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31 minutes ago, Woodie said:

I think Miran tops her

Sounds like a scene from many a guy's fantasy here.102.gif


16 hours ago, Pdoggg said:

Who has been with Areeya?

I can only say that stray nut tasted delicious.161.gif

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I just had to see more Of Miran.

Dug up some videos and she is just unreal.

My analysis of her is as follows;

Skin = Flawless

Face = Good

Body shape= Excellent to near perfect

Boobs = Perfect nipples but gets muscle pulls through the boobs when in tension!.

Cock = Just about perfect. Not too big and straight as an arrow. Not the bent banana ones some have. Balls close to perfection.

All in all just a goddess!.

What does impress me is that she puts on a good show and when she does orgasm she really does have a massive one. Just quivers. And it is not put on.

Man if only she was in Thailand early next year!!!!!!!!.

Promise I won't go on about her.

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If you travel to Japan to have sex with a Japanese Newhalf it will cost you quite a bit more than you would spend with a Thai Ladyboy.    However porn websites featuring Newhalfs aren't any more expensive than those that fetaure Thais or Filipinas.   So if you want this cock give yourself a Christmas present and join TGirl Japan


TGirl Japan


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