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  1. Does anybody know if they have moved back to soi 4 yet if not when will they return I will be in Bangkok next month
  2. So do I but then again I'm Irish ☘☘☘
  3. Arriving in patts on 16 can't wait to try my thairish Coffee
  4. Not really I'll give her some of my hormones too
  5. I agree DEW looks so hot in that outfit I will have to check her out in 2 weeks when I go
  6. Been up and down Thus soi so many times never noticed this bar will have to check it out next trip cheap beer free peanuts and sexy LBS can't go wrong
  7. Hey pdoggg will have a beer with u when I get there no problem check out some lsdyboys Have us some fun
  8. ive been following this thread and I'm only a member on the forum 6 months but I've been to LOS 5 times and usually travel alone but will sit and chat have a few beers with anybody in the bar as long as there not annoying assholes but always like to BF and leave with the LB After all that's what we're here for I'll be in Bangkok from 11 March for a couple of days then on to pats if anybody is in town and introduces them selves from the forum I'll gladly have a beer and a chat just don't be offended when I leave with my LB of choice
  9. Not sure of the name but there is short time hotel in Naklua up 1 of the sois off naklua road near dolphin roundabout if anybody knows the name i was drunk and horny on a taxi bike to pay attention I used them last time I was there 300 for 1 hour Handy if u pick up freelancer They are spotless clean have mood lighting and mirrors on the wall and ceiling and a nice big shower for some soapy fun
  10. Who cares if they call u a cc I just laugh and go spend my money somewhere else they way I see it I worked hard and I'll spend it how I like If they don't like it they can fuck off and find a new farang to pay for them and we all know there's plenty of them in Thailand
  11. Honky

    Condom or Not

    Condoms every time for anal none for oral drunk or sober U don't know who's dick has been up there before u
  12. ST or LT it doesn't matter if they have a bad attitude it usually means bad sex don't care how hot they are I've had some great fun with OK lookers with hot body's and a good attitude Defo good attitude first for me
  13. Thanks guys will definitely try to find her that dick is too good to pass up
  14. Wow what a sexy little girl she is have to look for her my next trip try out that big tool Down soi honey on the left for sure ????
  15. There's only 1 pet snake I keep (it's in my pants )
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