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Young TS looking for a man


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I am 21 years old, I am a Tgirl. I am always looking for strong emotions, but I am not vulgar myself. I am a real little doll, as I am thin, easy to handle, and my face is very cute. Gorgeous body that will drive you crazy with desire and pleasure. Better in person than in pictures.
I am vaccinated against COVID-19, if it is important. We can meet once or all the time. We can have web s[e]x. I can just give a massage. We can have an interesting time (I'm broad-minded and well-read).
I don't need your money! :)

Please, I don't want to get upset with fools and I want to protect myself from idiots. That's why I DON'T READ PERSONAL MESSAGES HERE AT ALL. That's why I don't post my phone number and whatsapp here - I don't want to be bombarded with stupid one-liners and insults. My nickname is RuthCa and all answers to general questions.











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14 hours ago, Rom said:

Hi "RuthCa".  Are you here to spam or to scam ? ntmu .   I am Rom the Board's least likely BM to fall for either...


6 hours ago, The-Sith said:

hi Ruth.... please call me asap. ... I am looking for a girlfriend like you. you seem super legit.


Hi again "RuthCA" ... and that's The-Sith, the Board's most likely BM to be separated from his cash and not care in the remote hope that you are not a middle-aged dude from Bombay... If I were you I would connect with him right away before mods hide the thread...

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Gentlemen,  stop posting making fools of yourselves.  That cute femboy does NOT exist as "RuthCa".  It was a ruse to take you to a phishing website that has since been neutralized.   I will not mention the name of the website , which was quietly edited out from the OP as to protect the Board's wishful thinkers from going there... (well done mod(s)!)

@The-Sith  if that number you posted is your real number and you have it on WhatsApp watch out for suspicious communications ...  The first step to several scams is getting a WhatsApp functioning number so the scammer may set up a duplicate account on a computer and read all the private messages and from there plan the best scam to extract $$$...

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1 hour ago, hankoc said:



maybe the pics are from: www.onlyfans.com/ickypeach


Good sleuthing, hankoc.  That's definitely her.  Another site:


You can scroll through the pics and see that it is the same bathroom as she is pictured in above.

Also a pic from reddit:

So, is RuthCa actually ickypeach/Ashley or an imposter?  Hmmmm...


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