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Trying to put all my youtube videos in one place :)
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  2. These ladyboys can do massage let me tell you https://www.instagram.com/tv/Cn_iK25D6PC/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= :)
  3. Based on observations, Miley changes her look frequently and is very fashionable. She is a looker, but not the most sought after.
  4. Thankyou , yes she looks more amazing on film then here more angie jolie for sure , anyway i have her details , i have all ( many ) the stunners working sukhumvit , all of their details and film ;)
  5. yes the hyatt regency , up the escalator turn right past coffee club anyway nobodys complaining , ok one person is .....
  6. Have you seen many public restrooms with the toothbrush and toilet bag of the ladyboy as well as a bathtub ?
  7. you get some of the best shots and intimate conversations......not sure I wouldn't lose it before the interview ended. Like how can you hold back.
  8. Met this elegant ladyboy on sukhumvit , very polite with a good attitude , happy to talk told me loads about daily life on the street nice :)
  9. very similer to the lb short i just posted in my opinion :)
  10. She had scarring issues for a while if you saw her more recent nudes she had it fixed before that she used handbra all the time in her photos , now they look ok :)
  11. Actually the one in your avatar is one of the worst!.
  12. Aha, but some like those two just overdo it!. Like all things in life there is a level you should not cross!.
  13. Whats happened to Mints boobs. Looks like they have been attacked!.
  14. If i canceled ladyboys for being posers i would have no ladyboys , new year rebranding woodie ...

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