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  1. some may consider it's a load of bollocks too.
  2. indeed..now something just over 3000 in total since the beginning? what seriously worries me is that the prophets of doom never ever quote the obvious, which in Thailand's case...is that 69+ million haven't died.
  3. so, you don't think that my suggestion of a virgin sacrifice to appease the lord will help then PD? oh well, might as well send Teya home.
  4. well lefty, i s'pose it's all relative really. probably better to listen to it rather than castrating yourself with a rusty chisel....
  5. and welcome to Emmy's club BM Phil34645... thanks for joining the forums only C.F.Z .... Coronavid free zone!
  6. well, some time back i posted something somewhere about me walking into a 7-11 on beach road jomtien [next to the Now hotel] and being to told to get out extremely rudely, because the temperature check thing inside the door showed me as being on fire or something. That shop closed down 2 days ago, now emptied, locked and shuttered. so..there ya go... don't mess with Blind Boy!
  7. well, i hope that you'll make it here by then QG.... i think that Teya and Sunny are missing you. Just the other day i saw them talking via one of those 'line' video call things. Certainly i heard 'Cowpoke' mentioned. And suddenly they both stuck a little finger in the air and waggled it... i can only guess that it is some kind of Ladyboy masonic ritual.
  8. or locked in a cell and forced to listen to Country and western non-stop?
  9. me too Quinn! does it mean that we are now enthusiastic explorers? okay! we'll go further down soi 7 happily... i dread to think what the final ranking will be... ' Covid free non Pattaya mail reader' would do me nicely
  10. blind boy grunt

    4th Wave

    yes Ciobha, i fear you are correct about the younger generation and their futures. I am so happy that one of my daughters managed to escape the UK just before Covid hit and is now much happier in New Zealand. The other daughter is trying to too. But, obviously difficult now. Here in Thailand, it's bad for the Thai people, i don't know about Pattaya so much as i haven't been able to get into there since February, so i only know what i see on here. i still think that people like Quinn and me etc are so lucky to be here. It's not so bad for the expats really. Your dad and people like me etc are so lucky that we lived our lives the way we wanted to. And at least we still have Jurgen!
  11. blind boy grunt

    4th Wave

    you do indeed do me wrong Clint. nowhere in that post did i criticise the NHS, and never would, other than it is ruled by bureaucrats nowadays. i spoke only of peoples reactions and expectations of it.
  12. blind boy grunt

    4th Wave

    well said Seven. Must confess i know nothing, and don't want to know anything about Brexit. Which was really an anti-immigration vote i suspect. What worries me more is the precedents that have been set, Politicians pandering initially to the rabid media, Doctors and scientists.. Scientists for feks sake! Design us another atom bomb boys! how about agent orange? Anthrax? Thalidomide!... scientists! problem is none of these cretins know or understand the first thing about sociology, how the lockdown/shutdown would affect society. Nor did they care a fuck, they managed to get on television. False gods. No, the precedent has been set for the future, and it is looking bleak. Once Covid decides to go then the next thing will come along in a few years and the lockdown crew will raise their voices again and Lo and behold, people like now will be so scared and demand action to protect their little lives. Not caring a hot poop how things like lockdown affect others. until the middle of last century, medically, people were responsible for their lives... but since the NHS and similar arose it's now 'we want taking care of, we want you to be responsible for us, Give me some pills'... fine as far as it goes, going to the doctor when you are sick, getting what help there is available. But now it's time to understand that doctors etc are not all-wise and infallible. oh my god! i just realised i have typed this without wearing a mask!
  13. it could go to paying for a plane ticket to Sweden... PD would soon sort you lot out!
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