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  1. A session with Paxky and Julia could be fun
  2. Yep it was a very good session, could still feel it the day after. Never met her again unfortunately, but I have a couple of contacts at VIP bar on Soi Yamato who can swing a cane or use a flogger.
  3. I really enjoyed this session MVI_1361.MOV MVI_1361.MOV
  4. Seems to me there are a number of naked pics of Nikki here which I did not post, so what is your problem?
  5. True about flights, but you need winter woolies if flying with Cebu Pacific, there is very little train transport and busses are dangerous. Many taxi drivers will not drive on the meter, I have experienced after leaving the airport in Manila the driver stopped the car and and told us to get out unless we would pay a fixed price. There is also all the hassle of getting money. Very few ATM in comparison to for example Thailand, and a max withdrawal of 10000 pesos. Last time I was there it cost 200 pesos ATM fee plus €4 at home. Quite a significant percent of my budget. In all fairness though, the Phills is a wonderful country with a lot that is positive, among other things their very friendly senior citizen policy, many other countries could learn from it. If anyone here has suggestion or knowledge of how to get a bank account I would appreciate some advice. have a good trip.
  6. Thai baht just keeps getting more expensive, the phills could be a good alternative but I don't know about visa regulations for long stay. Disadvantage with the phils is it is not so easy to get around, simply not geared to tourism, and there is a helluva lot of hype and guns. If the Thai authorities were just a wee bit innovativ, they would add the price of insurance to the visa, but we must not expect too much.
  7. This dominatrix has promised to both decorate my rear cheeks with vivid stripes and sodomize me.
  8. I really don't know what the result of that would be, but consider that a Thai national applying for a Schengen visa must provide documentation of health and accident insurance of minimum €30000, otherwise no visa. Consider also this is for a stay of max 90 days.
  9. Thank you for the message. Some things in life just must be tried, red stripes and a little blood put spice into a session.
  10. This one looks like she could be funDarkestFantasy At Thai Friendly
  11. Yep LOS is becoming excessively more restrictive every year. To be honest though I consider insurance an absolute must, there are so many tales of woe about people who thought they could save on insurance and got into some major hassle. I would not dream of leaving home without adequate insurance. We have to submit all other kinds of bureaucratic info when we apply for a visa, so I don't really consider proof of valid insurance any big deal. Anyway that is only my opinion.
  12. That would be quite a mouthful, or assful depending on preferences.
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