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Trying to put all my youtube videos in one place :)
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  2. Hi guys At the suggestion of one of my subscribers i started Paypal videos big time , any 10 usd donation or above and i send all my uncensored pastiche , cinematic videos to your email you supply ( add a note if required ) and then i update with new videos every few days to your email , and remember its Thailand time but i send if awake the minute i see it , as i know some do not want to use subscribestar because it requires a debit / credit card , also i can use Wise.com link if requested for same thing as paypal, not my youtube but my subscribestar videos And free requests here in Bangkok for those who are not here - yes ruthless promotion but i think hundreds of videos and a request then its worth it , feel free to write me at cinederose@gmail.com and you can use my subscribestar link as a reference as its the same videos , have i not entertained you lol , also i was thinking of writing a gossip column here , as i snoop around , a weekly column as a thankyou to you guys , like to hear feedback about that as i do it anyway for my paywall subscribers when i publish videos , but perhaps you guys do that anyway in a collective way but i do go to some unusual places , hey at least i'm working here , always moving forward or trying , starting personal tours next month , feel free to write me with questions at that email , as i am always chatting with people diversify , work hard , succeed Your friendly neighbourhood ladyboy vlogger Cine link below ( d atland is a alias ) http://www.paypal.me/cinederose
  3. All the lookers seem to be post op recently , Minnie my Angelina Jolie lb is , And she has many clients so did many foreign men believe she was female When they banged her , usually they retire when they do it , but of course " I Lady " means post op anyway and then they settle , Minnie is very western looking so i can see the attraction there and that short haired lb is post op too bad , nice boobs though cine :) 366344536_246989481496610_4146592172007712972_n.mp4
  4. She now works in Bigboss on Alley 4 as a promoter , way nicer for her as i never liked seeing her there and the african dealers needed that stoop anyway :)
  5. Also coming next on my uncensored platform , Optimis prime loves ladyboys on http://www.subscribestar.com/cinederose regards Cine :)
  6. My latest video on Youtube , please feel free to comment , like or subscribe to my platforms under video and in pinned comments :)
  7. So last night i met Ladyboy Minny and was assaulted by a manish filipino ladyboy white a ghostly white face and a chin like a Anvil who was hanging around express inn at Asoke and you could tell she was a blowin but i will not dwell on that , part of the job but i was not interested in filming this lb it was all desperation on their part nothing i did , Then i met up with that Vip ladyboy on the Main drag who is there every night and a petite feminine Alex wannabe infront of Hyatt ( sarah ) very cute 2000 baht ( 50 ish euro/usd ) then minny grabs me for a sit down on her favourite Stoop ( just made for her) and she is Pissed off as usual because she Has to be out there and then she tells me she does four hours a night and makes 3 but usually 5000 baht during that time , so its not the money its She HAS to be out there and then she is pissed off at the videos of her online , never directs it at me but i know she is telling me off in a in-direct way and anyway i had consent and she never told me to remove anything which i would if she asked , then some guy films her and Now she is more pissed So go figure , many lb are out there and make Nothing all night , i live with one so i know the score , So just trying to have " ladyboy from Atlantis " at 1K on my youtube ( can you believe its come to this ) before i upload my next Amazing video which i think is amazing as its all street shots and revealing , i added a piece on tiktok and instagram , anyway no one out there anyway probably writing to myself - Cine :)
  8. Thanks Pulci , any info on that app and i am all ears , i do not understand why its popular or am i using it wrong :)
  9. So i noticed a whole new section of ladyboys on Sukhumvit last night with a few regulars , Minny the Angelina Jolie ladyboy was there in a squad of three , she was happy to see me , but although wise Minny is unhappy she does not service enough clients like many lb , i met a few new faces ( and boob Jobs ) did a few interviews , loads of africans with the hottest bodies honestly , one short time hotel on 4 now has Dorms which is unheard of and i met working ladyboys in hostels 35 minutes walk away So it grows , also lb half way down Soi 3 beyond the Arab hotels , interesting escalation there , a Whole new bunch came out at 1am With Huge Asses and i mean huge implants So a new gang i have to name , more coming on the beat - Cine :)
  10. The low tier expires in a few days but then you keep that price whenever you return - Cine
  11. cool. I'd like to go for it. but can she meet the "Good Vibe" standards of The Sith? because if she wants me to pay something more than money and good vibes from me....like holding space for a spoiled girl or patience for a bad attitude..... then she can't hang. please DM me info dude. Her short hair drives me crazy! thanks.
  12. She is back in Bangkok after living in Europe , she used to have a OF but does not need it as a brand Ambassador and lb role model , i of course hand out info all the time but i think it would require more then that lol , i do ladyboy deconstuction videos So guys have a backround knowledge before they meet but She is a bit posh and elevated but i do like her face So i keep her in my cadre of ladyboys but yeah i cannot afford her , if you can my respect :)
  13. Thanks , i always showcase the best ladyboys - Cine :)
  14. Thanks Pulci , if i retire i do not know if there will be anyone to fill that space , the only Ladyboy Cinematic pastiche channel with spies everywhere and unusual editing style who does bizarre requests for people :)
  15. I have no discussion group but I can try to post a link to one of your accounts with complete videos. I can't promise anything but i can try to bring you a few more views.
  16. feel free to post my yt videos there pulci or anyone :)
  17. That short Haired ladyboy omg with that rack , i even lived with a lb clone of hers for a month also amazing rack on sukhumvit , same hair , cute face keep that stuff private , other lb look up to her i have seen it , filthy rich of course like Gina a high tier ladyboy on the circut , also on my platforms :) upload.mp4
  18. Hi Pulci , yes but it was a feeding frenzy at telegram , i went into one chat to promote my group and of course they thought i was a ladyboy, i think i should just leave a group there and let it grow but i do not understand Telegram honestly , you search ladyboy and you get five results anyway instagram is okay now , Tiktok is slowly growing even though i have awsome videos on there , yt lifted my restrictions , yes thankyou for liking the yt video ,i have a few of those videos with what i call "mannix editing " boxes of ladyboys to music but street stuff too but i keep them short on youtube , long on my subscribestar , i have a niche as you know i do not think its regarded that much , if i will carry on depends on how many sign ups on subscribestar so i will make my decision to go on or retire next few weeks :)
  19. Great video. It conveys a profound sense of sensitivity from Cinederose. BTW, have you tried to create a discussion group in Telegram to post your videos ?
  20. So Instagram disabled my account and said it required a 24 hr human check and then it would decide , ok 24 hours later i log in and it said permanently disabled , its gone, it said i was soliciting sex etc , So i write them and tell them my brother who works as a lawyer for the ACLU civil liberties , trans dept , believes that the decision is transphobic and Instagram is not gay friendly and all i want is my channel Reinstated But he and his buddies want a piece of instagram and there are tits all over instagram so why me , Boom within 2 - minutes my channel was restored with a grovelling human letter of Apology and if i need anything please write , So just needed to use language they understood and i have my channel back so ok , latest Video btw The Ladyboy from Atlantis https://youtube.com/watch?v=3TPOlCdOYQo&feature=share9
  21. Yes i am in business mode so i added a cheaper tier if anyone cares - all my uncensored videos and deconstructions , backround videos of lb , gossip and news , new boob jobs etc http://www.subscribestar.com/cinederose thanks guys , wont make a habit of it Cine :)
  22. I was on telegram last night to promote my channel , omg those guys are rabid in those lb groups , honestly any photo of gina would set them off or any lb , had to delete the group , not that there are many of these groups they seem to burn out quickly , the hunt goes on , more forums , more platforms , :)

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