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I have a half-dozen or so e-books on Twitter (arguably, some are better than others…) that IMO are worth having a look at.

Most could be emailed, but one (prolly the best) is over 14M and prolly wouldn’t make it through most email clients/servers. Don’t know if there’ll be time to burn a CD before leaving for Patters on the 1st, but they’ll be on my laptop if you have a memory stick and can meet up Friday afternoon/evening.

Although Twitter is an interesting (micro-blogging) tool, to use it effectively, one must have something to crow about. A couple ideas off the top of my head are:

  • Announcements of new girls entering a review page. As a part of that, perhaps locals could be recruiting girls.
  • It would be neat to have a periodic (weekly?) pub crawl hitting all the popular night spots. A regular crawl is something newbies could aim for when they’re planning their trips. Announcements and updates could also be twitted.
    A good idea to go along with this might be to adopt a bar. The bar would have to be agreeable to mounting a whiteboard on a wall so guys in town could keep in touch. Maybe every Friday (or Saturday) night, guys would show up by 8PM for a round or two, and then everyone would hit the streets from there. To make it work, the bar should be a conveniently located; for example, around Beach and Second Roads in Pattaya. A couple good candidates (because they’re active on this forum) are Koyo and Lucky Love.
  • Announcing special events. Parties, birthdays, special last-minute crawls, promotions, and so on…

In addition to having something to blog about, some time should be spent thinking about keywords and such to be used in the tweets and for recruiting traffic to the account (more about that in the e-books).

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IMO, it really depends on the bars and the punters. I like to keep moving, but a lot of guys are much slower and like to shoot the shit.

In Bangkok (where I live), I like to hit Big Dogs around 6PM, and head off to Obsessions between 8 or 8:30. Obsessions is only worth one round (one can check out the roster rather quickly) and then it’s off to Temptations. Depending on what’s going on in the bar, one or two rounds only. Same-same with Casanova; when it’s fun, it’s fun. Because of the size of Cascade’s roster and the bar’s fun factor, it’s a good place to end the tour with a couple rounds. It might be an interesting idea to add Soi 7/1 to the list, but it’s easy to forget when one is excited about hitting the bars at Nana.

I could imagine meeting up in Pattaya at Koyo 7 for a round or two, a quick walk to Obsessions for another round or two, then jumping on a baht bus on Second Road for the ride to Soi 6. Most bars there are only worth a round (except maybe Pook’s). Then hop another baht bus on Beach Road to 13/1 and hit Stringfellow’s for a round or two. From there possibilities include Pook’s on Soi Buakow and/or Sois 7 & 8; Soi Buakow is a bit out of the way, and Sois 7 & 8 don’t have a big concentration of LBs, but one never knows what they’ll find there (I have a couple places I like to hit now and again…).

Some guys when they go out like to get a lay of the land and see as much as they can, but most newbies I’ve had experience with will BF the first LB they see and run right back to their room. Thus it can often be a thankless job for the locals, but having said that, it’s a thankless job that’s hella fun!

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It might be an interesting idea to add Soi 7/1 to the list, but it’s easy to forget when one is excited about hitting the bars at Nana.

Thanks for the CD Trenton! :D

Which bars on Soi 7/1 in Bangkok have the most ladyboys?

Is Eden Club (only GGs) on Soi 7/1 still around? Biergarten is on Soi 7, right?

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The Biergarten (Soi 7) and Eden Club (Soi 7/1) are indeed both still there.

If one goes to the last 2 or 3 bars on the east side of Soi 7/1, each bar will have 2 or 3 LBs working there, as will the bars immediately across the street. There are also a couple of LB massage girls working at World Inn on the west side of the street; please note that Soi 7/1 has two World Inns on either side of the street.

While the pickings are slim, I don’t care for Guess Bar, and Soi 7/1 is hella better than the mosquito bars on Sukhumwit. And if enough people visit the LB venues on Soi 7/1, maybe things will improve there.

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