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5th Annual LBWVB Charity Event – 5th November 2016


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LBWVB 2016 Event

Areca Lodge (Soi Diana)

Saturday 5th November

Daytime Event: 1pm – 5pm.
Evening Gala Event: 7pm – 10pm.
(minimizing impact on other entertainment venues)
Attracts a number of people to Pattaya & Bangkok each year.


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2016 Event Details

  • Ticket price: 1,500 THB
    (Good for both day/evening events.)
  • Ticket sales start in April or May.
    (This allows 6 months to raise funds.)
  • PayPal Sponsorship and Contributions accepted from April.
  • 5 teams enables a Round Robin
    (every team plays against each other).
  • First Team to reach 22 points, with difference of 2 points, or up to 15 minutes duration – whichever comes first.

  • Select DONATE Tab or contactlbwvb@hotmail.com

2016 Team Pre-Party Info

  •  29th Oct – Check In Bar, Bangkok.
  •  30th Oct – Temptations/Cockatoo though not fielding a team are having a fund raiser.
  •   31st Oct-  Travel/Rest day – Halloween.
  •   1st  Nov – Kings Bar – Soi 8, Pattaya
  •   2nd Nov – TJ’s Music Bar joint with the Pink Panthers – Soi 18, Naklua
  •   3rd  Nov – Katoeys are Us – Soi Diamond, Pattaya
  •   4th Nov – Rest day – Detox
  •   5th Nov – LBWVB at Areca Lodge


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Quick Update


Web Site:   http://lbwvb.com/


Just confirmed that the MissTiffany International Queen (TIQ) event is Friday 4th November so revised schedule is:


  • 29th October - Check In Bar Soi 7 Bangkok
  • 30th October - Tempatations/Cockatoo Nana Plaza/Soi Cowboy Bangkok
  • 31st October - Travel/Rest/Detox & Halloween
  • 1st November - Kings Bar Soi 8 Pattaya
  • 2nd November - TJ's Music Bar Soi 18 Naklua in conjunction with Pink Panthers
  • 3rd November - Katoeys are Us Soi Diamond Walking Street Pattaya
  • 4th November - Miss Tiffany International Queen contest 2nd Road Pattaya
  • 5th November - LBWVB Competition and Gala. Areca Lodge Soi Diana Pattaya - The Final Event

Sadly this is the final unique LBWVB event.

Hoping someone can take on 2017 onward.


Thanks to all the supporters over 5 events.

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Tickets (1500 Baht) and Team Sponsors (4000 Baht includes non transferable complimentary Ticket) are now available from:


Hideaway Guest House - Soi 15 (off Soi Bukhouw) Pattaya

Kings Bar - Soi 8, Pattaya

Katoeys are Us - Soi Diamond, Walking Street, Pattaya

TJ's Music Bar - Soi 18, Naklua

Check In Bar - Soi 7, Sukhumvit, Bangkok


or via PayPal - Payee is  lbwvb@hotmail.com


or Contact 


Some tickets will be available from Areca Lodge - Soi Diana, Pattaya from 22nd October 2016.

100% of all Sponsorship money goes to Charity

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The Fifth and Final LBWVB Charity Event.


Saturday 5th November 2016 at Areca Lodge, Soi Diana, Pattaya.


Sponsor a Team, Buy a Ticket or make a Donation.




Come and enjoy a truly unique, great day and evening in the company of beautiful Lady Boys.


All Sponsorship money goes to Charity. The costs are covered by Ticket sales only (15% of Total)

For latest update on how money was used in 2015:



The 4 Charities that have been nominated for 2016:

  1. Pattaya Orphange. 160 children. Also includes the school for Deaf and Dumb children. Our local Orphanage
  2. The Moon School, Nung Sawaang Nr Pakse, Champasak Laos.
  3. Baan Dek Thammarak Orphanage for children with HIV in Lopburi.
  4. Disabled Sailing Thailand. Aimed at Para/Quadriplegic children.
Up to 750,000 Baht raised will be divided equally between 1, 2 and 3.
That amount exceeded then the 4th Charity will be included in equal share.
Giving a significant sum, to each Charity, allows for a specific infrastructure project and not general expense.

Tickets and Sponsorship available from:

  • Check In Bar, Soi 7, Sukhumvit, Bangkok
  • Hideaway Guest House, Soi 15 (off Soi Bukhouw), Pattaya
  • Kateoeys are Us, Soi Diamond (Walking Street) Pattaya
  • Kings Bar, Soi 8, Pattaya
  • TJ's Music Bar, Soi 18, Naklua Road

or directly, via PayPal, Bank or Cash from 


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A truly unique day and evening event - 50+ Lady Boys and no Lady Drinks. 

Drinks discounted for the day and evening - Local Beers only 60 Baht


Many thanks to those of you who have already Sponsored a team, or bought a Ticket. 

Very appreciated. 

  • A Forum has generously contributed 30,000 Baht again this year which is a huge help.
  • Three Donors/BMs have helped with Gifts for the teams - cosmetics and lingerie.
  • Work is in progress on about 25 Free Raffle Prizes. Dining vouchers and a few other interesting items.

Fun day out for teams, and attendees, while giving generously to nominated Charities who need our support.

  1. Pattaya Orphange. 160+ children. Also includes the day school for Deaf and Dumb children. Local charity.
  2. The Moon School, Nung Sawaang Nr Pakse, Champasak Laos. Project that needs our help.
  3. Baan Dek Thammarak Orphanage, for children with HIV in Lopburi. Project supported by June of Check In.
  4. Disabled Sailing Thailand. Para/Quadriplegic children. New project . Contribute to their 1st dinghy/yacht.
This 'one day in the year' is not just about helping Charity but also improving the image of the Lady Boys by giving them a one day, showcase opportunity, to show their positive side within the community - but need our help to do so.


As this is the 5th and final year look forward to meeting, and thanking you, at a terrific fun day/evening out.

Your contribution will help us all make a huge difference.


80+% raised goes direct to Charity who must also nominate a specific project.

Only direct unavoidable costs. Hotel/Buffet, Prizes and Printing/Equipment etc.

Ticket Sales at least covers costs. All Sponsorship money is guaranteed to go to Charity.

You put in 4,000 Baht and 4,000+ goes to Charity PLUS you get a free complimentary ticket worth 1,500.

  • Nobody charges their expense. Artwork, Audit, Admin, Internet etc.
  • Bars and teams fund their own expenses.
  • Photographers, Referees, Umpires, Line Judges, Score keeper, DJ, Stewards all assist for free.
  • If you would like to help on the day please let me know.

Many thanks

The Website shows all the Charities helped over the previous 4 events.


Accounts are produced at transaction level - Tickets bought, Sponsors paid - independently audited. 



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A very generous contribution, of 29,750 Baht, has been made, to LBWVB 2016, by an anonymous individual.


This contribution has just been made in the name of Suzie, who was a great personality, and popular employee at Stringfellows, for many years.

Suzie will hopefully feel proud knowing that her memory will help so many others.


Many thanks to our contributor and to Suzie - may she be remembered fondly in death as she was in life.


The LBWVB 2016 event contributes primarily to Children.

  • Pattaya Orphanage. Our local orphanage.
  • Lopburi Orphanage for HIV children. This is also sponsored directly by June of Check Inn Bar in Bangkok
  • School on the Lao/Thai border.
  • Disabled Sailing for Paraplegic/Quadriplegic children


This is an incredibly generous contribution and shows how caring our community can be.


This will be the 5th Year of LBWVB and it is hoped, if we meet the target for 2016, we will have contributed 3,600,000 Baht to Charity.

Thanks for all your help and support.


LBWVB is a unique event as it guarantees that all net proceeds go to Charity. About 85%

Only direct unavoidable expenses - Hotel, Printing, Prize money are allowed. About 15%


36 Participant gift packs are paid for by other generous people.


There are no personal expenses taken.

Many other people contribute time and effort to make it a success.

Accounting, Legal Fees, Internet, Website updates and all administration costs are not charged.

Raffle and Auction items are also freely donated.


If you would like to contribute go to:



If you need further information contact:





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Very nice of somebody to honour Suzie's memory with this sizeable donation.

Good luck with your last Volleyball competiton Rossco, I hope it is a success, and after it is all over, when you have your feet up, smoking your pipe and having a cup of tea and a Hob Nob biscuit, you will look back fondly on the memories.

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LBWVB 2016 on Saturday 5th November 2016. Only 5 weeks away.
Some tickets may still be available from:
  • Check In bar Soi 10 in Bangkok 
  • Katoeys are Us Soi Diamond Pattaya
  • Kings bar Soi 8 Pattaya
  • TJs bar Soi 18 Naklua
  • Hideaway Guest House Soi 15 Pattaya
Areca Lodge will have a few tickets from 15th October for Hotel guests
Pick up any pre-paid tickets Friday 4th November in the lobby of Areca Lodge - 6pm until 9pm
There are very few tickets left.
You may still buy direct, subject to availability, via the Web Site - Pay Pal
If you cannot buy from one of these locations then contact:
If you want to attend this unique and fun event get a ticket now.
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Update on LBWVB 2016


Team Parties:



  • 29th Oct – Check In Bar, Bangkok.
  •  30th Oct – Temptations/Cockatoo though not fielding a team are having a fund raiser.
  •   31st Oct-  Travel/Rest day – Halloween.
  •   1st  Nov – Kings Bar – Soi 8, Pattaya
  •   2nd Nov – TJ’s Music Bar joint with the Pink Panthers – Soi 18, Naklua
  •   3rd  Nov – Katoeys are Us – Soi Diamond, Pattaya
  •   4th Nov – Rest day – Detox - Miss Tiffany International Queen
  •   5th Nov – LBWVB at Areca Lodge



Still need a few Team sponsors - the total amount from a sponsor is guaranteed to go to Charity and includes a free ticket.


Tickets are nearly sold out. 

Those paid for can be collected from Areca Lodge lobby from 6pm to 9pm the evening before - Friday 4th November.


Remaining tickets are with:


  • Check In Bar, Bangkok.
  • Katoeys are Us, Pattaya
  • Kings Bar, Pattaya
  • TJ's Bar, Naklua
  • Areca Lodge will have 10 for paying guests from 28th October
Any unsold, and or returns, will be sold on 4th November at Areca Lodge lobby.


20 Items in the Raffle - for Ticket holders.


Some items may change as other options become available.


3 - Sportsman Pub Dining vouchers 350 Baht each
4 - Beefeater Dining vouchers 250 Baht each
1 - Yamato Dining voucher 1,000 Baht
3 - Yamato Dining voucher 500 Baht each
5 - Mary Kay Cosmetic sets + Stocking
1 - Pyrex cooking set from Tesco Lotus
1 - Drink cup set from 711
2 - Doraemon Sports /Tote Bags
6 Auction items
Photo Album signed by the Pro Photographer from LBWVB 2015 - last year 
Photo Album signed by the Pro Photographer from LBWVB 2016 - to be delivered when completed (December).
River Kwai memento containing an original piece of 'track sleeper' from the Death Railway
Painting by local artist of the LBWVB event - Kwan
Egyptian mystery set
Artwork by Thai artist donated by a Bangkok gallery Sathorn 11 Art Space in Bangkok
Areca Lodge do their best to accommodate us even in poor weather.
As a contingency there will be 8 pool side tents 3 x 3 meter.
This with the bar area and covered balcony, overlooking the pool, should provide cover for 200+ people.
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9 hours ago, MrBean said:

Is the volleyball tourney being postponed or will it be held on the original date?  I would like to attend if it is postponed to coincide with my arrival in Pattaya.

The last update was 11 days ago so perhaps things have changed in someway at this very sensitive time in the kingdom.

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It is indeed a very sensitive time so avoiding any conflicts is paramount.

All contributors and assistants have been sent a Bcc email explaining the current situation.

They have been asked not to copy/paste from the email.

LBWVB 2016 is planned to go ahead on 5th November.

The situation may change daily so it is inappropriate to post any updates at this time on Forums/Facebook and other social media.

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