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  1. 8inches

    Zaza Massage Pattaya

    I was at both shops yesterday evening, neither the sadist nor the nurse were available. I got a good offer from Paxky but I was soaking wet due to rain so I decided to postpone. None of the other staff are into canes and whips, 2 bad what can I do.
  2. 8inches

    ZAZA 2 MASSAGE soi Chaiyapoon Pattaya

    No bar fine, wonderful. Where is tipsy bar? Have you any intention on training one of the hostesses how to wax rather than shave pubes? Best of luck with new venue.
  3. 8inches

    Zaza Massage Pattaya

    How does this work out, does Liza do the damage and Julie treat the wounds? Maybe they are devious and cause damage both
  4. 8inches

    Zaza Massage Pattaya

    Does Paxy have a whip or cane too?
  5. 8inches

    Zaza Massage Pattaya

    Looking forward to threesome, Julie can swing the whip and cane, Paxy can sodomize me,
  6. 8inches

    Zaza Massage Pattaya

    These two look like an awe inspiring combination. I hope they have a safe word, a degree of empathy and don't get over excited with those whips and straps. Have to give it a try though.
  7. 8inches

    Zaza Massage Pattaya

    Thank you Asson, I think I will opt for waxing, maybe I can learn how to do it myself if I can figure out where to buy the necessities.
  8. 8inches

    Zaza Massage Pattaya

    Candles for which reason, hot wax on the open sores after Liza's, whip? I have tried that before at bar bar on Patpong road, was quite an experience. Or maybe to be used to widen me a little prior to being sodomized by staff at the birthday on 23. Whatever, I am sure it will be interesting. They will have to remember lub also.
  9. 8inches

    Zaza Massage Pattaya

    Thank you for info. I was shaved once before prior to a hernia operation, it itched for weeks until hair grew again, I don't know if waxing has the same disadvantage, but many women get waxed so that is why I ask. Maybe just suffice with some sound chastisement from Liza's implements of cruelty and bliss
  10. 8inches

    Zaza Massage Pattaya

    Can they also provide waxing?
  11. 8inches

    Zaza Massage Pattaya

    Liza and Dao, was that a 3some, did Liza chastise you? I think I would like a session with Paxky and Liza as recommend before by Dao.Total devastation internal and external. OMB
  12. 8inches


    OMB where can she be found? The damage she could inflict would be ecstatic doth internal and external.
  13. 8inches

    Zaza Massage Pattaya

    Thank you for pics and info Stoolpusher, good to know she still works there. I guess madam lash will soon be decorating my rear cheeks with her whip, prior to devastating something else with her other weapon of destruction.
  14. 8inches

    Money Exchange Rates - ATM vs. Bringing Cash

    The Kasikorn account was opened 3 years ago, the Krung Thai over 20 years ago. I think everything is becoming more restrictive since the old man took over. Last time I applied for an international driving licence I was informed it also required permission from immigration, which of course costs yet another 1k baht on top of the 500 baht for the licence and a residency certificate. If you use a hotel on regular basis, the staff will most likely help with this. I always stay Sutus Court, they always fix things for me. Good luck.
  15. 8inches

    Money Exchange Rates - ATM vs. Bringing Cash

    I have 2 accounts, Kasikorn and Krung Thai. No residency certificate required when opening an account, only name of hotel and show of passport. A debit card is available at time of opening, you just choose a pin code and type it two times on a keyboard that resembles calculator. If you have sufficient funds on your account you can also get a Visa with insurance, I may opt for that next time. I was approached by the manager ate the Krung Thai branch in Phun Phin regarding this possibility. Not sure what kind of balance is required though, but I think I had about 200K baht on my account that day. withdrawal in Chonburi area is free, in othere locations there is often a 15 baht fee regardless of the amount. My debit card permits withdrawals of max 50k per day, but this can be raised to 100K per day. Hope this is of use.