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  1. sustra2

    Condom Sizes

  2. what a shitty day for that guy....a good fresh beer...a jacuzzi...and 2 girls....police and a pic on pattayaone.......just a shitty day...not a happy end for sure
  3. truer words...exactly my impression
  4. we think those are kickbacks...but they are part of the system...i call them little commissions...
  5. very good news...i'll start to save 300.000 bath a year for 10 years...starting today...ooops a lb just called me this morning...i'll start tomorrow
  6. I doubt any of us will visit saudi arabia...but just in case do not wear the barcelona tshirt sponsored by qatar...you risk jail..and a big fine
  7. i am pretty sure that soon chinese new frontier will explode with tons of lbs
  8. disgusting....day by day i am becoming a total racist
  9. this is more than ridicolous...looks like a bunuel movie surreal scene... Malaysia offers up to $1,000 for best ‘gay prevention’ video http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2017/06/03/asia-pacific/social-issues-asia-pacific/malaysia-offers-1000-best-gay-prevention-video/#.WTOuyNRICt8
  10. i am sure there is a second coming pic with the right creatures en femme...tricky...but too much of a pervert couldn't buy it
  11. an evergreen classic https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cocktails-Dream-Bar/210263455723369
  12. after all seafood is not that bad..by the way..when diving .are you not afraid of sharks?
  13. sustra2


    used to be married to an italian...you don't know...but i know as i am from italy..Sir .Roger Moore spoke italian perfectly...here advertising the persuaders in italian....my favourite series ever
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