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This is what Scott posted on 20th October



Right guys my sensible idea of a nice ladyboy bar would be the following.


Big internal double unit bar


Fully Air conditioned


Seating outside the front of the bar to watch the world go by.


3 TVs playing premiership football and other sports


Long bar the same size as Sensations has now.


Lounge area with settees


On top of the usual bottled beers there will be Draught beer with iced glasses.


60’s 70’s and 80’s music dvds playing on the TV’s and through sound system


Pool table.


Own toilet


2 short time rooms


5 guest rooms fitted out to a high standard.


Access to the guest rooms through a side entrance.


Open at 12 o'clock in the afternoon


Roof top area, decked out and fun pool with gazebos for normal use or private parties.


Situated in the heart of soi Buakhaow


If you think that would be nice then that’s exactly what the new Sensations is going to be, we are taking Sensations to the next level.


1st phase is the bar which we hope to open the first week of November. Other phases will follow on behind.


Big thanks to all our customers who have supported us at the old place for the last 3 years. Without loyal support this couldn’t happen, we hope it will be to your liking and you will continue to support us and our girls in the new venue.

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I have just finished watching the replay now and it was fantastic seeing Scott on the show,  He is as I always remember Him simply honest and straight forward, brought back good memories of the welcom

My sentiments entirely Tel, Scott is one of the good guys, always has been.

A fantastic interview with Scott, its well worth watching imho.  I did get a response from both Marti and Scott with one of my comments (was on screen for over 5 minutes), well Marti did ask 

Posted Images

Scott says....


Smoking Policy

Shisha is banned. As for smoking in the bar it's under discussion. We don't have extract fans fitted at the moment so it may be that smoking will have to be outside for now. I appreciate that might piss the smokers off but when a few guys smoke then everyone has to smoke. Personally I don't think it's too much to ask a smoker to walk 10 feet to have a smoke and respect those that don't smoke,

Roof top area is a few months away yet


Draught Beer


Couldn't decide on tiger or Heineken on draught, so we are having both put in. 


Opening Hours


Initially it's looking like a 3 o'clock opening until we find our feet and sort staff 

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I was in the old bar on 1 occasion you could see all the lady's seemed to enjoy working there wich made for a great atmosphere had a great fun night with 1 sexy lady unfortunately dident make it to the bar on my last trip in April but will be back again in March 2016 I hope the new bar is as good and does well good luck Scott & paeng

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Baby Boom and Sensations are pleased to announce a credit card sized VIP Card that can be used in both bars. The card costs 200 baht to purchase and is for the lifetime of the bars.


Easy to use


Spend between 500 - 999 Baht and receive a 5% discount on that bill.


Spend 1,000 Baht or more and receive a 10% discount on that bill.


Can be used in conjunction with lady drinks and bar fines.


Cannot be used for the accommodation rooms.


Can be purchased at either bar.


Terms and conditions apply, managements decision is final.







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Been there a few times early December and loved it. Very friendly atmosphere <3


Welcome to the Forum Mustache.    :drinks:


I agree, the new Sensations is extremely well done.  It has a spacious feel to it and the barstools are quite comfortable.  Some good eye candy there too.     :biggrin:

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hey guys im new here first post! I am going to be in pattaya on august 2nd for 5 days, and i can not wait to meet some like minded people and sexy lbs! i was just wondering, and i hope one of you guys can help me, if sensations bar has accomodation? i have read a few things saying they do but i cant find out where I can book a room for the 5 days! If any of you guys could help that would be great, and if you are in pattaya around then and fancy a beer I would love to meet up


Thanks in advance guys

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Northernlid, welcome to the forum, and I hope you stick around for a while. You will find we are all quite a friendly bunch, and will be willing to help where and when we can.

Sensations is a great bar, and well worth spending some time. To the best of my knowledge, the rooms are still a work in progress, and won't be open until around September. Scott comes on the forum from time to time, so perhaps he can confirm this, but for now I would suggest you try booking somewhere else, incase the rooms aren't ready for when you visit.

Hope you enjoy your trip, and don't be afraid to tell us how you got on. There are some right nosy bastards on here.:rolleye0012:

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hey ciobha thanks for the reply and also for the welcome. I will certainly be sticking around, i love coming on here and reading trip reports and also advice! I will sure to be visiting sensations, im looking forward to it. As for the rooms thats a shame, they would of been ideal! Any advice on where to stay? I was looking at the Green View but I want somewhere that is central and will alow more than one guest, I wanna threesome with some sexy ladyboys ahaha when in rome as they say!:yahoo:

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Where to stay really depends on your budget mate. If you are only in Pattaya for 5 days, I would suggest the "Rcon Blue" (spelling) on soi Buakaow, behind Tesco Lotus. Good central location, only a 10 minute walk fro  Sensations, Walking Street, La Bamba, and even less to the likes of Baby Boom. I think it will be about 700 baht a night in August, but don't quote me on that. A friend of mine stayed there recently and recommends it highly.

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Not sure mate, but once you get yourself along to Sensations, don't be afraid to introduce yourself, and you will have no issues with hanging around with like minded guys.

BTW, no problem bringing a LB back to the RCon, there may be a small charge if you bring two back, but most Pattaya hotels do this, hard to avoid unless you are staying in a Condo.

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14 hours ago, Northernlid said:

I will certainly be sticking around, i love coming on here and reading trip reports and also advice!

Welcome aboard NortherLid!   :drinks:

We're a friendly bunch here and we were all newbs at one time.  Sometimes the old timers get a bit jaded so it's always interesting to see things through the eyes of a newcomer.

We have a sister site, Asia Hotel and Travel which has info about hotels.  Many people who book hotels in Asia use Booking.com or Agoda.  


We would sure appreciate it if forum members who use Agoda or Booking.com access those sites by way of Asia Hotel and Travel.  We get a small referral commission which helps to defray the operating costs of the forum.

R-Con Blue has a rate on Booking.com of 825 baht for July and August which is substantially lower than the 1500 rate on their website.  Booking through their website they also want an additional 17.7% percent for a service charge and VAT for a total of 1750 baht.  


For guys who want a luxurious Pattaya hotel in July and August at an affordable price, I recommend the August Suites.  On Agoda their July an August price is 1300 baht, a good price for this standard of hotel.  High season prices are much more expensive.


With Agoda, you need to add 17.7% for Thai hotels to get the final price. This percentage is somewhat different for various countries due to the differences in VAT.  With Booking.com what you see is what you get. August Suites is on Agoda but not on Booking.com.


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hey thanks for the welcome pdoggg you guys are friendly! I have to apologise already though, I didnt know that the forum recieved some commision when I enter a site through this site and I already booked the rcon blue last night :fool: ill be sure to go through the site when i book my next hotel though! i have to book my bangkok hotel and also my phuket hotel so ill go throught the site and help the forum out a little!


On a more positive note, less than 2 weeks until i touch down in thailand and get balls deep in some lovely ladyboy arse :yahoo:

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