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  1. I'm with BB - Pattaya Klang across from the small food court and soi Mumbai (where the fried chicken place is)
  2. 36O

    Kraft Is A John

    Anytime someone mentions human trafficking in a 1st world country you just know they're full of shit. If it actually does exist at all, it's such a tiny fraction of the market that spending time talking about it is just ridiculous.
  3. Enjoying your reporting BB. Anyone scanned wave? Just wondering what the barcode encodes...
  4. Tinder is getting more popular, especially with the younger crowd. Duke, if you see me on there please swipe left :)
  5. 36O

    Gentleman's Clubs

    You can add Club Baku to the list. Around the corner from club 555
  6. That's just the pesos, the rest I got in gold
  7. 36O

    Party Time.

    You're my favorite bond mr. Duke
  8. 36O

    Party Time.

    with a pair of legs like that he sure does
  9. I'm back from the Philippines and I have just over $500 in Philippines Peso that I'm happy to change to local THB. Let me know if you're interested in the next day or two otherwise I'll just use one of the local exchange services.
  10. Had to reset password. Looks ok now. Any chance I can get my username to look less like a bitcoin address? Edit: done, thanks
  11. [360, regardless of what the forum software tells you :)] Good posts. Everything you describe is just the way I remember it. That's why I never went back. But that's what my brother thinks of Pattaya so I guess each to their own. I've been here for a good number of years and I have no illusions regarding the thais and pattaya in specific but in my opinion it's by far better than manila. You couldn't pay me to visit Manila again.
  12. 36O

    Hot or Not

    555 Jim, the unforgettable Irish LB you pulled from marine... [360, not sure why the forum login gave me a new id]
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