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Is anyone else having problems with the forum on desktop?

For the last week the forum has been extremely slow to respond on both Chrome and Firefox. For example when logging in it takes a couple of minutes to bring up the Home page and then when trying to get to 1st unread post on a thread it hangs for a few minutes and often I have had to click on the forum's header, then the last page in the sub-forum to get to the post. Getting back to Home page then takes a while as well.

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I'm not much of a techie but a good first step is the clear your Chrome cache and Firefox cache.  Since the problem is on multiple browsers maybe try a defragmentation.  I am not experiencing any slowness specific to LBR.    

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I clear cache, history etc every day before shutting down browsers. I also use AVG tune up weekly which clears all broken shortcuts, fixes registry etc etc. The problem is specific to LBR as the only other forum I am a member of works perfectly.

Spose I'll just see how it goes for a while, thanks for getting back to me promptly.

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Stoolie and I are in the LOS while you're in Oz.   It's possible that certain websites load quicker in some countries.  I am going to try something SJ and there is a remote chance it will help.  

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54 minutes ago, sydneyjohn57 said:

Thanks for the feedback gents. It seems to be working better this morning. May have been a slow server somewhere in the scheme of things.

Fucking Telstra B)

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2 hours ago, blind boy grunt said:

a friend of mine........  :sorry:is having problems with pornhub...

he tells me that videos won't play for more than a few seconds. now this is serious!

A " friend " you say bbg :spiteful:

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6 hours ago, stoolpusher said:

It's not working 555

A " friend " you say bbg

you know me Nosher... even torture would never drag the name out of me. No way whatsoever.

you could force me to listen to country and western all day... 

you could get Rom to paint 'Blind Boy loves Manchester United' along my dick...

you could force me to read the Pattaya Mail for more than 30 seconds....

and any other horrific thing you can think of... the name will still never be divulged by me.

Bribery might work though.

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