread title suggests but please NO changed photos or made up stories as they will be removed. Thanks
  23. I recall sitting with two friends in an apartment in Galway, Ireland, many years ago overlooking the harbour. I was showing them the various photos I had taken in Thailand, and of course there was one of an elephant on Soi Cowboy. I figured that this particular shot would impress them and said: - Check out this photo guys, it’s not every day you see an elephant outside a night club”. - “That’s nothing, look outside, there are two of them over there drinking water”. was my friend’s reply. I looked out the window and sure enough to my obvious surprise there were two of them on the nearby boat sip gulping up the local H2O. Turns out the circus was in town and it was camped on the green space beside the harbour. Only in Ireland ;)

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