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Who Is In Town? - Let's Meet Up!

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13 hours ago, Sustra4 said:

Well... I'll be  in jomtien on the 17th...few days..then fly to Phuket...report will follow

That’s the day I head to Bkk


15 hours ago, bumblebee said:

Have fun Donster, will you be around later in the year also?

Cheeers BB, hope your well ? unlikely my good man as will be moving house and selling etc . Got some info on a shister in bkk where’s best to post it?

cheers tours in spunk the flash4DE47F17-2D80-4F8F-BD22-17FCC91ED870.thumb.jpeg.a096a0eb75afa90af886436c88d2418d.jpeg

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Ok the shister is in Bkk goes bye name of Tsdominacassandra on ThaiFriendly and line.

chatted couple times and first she wanted a deposit to book her services  in bkk ( alarm ringing) so then we got onto price 2 hours 7000 Bt for this flat chested pinay. I told her I in no way would pay that price , so she immediately dropped it to 4000 because I had not lied to her( fuck me I big lier man). I declined again and politely told her it was not to my liking. 

This is where it got nasty with a tirade of abuse and expletives on me waiting her time. Sorry no photo but be warned she is s very aggressive and nasty thing, who charges western prices in bkk for a tubby little fen boy look cheers the flash

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Just now, 36O said:

When they're good they're great but most pinas in Thailand are best avoided

Agree they have this superstar attitude and prices beyond imagination for there looks


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