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    Harry Have you ever been to Katty? if not just to prove my honesty about the bar... it really is a nondescript little place...always reminds me of the little bars you get in the Greek islands. Don't for god's sake expect TJs or Krus!.... the big selling point is not the bar as a wonderful hilton rooftop type place [it isn't] . it's the friendliness and the lack of heavy lady-drink hustle that Emmy tries hard to stop. just a place to chill in really.
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    THAI WEDDING Warning, for those who are only interested in sex, filth and nudity – turn away. This is a piece on Thai cultural life. I have just found some photos I took back in 2013 with my camera. I had finished with May and was introduced by Snoop Dog to a girl called Nalee, she was not in P4P and lived in Udon Thani. We got on well and became close friends. I decided to take a long holiday in the summer (Good God during the cricket season) and came for 6 weeks. While were like brother and sister, I really had not recovered from may or found myself sexually attracted to Nalee. But we did get on well and enjoyed each others company. I flew up to Udon and met Nalee we stayed a week in the Centara Hotel, flew To Ko Samui for a weeks (where Nalee used to work), then back to Udon and then for a week up to Chiang Mai. Finally returning to Udon. During that period a friend of Nalee’s ,who lived about 10km from her village, which was itself 60 km to the north east of Udon. Had invited her to her wedding and extended an invitation to me. We stayed at one of those resorts in a chalet. I had never been to a Thai wedding and this one was amazing. The night before, she had to go and make flowers chains, so I hung around and watched the mad activity, with 20 girls threading beautiful flowers along strings. The next morning up at 5.00 to arrive at wedding for 0630. The road the bride lived on was blocked off to traffic and was festooned with tents, tables and chairs. The locals were already, by 0700, hard at the Thai Whiskey and beer. The house was decorated with large portraits of the couple and after the Monks had done their service, the girls went in pairs and stood along the drive holding the flower garlands across the path. The bride stayed in her house with her family, the groom then gathered his followers and carrying large trays bearing gifts and accompanied by music made his way to his bride. The girls holding the chains would only let him pass, if he gave them money (typically Thai) and as he approached each chain he gave each girl an enveloped with money in it. Finally he made the house and presented the gifts and dowry he had to the bride and her family, she accepted and a short ceremony took place. As usual the guests came in and approached the couple, putting their money gifts into a large pot and then putting a Buddah rope on the hand of which of the couple they represented. Then the food and drinking began in earnest and most guests where well drunk by 11.00. The couple where from good class families and were very rich by Thai standards, they both were professionals working in Bangkok. I have tried to lay the photos in the order of the day. The brides dress and grooms suit were exquisite and must have cost a fortune. I was the only farang and Nalee and two of her friends where the only on speaking English, as well as the bride and groom. It was a wonderful event, which I shall always remember. If you lot like this, I will follow it up with Village Life, Fauna/Agriculture/Flowers, Thai Life/Temples (for Jimbo) I will see what you think first three photo are of Nalee    
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    My 2 cents: I have been to Katty a few times and have had a great time on each visit. Once, two buddies and I made the trip and we outnumbered the girls. Only Teya and Suny were there. That night ended we all ended up having a great time. Had a nice little party for about 2 1/2 hours due to the friendliness and great attitudes of both the girls. Another night there were 5,6 girls there and again I had a nice time. The bar is on the quiet side and thats not really a bad thing. Theres no bullshit buy me drink as soon as you get there. The times I have bought girls drinks, they stayed with me flirted and I might have had a couple of gropes/kisses. Take that for what it worth. I will vote with my feet/baht and, no, I dont have any financial interest whatsoever in Katty Bar. I will support it anytime I am in Pattaya, which isnt too much, as its a fun place to hang out and I would like to see it succeed.
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    just to confirm and expand pdoggs reply Harry. as creator of the club i can control it under the keen gaze of pdogg.... . Emmy cannot, [nor would she want to] she is simply a member too.. i doubt i would ever need to hoover or hide anything as most people on this site are sensible.. i was talking to emmy about it all recently, she will do her best to answer any questions posted, and if she isn't around [busy lady] i will. obviously sometimes she may not understand the english used, hence my involvement. MInd you.. if anyone uses acronyms i won't understand either! no genuine comment or concern even degoratory ones... will go unanswered. as long as it is not deliberate unnecessary bar-bashing as happened with petesie recently. wow! i can hoover petesie and kendo!..... revenge! 55555555 before anyone asks by the way... ... i am really nothing to do with Emmy's bar... no personal or financial involvement...other than Emmy is a friend. And an oasis to be nurtured in the Jomtien desert. .
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    pretty girl very photogenic shame about the bloke but we cannot have everything thanks for kind words
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    thanks annat for bringing back memories, I too have attended Traditional Thai weddings and have had fantastic times, your post reminds me of one I went to with me Ex girlfrine Ni in Kalasin Meanwhile in Maha Sarakham I almost participated in one myself with my former gf Off formally owner of Mouth Moi bar Treetown
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    I've only been the one time but it was the highlight of my recent trip. Chilled place, music not too loud, easy to sit back and shoot the breeze. Oh, and the ahem, corner seat is very nice....
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    The girls enjoying Valentines night. (Sunny’s FB profile)
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    A clip from Sunny she told us to use.
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    I am only repeating the words shouted at me in all sois in Pattaya.....makes me feel good though 555
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    will bow to your supeior knowledge i am just old fat and knackered
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    I have it on good authority that the bloke is not only a handsome man but that I am also a sexy man 555
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    Oh aye, I forgot about them, I wish i could go back there just to delete every post I ever made, they don't deserve my input to still be there
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    Took her from CIB last December. Almost zero English, but is it an issue?
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    Hi Everyone, My first time in PP usually in AC. can anyone give some current direction on LB Bars and LB Freelancers and best Streets to walk on for casual meetings ./ Thank You in advance and happy to assist with AC in return . All the best Guys !
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    I have seen your fishing pics
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    Yes I know its late notice . There is a party at Susan bar tonight , kicks off at 8.00pmand you are welcome to chhose a Zaza cutie to join you at Susan bar for a drink and there is NO BAR FINE . taking them there . All are welcome at Susan bar. Free nibblies ( food ) to enjoiy Hope to see you there. SP.
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    Susan is the new owner of the old Tipsy bar . Hi all and welcome to Susan Bar , opposite Chaiyapoon Inn . The bar is NOT a ladyboy bar but is very ladyboy friendly and as posted in my other thread you are most welcome to bring a Zaza cutie over for a drink and a game of pool . The bar is open and in the process of a refurbishment and new look . At Susan Bar you can pick your own music using YouTube and there is no pressure to buy a lady drink , if you want a nice quiet drink with mates and just chill out this is the place ,even just sitting and watching the world go by on soi pothole is cool fun I will be posting more photos as the bar takes shape so please come along and make your self known to Susan ( owner ) and her friendly staff .
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    I would suggest Qatar Airways mate, maybe a few quid more but we'll worth it, been using them for years and a far superior experience, Airport transfer and service imho. I recommended Qatar Airways to BigTel, he has used them on his last three trips from Cardiff and now swears by them.
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    Some of Em’s photos from last night.
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    I am looking at Manchester to BKK in June.( returning from a sporting event). It is 300 quid for the cheapest at Finnair to one with Etihad at 390 quid, ( for you that work in quids).Then you can go up to anything!. Not heard good things about Finnair but have about Etihad. I really prefer Singapore, but they are more exy.
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    Knew I had a pic. Apologies for the quality (taken on crappy Samsung in 2016). But here she is just before she got her kit off. It was a party night UK Bar.
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    And keep in mind this might well be the size of your ring piece if you drop your guard.
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    She certainly knows how to chose her combat garments.
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    It's been 4 days since the previous post. I am back in America. And this non-TR ends now! With a single post covering my last 3 days and 4 nights in AC that were mostly spent in bed in a haze of sex and recovering for more sex. The sad news of Lindsay’s passing broke our hearts but not our libidos, and it made us just want to stay in the room quietly comforting each other, as opposed to go out partying to the mall or clubs. During those 4 days several ladyboys came and went to the room and, on one occasion, a GG related to one of them. The Kamagra made it possible for me, but after a while it did not matter anymore because we were all beyond the point of needing erections for intermittent sex that could just as pleasurably be performed with our fingers, mouths and bodily friction. Having been burned at PY, I am no longer eager to expose the ladyboys I know for the the lechery of BMs I don’t; so for this grand finale post with 30 pics, I gave myself the choice of posting G-rated pics with the ladyboys faces visible or XXX-pics without. I chose the latter, to close this non-TR with a BANG! Thanks gentlemen for your attention and this concludes the 2019 Romscars festivities. Accordingly: Be Excellent! And PARTY ON! Rom
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    But at least you get quality and its worth it IMO. I think i was in heaven for a week
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    Not sure about the triple 8 my self , I will ask tomorrow. The bar will have a relaxing atmosphere with big comfy chairs built for two or three
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