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Xmas morning, up at 0300, make flask of tea, grab pizza I had ordered night before and off in car to London Heathrow. Was for the first two hours one of the few vehicles on the road. Arrived Heathrow 0830 and lucky straight on bus. Queue to put bags in, why so many with so many cases, then even got a buggy to the plane. Board on time Thai A380 - fully loaded not a seat to had.


As usual the crew are elderly many of them men and not wonderful. Food was better than last time, watched one film with the Rock and Jason Statham – load of old B***ocks.


Reasonable flight a bit bumpy in places, always seems bad over Hungary. Landed 45 mins early which threw everything out of sync.


The service from Bangkok Limo was, this time very good, though not long waits through Immigration and was at carousel for a nice long wait for my case. As I was early I had to wait for Nam’s Taxi, she was spot on time, excellent driving 1200bhts First rate service.


Arrived at the Boom where I am staying (must be mad I think), cleaner let me in. I think Josh sent her, I go bed - so Josh arrives as arranged to let me in at 0930, I was already asleep.


So to the main event, the party of the Jimbo at Sweethearts, arranged to take Tong (ex Sensations) as my guest. Meet there 10.30, she arrived on time but has only just finished at the saloon where she works, she tells me back at 11.30pm.


I walked to Sweethearts see Jimbo, I did not realise he is 66 (Does not look a day over 72), I have known him since 2010. His party was my main reason for getting to Patts for Boxing Day.


Now as usual, I was in total mess with my phones, so did not take photos, which was a pity, some stunning people there, not just the girls.

Essex Boy was well happy, it was good to see Bangkok David, Aitch (the new David Bailey) knew it was him he was walking very carefully. Josh was on the music. Em was there from TJ’s with a group of her virgins all dressed in white, woow amazing. Goat eyelash or whatever is a really nice guy. Peter & New with Bom and BF, Also met Jim for 69 Bar for the first time.


I went back, picked up Tong and back we went - she knew loads of people, especially some who had come with Cindy from Bkk, one little girl had the urge to keep showing off her boobs and tattoos, spoiled the egg cobs (well it would you know)


Jimbo was resplendent in his white Tux and wine red bow-tie, a proper gentleman. The great and magnificent Kendo arrived sporting his new (or new to me) Games of Thrones hairstyle, most becoming.


Coffee was startlingly sexy in a little black lingerie combination and fishnet stocking and more surprising with them on the right way, started awakening memories but then I forgot what I was trying to remember.


The Jasmine team performed, always interested in Linda, really pretty. I hope they had a good collection for charity.


Sonja was there with the camera, even took picture of me, Freddie Krugers back Kids!


Then back to Sensations, just love those two puppies that are running around, about 0300, the jet lag was telling me bed was needed. Tong took me back to the Boom and insisted she come in to speak to Poo and made sure I was a good boy and went straight to bed, which I did was asleep within 5 mins.


So highlights of the night Jim not singing (Frank can rest easy in his grave), The mad Finn who welcomed me like I was his lost brother, Coffee’s attire and so many beautiful long haired boys in very short dresses and very high heels - oh to be still alive (just)


OH to be back in the Land of Smiles and beautiful Ladyboys


Earlier I had 20 mins in the Boom, taking to May and Nanny in a wig, was telling them how good they are in their dance routine, thought it was strange as I remembered Nanny spoke reasonable English. Anyway went up to change for going out and Josh asked is all well, when I mentioned Nanny he said she not here tonight – God another Balls up been talking to another girl no wonder she was looking totally lost with my conversation.


Tonight, is the KTU Party was going to buy Natty a drink for Jackman, but she has gone home. So might go somewhere else.


Two Trips to TukCom and phone and computer are working so will take some photos but will have to get cable as I did not bring it.


Be Happy Smile and have a great 2020

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1 hour ago, Annat said:

Queue to put bags in, why so many with so many cases

A lot of people from UK go to los for 2-3 months after Christmas.

Sounds like you have got off to a good start Annat. I'm usually too tired after overnight flight to do much after arriving except to call into Katty Bar to say hello to Emmy and the girls and have a couple of drinks, then back to condo for an early night. You obviously have more energy than me!  Enjoy your trip!

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You have more energy than me Annat, impressive after a long flight.  I passed the party on the way home last night about 2:20 am but as it still looked packed I just kept moving.  I need a good chair these days.  Looking forward to finally meeting you on Sunday night, but go easy on me in your reporting on Monday. :biggrin:

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4 hours ago, Annat said:

OH to be back in the Land of Smiles and beautiful Ladyboys

You certainly hit the ground running Annat!   :character00274:

Staying above Baby Boom should be interesting!   :behind:

Looking forward to meeting you at Katty's on Sunday!    :biggrin: 

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