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Fist Me This Christmas


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(An early) Merry Christmas from the staff of Ladyboy Review. Some Santas on the streets of Phnom Penh and bargirls with short skirts, thigh high boots, and Santa hats to put the barangs in the Christmas spirit.

Thanks to all who have posted on the forum in the first year helping us get off the ground and may a cum filled ladyboy be under your tree.

Christmas traditions all have a start and here at LBR the way we kick off the holidays is with a rendition of Fist Me This Christmas.

Ho ho ho! :cold::coldb:


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Thank you Larry and a merry xmas to you and all staff at LBR.

This is a terrific site - in my opinion - and the season brings out the joy in what has gone down here these past 12 months or so.

From Vietnam can I send to everyone a Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh Uncle Santa Claus' best wishes.

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BumbleBee recently posted a thread about other interesting websites. Gotta post on that one soon but currently my Internet connection is shit and a royal PIA to open threads. But stumbled across LandoverBaptist.net and this is what the Rev Jim Osborne has to say about Fist Me This Christmas, if he only knew he would I think he would be on overload and his head would explode. :shok:

The other night, as I was getting ready to leave my office, I wandered over to one of my staff members' computers, an innocent young 21 year old Christian college student named Melissa. I had her tasked to finding vile and hateful attacks on Christmas. It is the duty of my staff to find new battlefields where this War on Christmas will be played out.

Well, she apparently found this song on YouTube called "Fist Me for Christmas", and believe me, I was shocked by its lyrics. However, I noticed she seemed to be doing her best to stifle a laugh. Personally, I don't know what could be considered "funny" about this song. First off, there is no mention of Jesus Christ. It is simply a secular "holiday" tune. Second, I was outraged that these people would glorify senseless violence during a time we should be celebrating our Lord's birth. I think it's quite obvious to everyone that "Fist me" means "Hit me". They're asking to get punched. (To be honest, after seeing this video, I did have an urge to punch all these Godmocking atheist singers!)

Watch this video and judge yourself.

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Certainly the ONLY site I visit on the internet (or anywhere else for that matter) that has a thread with such an interesting title.

This site is unique, hopefully we can all keep it chugging along long enough for it to find it's audience.

Ya know, Seinfeld took a few years to find it's audience. The original Star Trek was not commercially successful in it's initial five year voyage but only three years in real time.

I am confident we will find our audience. Our current posters have laid a great foundation.

Some more quotes about Fist Me This Christmas..................

I thought it was lovely. The harmony was very good! I think fisting means dancing or frolicking making to and fro motions with your forearms....you know... kinda like Popeye does.
Would someone kindly explain what all this "fisting" is about? I don't understand it at all. The song seemed to have some sort of a sexual overtone to it. Would fisting be punching someone in the nose while copulating? I don't get it. Must be one of those Goth things...

I want to bump this thread to warn you all AGAIN about this ghastly song.

Last year, it stuck in my ear for about 3 months, as if SATAN was trying to lure me. I resisted - but only just. Apart from one birthday cake incident, nothing happened.

Friends: atheists, godmockers, and thus Satan are always at the door. Keep him out, and say NO to this "song".


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