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This may at first come across as an ominous induction into the Hall of Legends, but it is a fully deserved one that was forthcoming sooner than later to the bar owner who took it to the next level of in-bar mongering experience: I am talking about Josh Pitstra the quiet, unassuming Dutchman at the helm of Baby Boom A-Go-Go that, while it lasted (2012-20), was Thailand’s wildest ladyboy bar ever.

Josh’s business model was simply allowing staff and customers to have FUN without caring that he might be giving away too much of a good time for the price of a few drinks. This made for a one-of-a-kind “Baby-Boom hands-on experience” made all the more incredible by the composed presence of Josh and his beloved Pooh sitting steady at their stations while surrealistic scenes of ladyboy-farang debauchery were being staged all around them.  That’s how we will remember Josh here at the Hall of Legends: a Live and Let Live, Giving kind of Legend.

Unlike most Pattaya expats, Josh never brags about his exploits or posts them online, so nobody really knows how much of a monger he is or ever was since he first arrived in Pattaya in the 1990s and started out with a GG bar.  It’s also not known how much he is or was into ladyboys since despite all the action at Baby Boom he made sure to always cast himself side-by-side with Pooh his GG love for many years.

Unfortunately, as of this posting, Josh is suffering in a hospital bed in Pattaya and hopefully will get a chuckle out of this Hall of Legends induction, but what he really needs right now is HELP with traveling to Holland on a special assisted medical flight that costs more than he can afford.  If you can give any amount at all to our community's Giving Legend please do so by using this link:


Thanks Josh for all the fun times at Baby Boom.  It was LEGENDARY.



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