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Soi 6


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Took a stroll down Soi 6 for the first time since I've been back.


What struck me is that so many bars have remodeled and are now open air rather than closed door fondle joints.


Lots of ladyboys woeking the soi, probably close to a hundred.


Said hi to Kwang/Nadia who now is at So What.


Lots of guys just love Soi 6 and it would be a shame if the closed door grope joints are all gone in a couple years.

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Isn't that the beauty of it afterall ? I just love the feeling of approaching those curtains not knowing exactly what to expect behind them, btw I trust 6/1 is still its gloriously sleazy self , no ?


Someday you might find me behind 'dem curtains. Not something that would tickle your fancy I suspect.  :biggrin:

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Soi 6 for me is a Day thing, after all, the early bird gets the Worm or the Snake as it may be.

Al least the guns are Loaded then, and I like to pull the trigger

Love soi 6 after 2 PM, till the sun goes down, then you got the pick and move on, or unload your Gun.

Will stay out of Hi Boss though as the place is a Dive, was a Dive years ago, and gotten worst.

Not even locks on the ST rooms anymore.

on the other end, plenty to go on other places, Honey and So What to name a few, and CLEAN For F#$% Sake

What doesn't Hi Boss gets???

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Soi 6 is is my favourite afternoon haunt also. I like to get there around 2pm, hang around, stroll from joint to joint while sipping sodas and admiring the merchandise. Around 4 I have usually decided on my afternoon delight and by 5 I am spent. Then back to the hotel for a rest and shower prior to setting out for the night's adventures. I love my Soi 6 afternoons. 

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Fully agree Fenton, luckily Covid seems losing ground to people with a healthy life style like us! In April though, Both Soi 6 and 6/1 were still relatively quiet. Nothing much happening. Let's hope the buzz returns soon! 

And Beavis and Butthead ... haha, they rock :imNotWorthy:

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