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    I'm back guys. After NOT posting 3 FLASHES yesterday that I would have made were it not for an unexpected situation I find myself in: the ladyboy from Jomtien beach moved in to my hotel room. Yeah Just like that! Showed up unannounced, we fucked and then she has just kinda stayed. PLUS she has put me under so much pressure to have sex after sex that it has cut into my online media time allocation... I will still try in the coming days to post the FLASHES from yesterday and debrief the Romscars Club on how this Jomtien beach ladyboy crush-on-me thing turns out. I don't even remember her name. I just call her Coca-Cola. Today I am sharing a couple of highlights from last night: After I posted here the teaser that was my visit to the Delirious Bar party 2 nights ago, Herbert (der owner) private-messaged me here inviting me for a Beerlao. So I went by last night and had one on the house. I don't know about the Scotches (I am a Tequilla man!) but the bar is very well stocked with ladyboys, including one who is Lilly-grade boner material and who I will be returning for (I also don't remember her name; I call her The Lady in Red). So if anyone wants my autograph, or smash a bottle over my head, or just say hi! hang out in there same-same as I plan to. My other bar stop of the night was Oldlover's birthday party at Baby Boom. And there I was in the belly of the beast and none of the Cliquers even looked my way. Understandable! They were too busy with the sissies. At some point, I stepped outside with my main one there Eye and media-used her too-sweaty-for-Dry-Erase-Markers nubile skin and sent her back in to pay my RESPECT! TO THE GODFATHER of the Pattaya mob:
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    Yeah you mean beauty :-). She has a great body. Was nice to have a chat with you and I hope your enjoyed the beer Lao dark :-p
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    See, Herbert is a very nice and friendly guy. Good man , Herbert!
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    well...i think i'm pretty safe to post now because i know that Emmy is busy out and about today...but will definitely be back in the bar this evening Around about 11 p.m tonight... the award for winning the LBR bar of the year will be presented to her in the Katty. Rumours are already flying around Pattaya that Ricky Gervais has flown in specially to host the show. [well, they are now anyway.] pop along if you want to see a no doubt very embarrassed Emmy having to make a thank you speech.....
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    They have previous also by the way. This was them getting in some practise back in October 2014.
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    By the fact that my relationship may be on the path to recovery I will abstain from making judgement on the above photos, except to say there are a couple of hotties amongst them!. Stooly has told me I must refrain from looking in other directions. Just straight ahead!!!.
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    For me good whisky is better than a fuck :-)
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    Opor´s Birthday Party on the 10.01.2020 - Thanks for coming by Was a great night. Pictures by: Alexandre LurSaluces and Rudi
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    Ricky is liberal. And we are no self-important, hollywood elitists. Love Gervais. Hope he makes it.
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    Depends on what we have all been up to over the years :) Things we get up to here and chat about as normal activities amongst ourselves would shock many workmates and family gatherings without a doubt. Will I don’t flinch when someone says a ladyboy was ramming his wrong end during a good session, I couldn’t see my married brother reacting the same way.
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    Wow, thats cool. The attendants tonight might not be as obvious targets for him tonight though.
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    Think you may be referring to Beauty and it looks like she preempted anyone writing on her back by doing it first.
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    I better polish my......lens then.
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    for (I also don't remember her name; I call her The Lady in Red). If its the one I am thinking of, yes I agree. Wish you had not used the Lily name in comparison, there are many as good, if not better. She just has the reputation. But I know what you mean.
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    She is perhaps the most natural poser up in TJs. As soon as a lens is pointed in her direction her hips just come alive. Wonder what she’ll be wearing at the big party on Friday :)
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    Having been banned from that other Board where I had first started the annual Romscars tradition, my decision to covertly post the 2019 Romscars there simultaneously with here was certain to be controversial. But at the same time, I wanted to give Romscar-winning BMs at the other Board their due public recognition and show all BMs there that my spirits had not been broken into never doing the Romscars again. Management at the other Board reacted to my stealthy Romscars announcement (and cartoon) by suppressing it 30 minutes after it was posted and treating as “Spam” the 20 or so PRIVATE messages I had individually sent each of the Romscar nominees and winners some of whom never got to read the good news of their distinctions. Moderation at the other Board further reacted by expunging all record of the Romscars from existence deleting last year’s Romscars painstakingly crafted thread. Plus all my TR contributions that also took me countless hours to produce. Plus, in what can only be seen as a bizarre hissy fit, they manually reset the +1 likes count of my long blocked Daddy Rom account from almost 10,000 to … zero! I reacted to what I felt was Soviet-style annihilation of personal accomplishment from collective memory by denouncing it here at The Romscars Club in 2 threads that I have just deleted because they would cramp the artistic and mongering excellence focus that I would rather be the editorial thrust of this club. The griping that I started in those threads prompted a few other BMs here to post about their own (understandable!) frustrations with the other Board, and one of their mods (also understandably) to react by passive-aggressively counterattacking me while selectively addressing the criticism expressed. Plus 2 of the BMs closely aligned with moderation over at the other Board joined this one to character-assassinate me with the vilest of insinuations imaginable. In the ensuing mudslinging, the multilogue degenerated into some pretty weird shit that has nothing to do with the Romscars (such as the bar non-ownership mantra of said mod; or the net present value of revenues foregone from a BM who herds rugby teams into ladyboy bars, …). Several core BMs here expressed their, heartfelt or shit-stirring, disappointment with the unprecedented animosity levels for this Board. I think this sums up accurately the dozens of non-excellent, non-chivalrous posts that followed my 2019 Romscars attributions that this Board now serves as the sole record of. If any BM, including the mod from the other Board, thinks I left out any relevant information from this summary please PM me and I may include it by editing this post. Now everyone: Be Excellent and Party On!
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    I am sorry Bumblebeeeeeee. You have failed in your duty. As I am hopefully on the road to recovery with my loved one, you posting these photos of Ammy is not helping at all!. Great shots but just revives memories. Look at the ass in the last shot!. Oh my giddee aunt!.
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    I cant really fault Chaiyapooon Inn. Stayed there many times. No lift, but that just gets the blood moving, plus you get the benefit of following the prize up the stairs and getting a great view!.
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    Thanks for posting Herberth, certainly looks like a fun night. But, is it wrong that I am turned on by your selection of whiskey almost as much as your selection of girls?
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    Yeah was a very good night :-)
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    Chaiyapoon Inn in soi Chaiyapoon. I had a room without window at the first floor. No lift but I didn't use the stairs either. The receptionists at night were ladyboys. Canterbury Tales Cafe & Bookshop https://www.facebook.com/Canterburytalespattaya/ They also rent rooms at your target price. There is no reception after 6 or 7 pm. You access rooms using stairs behind the building that has no lift. They also rent rooms a little bit further in soi Chaiyapoon in a building without reception.
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    same with all bars really, LBs come and LBs go. i guess that you're talking the femboy types? Pokki/Mona? god knows what Mona is doing, she seems to have vanished, Pokki is still around but doing internet things. She never really liked the 'no lady- drink hassle' that emmy tries to enforce Mona i suspect is working from Thai friendly or whatever. This a problem all bars will sooner or later have to adapt to. Some guys like the flat-chested types, some the bolt-on type. it was but recently...earlier this week... Sunny and Sara were both bar-fined twice , together, by the same fella. certainly the 5 or whatever staff there now are doing okay... bar fines are pretty good for most of them, lady drinks too. The big problem for Emmy is if bar fines i.e longish term ones are too many at the same time... it means the bar can temporarily look bereft of staff. then add in holidays ... earlier this month with tiger away on a long-term, sunny away, sara on a few days booking, it looked pretty quiet. but all are back now. a balancing act keeping the staff and customers happy.
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    actually, i miss him too..annoying and confusing sometimes, but made me laugh. very clever guy i think.
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    You're not the only one.
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    TM12 was OK imho, I miss him being around
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    Today is Opor's Birthday. Come and join us :-)
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    It seems you brought to light a certain business reality in force mainly in Pattaya. I am afraid, however, that your wisdom is reaching its limits. You shouldn't underestimate the firepower of those you're pointing out.
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