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The Official Lily MyDream™ Fan Club Adulation Thread


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This video is already posted at The Romscars Club, but I will repost it here as it was a tribute to Lily as much as it was to Jimbo.  It also acknowledges each of the 5 hoover-happy banishers of Pyongyang, who now I wish I hadn't given the consideration but would be too much work to remove.  Just enjoy the glimpses of Lily seductively dancing at TJs like she always does:



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On 2/24/2020 at 2:40 PM, Rom said:

Outside TJ’s Bar
By the corner light
I always stand and wait
And wait for you at night
We will create a world for two
I'll wait for you, the whole night through
For you, Lily my dream
For you, Lily MyDream


Greetings Club members,

After getting clearance from Bumblebee, who wants this thread to remain PG-13, I went ahead and started the Club's inevitable tribute thread to Lily-- the TJ's Music Lounge reigning prima ballerina who has since 2018 captured the hearts and bahts of ladyboy aficionados worldwide.  I believe I deserve the honor of kicking off the accolades, as in 2019 I gave her 2 Romscars (#1 ladyboy, #1 couple) and experienced one intense P4P week together, which was a record for both of us.

As a brief biography, I would note that Lily is, as of this posting, almost 24 (birthday: March 19) and that she is Cambodian.  Prior to taking the ladyboy world by storm when she joined the TJ's Music Lounge crew, she had worked in a small coed bar in Jomtien (soi 5? ) and then in the freelance "massage" business, during when I suspect she was temporarily taken out of the barfine circuit by a Thai money boy (she loves those!).  Then in 2018 she began to appear online in XXX porn movies that leave nothing to the imagination.  Google "ladyboy Phatida" and you will see what I mean.  She got the bolt-ons sometime in 2018 and they turned out great.

Our time together would only come in early-2019 when she saw me arriving at TJ's and immediately came over to stake me as her claim.  I had read about her at the Pyongyang Forum and knew if I did not jump at the opportunity, she might walk away and blackball me forever.  So I agreed on-the-spot to a ST at the bargain introductory price she quoted that included a free ride to my hotel on her bike...  She was an amazing lover (every BM says that) and afterwards she expressed interest in seeing me again ... on her terms!  which meant me waiting for her to be done with the 3 or 4 STs she gets every night, plus having her jump out of bed for afternoon calls.  The upside is that I could also pursue other fucks, knowing that I would get to fuck her in the morning after sleeping a few hours entangled in her wonderful body...  As part of my game, I started calling her Lily "My Dream" despite the Lili Marleen pun being lost on her.  She seemed to like how I'd sing it to the tune of the song.  She called me "My Daddy" which I was not crazy about, but am used to it from the Philippines where the "Daddy" prefix is widespread. 

When I went back to the US, she never asked me for Western Union and I never offered, so things inevitably cooled off.  I also posted some XXX pics of her in the Pyongyang Forum and was massively heroed by BMs trying to get attention breadcrumbs from her.  (One of those heroes even went as far as posting on my own thread how he had heroed me and when I noted the irony it was me! not him! who copped mod stick for getting luckier with Lily than membership could bear).  Lily never said a word to me about it, but was probably not thrilled...  On my following trip to Pattaya, she switched me to STs at market rates and the chemistry was lost.  We went out of town for a couple of days, but we both regretted it a few hours into the escapade.  On my last visit to TJ's earlier this year she did not as much as say Hi to me (because of Jina who had just rejoined TJs and used to be my main squeeze there).

I have many pics I took of Lily but they don't have the technical quality of Bumblebee's who I am sure is going to flood this thread with awesome pics of Lily in her Pattaya habitats.  I will only post below a few from my own Lily stash from that night I met her at TJ's and we rode to the hotel on her bike.  I will never forget that ride (from TJ's to almost Walking Street) holding tight to Lily's waist and smelling her girlie neck and fragrant hair in anticipation of the sensual times to come.   Never have I felt so much like I was the King of the World!

I miss you, Lily MyDream


FWIW Lily turns 29 this month, and she is half-Khmer (mama), half-Thai (papa).
I think her bum was better before the silicone and do not understand why you would surgically alter one of the best bums on earth.  She insists the implants are in her hips, not her bum, to which I reply "same same, not different".

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