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  1. I have just finished watching the replay now and it was fantastic seeing Scott on the show, He is as I always remember Him simply honest and straight forward, brought back good memories of the welcome and chat you would always get from Him when seeing Him in Sensations or any where else we would see each other in town.
  2. This video will tie in with nicely with your post Amigi
  3. BigTel


    This I have cued up to the short 3 min interview with Steve who owns the Triangle bar in Soi Chaiyapoon. This is sad to view.
  4. BigTel


    Recent shots inside Suvarnabhumi, it's dismal to see it like this.
  5. Nice Seven very nice indeed
  6. Great update Pdoggg letting us know exactly as it is there at this very moment in time.
  7. Right on the money Seven I think Merkel has a lot to answer for .
  8. BigTel


    Awaiting the usual plausible denial
  9. That's good reassuring news for you SP, nice one.
  10. BigTel


    My condolences P&G to you and your family .
  11. You'll be good Amigi, mine went off without a hitch earlier this afternoon, "jobs a good un"
  12. I have my second jab this afternoon of the Astrazenica so that's one hurdle out of the way for the return to Thailand at some stage in the future.
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