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    Some moments from my final night in TJs for the trip just finished. Each night was a blast up there but the final one is always special, a night of mixed feelings for sure.
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    Just a couple more pics from yesterday local labour force
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    No sextrip to Asia is complete without a foray into bestiality. Here is mine just yesterday: The answer is: No! But I wish I had. Just a fleeting vision of pure beauty for this old, hardened traveler to wonderland... What was I doing in a place with sea lions? I will clarify on my next post. It's like the hunter becomes the prey...
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    If luck is with us we will be there to and accompanied by some of the zaza crew
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    Resident wild child...Pon.
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    lo and behold..... the next meet and Greet in the Katty... Feb 20th. all welcome
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    What's with Jimbo not posting at LBR since 2011 ??? Nice job Duke filling in, but could you or someone please tell Jimbo that Rom says he better get in here fast and take over the Sweethearts thread or Rom will... Seriously Jimbo: step outside your PY ivory tower and come play with the bad boys at LBR...
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    Yes, and after a few personal inspections I can say they are amazing.
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    We have started preparing the ground for the house pad so it's all a go, the retaining wall is up and soon some fill before the slab goes down . We are going to the farm on the 29th for a few days to work out a house plan and costs . ( the photos are a little out of order )
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