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  1. Now that's what I call great on the ground reporting GT.
  2. With one of the games being Pin the Tail on the Lumix!
  3. Back in the day, the defensive line of the Minnesota Vikings were known as the Purple People Eaters. If the King's Bar team are the Purple People then who wouldn't want to be a Viking!
  4. The massage shop where my terai works provides them with some sort of health insurance but she is restricted to certain hospitals, Banglamung may be one. Then there is the 30 baht scheme inaugurated by Thaksin. I'm fuzzy on the details but perhaps it is only good in one's home province. Anyone have more info?
  5. Booze + Pool with farangs and half naked Ladyboys = Lots of FUN. Should be a funtastic event!
  6. Excellent intel Swedeman! You'd get multiple happy emoticons if I were on my laptop but I am on my smiley-less IPad. In case some of you new guys don't know her she is a certifiable Pattaya superstar. Discovered by Franck of Club 131.
  7. The promotion is over and I forgot to report it. My bad. Not the bar u want to be in if beer is more than 40 baht.
  8. Iya looks great. silicone free, and I assume speaks great Engjish. What's not to like? Hope things work out well for Iya in Bangkok!
  9. Martial law may be lifted. Section 44 of the interim Constitution would replace it.
  10. Anja has posted some new pics on her Profile! Quite nice. Here's one:
  11. A warning for vulnerable foreign tourists!
  12. Here's a link to all the ladyboys online right now: http://cams.ladyboyreview.com/live-sex-chats/shemales-lady-boys
  13. Julie is just one who struck my eye. She's an 18 year old well hung Latina. http://cams.ladyboyreview.com/live-sex-chat/shemale/juliehornyforu passionate, seductive, part owner of your sex, erotica and full of milk for you What I do in private:Oral, anal, massage and exerices hot, whith muchs positions Turn ons:hot, descomlicados and willing to give everything for me ... and funny men Kinks:Tattoos,Shaved http://cams.ladyboyreview.com/live-sex-chat/shemale/juliehornyforu
  14. Here's a chance for you to have a Live Video Chats with lovely ladyboys. Quite a selection from Asian Ladyboys to American Tgirls. It's free to join the site and browse. Here's Julie:
  15. I reckon this bar deserves its own thread so posts about I Miss You Bar have been moved here from another thread. It's on Soi Mad In Thailand. If you walk from 69 Bar towards Soi Buakhao it's on the left hand side just past the huge beer bar complex. If you get to Nina Massage, the all ladyboy massage shop, then you've gone too far. If entering from Buakhao, there's a Kasikorn Bank on the corner. I was on the soi and thirsty so figured I'd pop in for a cold one. My Leo was 70 baht. When I sat down a ladyboy name Mimi started to massage me. I'm kinda of tired of bargirl banter so a bar massage is a nice alternative. After about 5 minutes she motioned for a drink but I gave her 40 baht in lieu of a drink. She continued the massage for another 5 minutes or so. Finished by beer, payed my bin, gave her another 20 baht and everyone was happy. Well, I guess she'd be happier with a customer but that's life. It wasn't long ago that this soi had zero dedicated ladyboy venues and now it has three: two bars and a massage shop.
  16. http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/an-expert-predicts-bangkok-will-be-partly-submerged-in-the-next-30-years
  17. Welcome to our newest member, LillyLou from Holland! http://www.ladyboyreview.com/ladyboyreview-profile/LillyLou/ http://www.ladyboyreview.com/ladyboyreview-profile/LillyLou/
  18. We recently have had a big influx of new members. Hope you are enjoying Ladyboy Review and I encourage you to post on the Forum. Say hi and introduce your self. Welcome to all our new Members! And a warm welcome to returning members who have been away for awhile!
  19. If on a baht bus, beware of this lady: http://pattayaone.net/pattaya-news/177213/danish-and-german-victims-of-pattaya-baht-bus-pickpockets/
  20. Pdoggg


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