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Trying to put all my youtube videos in one place :)
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  2. No idea if she plays other then the footsie on soi 6 where she is employed , it all goes to my twitter which is the best thailand twitter in my opinion , shocking photos like the one below , This is my main lb forum i frequent how shocked i was when yt analytics told me that very few clicks come from here and the majority traffic from other forums the ones i post and fly though without stopping like lbf and lbfs , of course i never went to the Big ones as their activation emails never arrives as i tried once or twice over the years but yes someone posted there as its in Anyalitics , very small though anyway Sorry enough shop talk its just therapy for me , Saudia arabia went with brics today and knocked off the usd as the only currancy , thats a big deal actually and end of the year they will vote to toss usd completly probably , there goes western dominance and it will effect who comes to Thailand , more Indians and arabs , not so many westerners i feel it and i receive emails sometimes when subscribers cancel telling me they have to cut back etc usually i offer free extensions as a thank you , even i switched from western union as its exchange rate is now crazy town , they no longer require foreigners to have two ID in thailand as that was a hot post here a while back , my online card arrived in 24 hrs so no WU , free atms btw anyway please subscribe FREE on my patreon ( three dots press ) and then i can seduce you to upgrade with saucy posts , i mean Who does not want to see Ladyboy Gina in a transam with Burt Reynolds , thats not just concept cover art i am making it love this guy He is my Mascot now- > http://www.patreon.com/cinederose407
  3. The lips are a bit overdone, but otherwise, top shelf! Wonder if she plays football?
  4. The No tits pretty face brigade might like this one below Twitter is on fire always seems to be Super engaged but then i post here several times a day with hot content - thank you to that person who is on here who has been reposting my posts next video is a mix of the movie Drive with Ingmar Bergmans the Seventh Seal with Max von Sydow and a famous ladyboy on the cover playing chess on pattaya beach posted on subscribestar and patreon yesterday - censored verson on youtube soon , hope i am not losing the audience with too much cinematic Pastiche , should be like pattaya slyman post the odd basically edited video every few weeks and make 1k on patreon a month Sigh .. i think i must be on 35 different platforms now so promotion is not the problem and i receive a couple of SEO letters for lbr every week because my email is by the headline i receive the spam for here errr anyway i am applying for film grants using my channel as a base and some Uk tabloids have asked me about writing a article for them , Thailand sells it seems but i do not want to be famous thank you - i was looking at another forum and some uk guy was like" I am flying to thailand next month but no money so i will need a job the day i arrive " Wtf , at least i was by accident not planning , and thailand is extra tough on foreigners working now , vlogging is one of the few careers one can do legally and i am always telling guys i will help them if they come , My business model is good but my niche is hard to grasp , again simpler is better when trying to make money here , Joe Blo in Thailand etc , wheres the cheapest cornish pastries on Sukhumvit Not Ladyboys Vs Carnivore Dinosaurs ( i actually made it but never posted it too weird with dinosaurs on walking street and ladyboys using machine guns and flamethrowers all cgi ) So there , using firefox browser for the first time here but text is sticky unlike google Cine
  5. A Thai Report says that beggers are making over 100,000 Baht a month in Begging (3000 usd) many are foreigners and the fine is 5000thb which makes it worth it , although you can be sent to your embassy but what are they gonna do might try it or Subscribe to my platforms http://bio.link/cinederosebio
  6. New Video - The Sexy Drag Queens of Bangkok Please Subscribe & Support on patreon or subscribestar as i cannot go on without it , thanks - Cine
  7. https://www.instagram.com/cine_de_rose_ladyboys/ with soundtrack :)
  8. Like your are not intruiged Upcoming presentations on the Cine de Rose Thailand Entertainment Channel ( i rebranded my platforms ) new video this weekend ( not this one ) on yt but of course premieres on my subscribestar & patreon first ( like this one ) requests and info also thankyou to one of you guys here who sent me a nice email about the progress of my work , yes always churning out new videos and requests , 300 private on substar / patreon but this is what takes place when you are stuck in Asia , one just works away no distractions , i have to do it to stay alive , before it was easier one could find a job in Asia but have you seen how they busted that guy in phuket for being a guide - he was making a lot though and unlike a fellow thai based foreign vlogger i know i cannot do nothing and earn 1000 a month on patreon , film , edit , promote , visualise , make ... Bom boom boom i will only succeed no choice number 1 or bust My platforms :) https://bio.link/cinederosebio
  9. Girl , working at thermae , ID checked , probably student , i am guessing 4000thb at least ;)
  10. For a short this is doing okay , this babydoll has lots of admirers and of course she is freelancing in thermae :)
  11. What gender is this babydoll ? Ladyboy or GG ?
  12. I added LBR to my Bio also remember patreon is free if you go to the three dots on right , yes mass posting shit today :)
  13. That Babydoll i saw at thermae https://youtube.com/shorts/f49xU__K2jU?si=ZLQ-_DjxwVqiMLrj :)
  14. Cocos ass would not even make it to the desk in all honesty , ladyboy university huh i heard about it never went there as for other gossip that uk guy is alive and pressing charges against helicopter pub Security , tough head that guy , always happy to hear feedback and comments and yes new patrons lol
  15. Guy in White seems to be okay , here he is walking back to his hotel , security should be in prison and a overhaul of the private firms in town also compensation , hope he has no after effects but yes he walked home , the thai authorities are trying to downplay this but it went viral , seems only when i post a fight on my twitter in thailand the Views are Insane , never liked soi 6 myself
  16. One unidentified foreign tourist appears to be kicked in the head by a guard while lying injured on the ground at the end of the fight, which caused significant discourse and commentary on both Thai and English social media. His condition is still to be confirmed by police publicly as of press time. According to a statement from a woman identified only as Ms. Samorn, the cashier at the venue the conflict arose from a disagreement over a drink bill. Three foreign customers were involved, with two settling their bills and the third allegedly refusing to pay. https://thepattayanews.com/2024/05/26/physical-altercation-between-guards-and-customers-on-soi-6-in-pattaya-goes-viral/
  17. The Brawl on Soi 6 For those who missed it , Damn https://x.com/Cinederose/status/1794727643985948816
  18. New video , i think as its nostalgic it will appeal to the older generation who are not even in to ladyboys even though its all ladyboys but thats not the point here So please feel free to post in a normal thai forum / fb page with all those talking about how it used to be before these guys over here came or those over there , you know , as usual any support on my subscribestar or patreon would be amazing if you feel my work is worth it Regards Cine https://youtu.be/wYS_R5vtvjY?si=9Dskt59oAYfCYIl5 :)
  19. If Anyone wants to help me move some of my videos to a new hosting site ( open to options ) basically do it all actually as i do not have a pc or fast connection i would trade a free lifetime membership for it , my vast library should be on a memory stick also but another Solid cloud (solid cloud?) would be nice , just as i have put my youtube on odysee synced i would like the same for my non yt vids etc , cinederose@gmail.com if interested or comment i guess and why i am here wtf is it with those Big Bangkokladyboy forums and pattaya lb forums - i am not a member there but youtube analytics tell me some of my video links are there and its a Source site , ok nice but verification emails never come so i can never see them as i have to become a member there to do it , not that i am that interested but seems someone is batting for me over there , sorry if i mention them as i know you guys have your feuds and dramas and they are big lb forums but they pop up in analytics more often then ladyboyreview on youtube and i post here a lot , So i am curious whats behind the curtain if its not taboo here to ask New videos premiere on subscribestar and patreon also new youtube soon Cine :)
  20. Brilliant. But may I suggest you add 3 more personages to stay true to the 12+1 Liturgy ? As to Jesus, He died for the sins of others so perhaps He should be me who was crucified at PY (Pyongyang/the other Board). Seriously great work. Thanks.

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