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Eateries in Pattaya


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Naklua seafood market is terrific.  Even though you don't necessarily need a motorbike to monger in Pattaya, having one makes little jaunts like going to the seafood market (and TJs) easy.  Definitely take your sweetie with you (well, not to TJs...you can find another sweetie there!).  Even ask her to invite a friend or two to meet there for a free lunch.  Eating fresh seafood while listening to a gaggle of LBs jibber-jabber in their melodious (squaking?) voices while consuming a kg of shrimp each is an amusing treat.

BTW, steamed crab with Old Bay is the standard way to cook crabs around the Chesapeake Bay area.  The guy is right, you don't want to overdo the Old Bay; it's very salty.  I usually cut Old Bay with other spices (e.g., cumin and cayenne paper).  I like this guy's videos.  Its nice hearing English spoken with no accent...lol.

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On 1/23/2020 at 7:37 AM, duke007 said:


Finally got around to checking out Ta Juap and the food is delicious.  Fans of the place are the Princess (takeaway) and Elton John.   My Pad Thai Gai was 60 baht slightly more expensive than some other joints. 

Somewhat independent closing at 4PM.   Note there are easier ways to walk there from the baht bus than the route Lucas chose.

Ta Juap.jpeg


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Had a delicious meal at CAB (Cuisine Au Beurre) opposite the western sidedoor of Tuk Com.  I had pork fillet mignon with mashed potatoes, lots of gravy, and veggies for 90 baht.  The special sign said it comes with pasta but I'm glad that the server asked me if I wanted Mashed instead.



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