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  1. not unless BBG is very very sure about the vaccine QG... which means that i'll wait and see what side-effects if any happen to people. some side -effects could be terrible... Duke 007 might wake up with 'i luv liverpool' tattoed on his arm tomorrow..... i find it difficult to trust that vaccines have been developed so rapidly. Therefore i'll wait, not planning on going anywhere anyway. Other than Sweden mayhaps. strangely enough, i had an example of the madness prevelant in the world first hand two days ago. it was about 2.30 pm, i rode down on my electric Harley to 7-11, it was purty h
  2. you are scared of me and Quinn dancing and doing the sing-a-song Emmy? 555! hope to see you back soon. xx
  3. wow QG ! you're not alone any more.... seems that there are now 2 cowpokes! gotta be Butch and Sundance.... must confess i see QG as being...er... Butch.
  4. same same Errol... do you mean that ticker-tape thing across the top of pages? it vanishes for weeks then comes back... doesn't do anything when clicked on anyway!.. i blame corona..
  5. blind boy grunt


    quite possibly! life can be confusing when one is living through the 13th spike/22nd wave/ whatever...
  6. blind boy grunt


    my my Mr Quinn... you've got QG-itis! this could be serious...... that ski thing was deserted... hardly a soul there.
  7. after Sunday 2nd, livestreams will revert to their normal Weds/ Sunday nights.
  8. Oh for gods sake Jimmy...knock Dolly and Kenny off your list quickly...... QG will be bettering your 6 shots a day achievement!
  9. you can be very cruel to me QG, there i was happily mindin' my own bizness...i haven't even seen the video! I just saw it was the Pattaya Mail so assumed that all of the Karaoke bar owners used to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a day... but of course it's highly believable that in an area that is frequented by mainly thai guys that the girls are getting 4000 baht a pop. Who could disbelieve that?.... now stop having a go at me cowpoke... i had to crawl out from behind my sofa to answer you!.... corona ain't a -gonna be a-gettin' me!
  10. i think you're correct Jimmy. it'll happen, eventually. karaoke would be great! Quinn and I could do a show!
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