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On 5/31/2016 at 12:11 PM, bumblebee said:

Facebook Videos.

Besides uploading Youtube videos, you can now upload Facebook videos, as long as they are Public.  If the video has a globe/circle at the top it is Public.  Then just right click over the video to get the Url.  Copy the Url and just past it here.




Since past Saturday, October 24th, Facebook and Instagram posts and videos can't be embedded in a forum post anymore. Previously posted FB and IG stuff doesn't show up... :confused0089:

The reason is that Facebook has deprecated the old oEmbed endpoints on October the 24th:


Deprecated (legacy) version:


To fix this issue, I think the admin must either install a plug-in (such as Smash Balloon, works with WP) or contact the forum's software provider...

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1 hour ago, seven said:

Either new software has slowed down this forum or its my old laptop. Could also be the vaccine/5G. Sith?

Pages load slow compared to before the latest updates with ranks and points about a month ago.

I blame it on the Sudanese.

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4 hours ago, Quinn said:

I blame it on these 'Sunday School Awards' - seems I'm now an 'Enthusiast' ! WTF ! 5555

me too Quinn! does it mean that we are now enthusiastic explorers? okay! we'll go further down soi 7 happily...

i dread to think what the final ranking will be... ' Covid free non Pattaya mail reader' would do me nicely

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