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5th Annual LBWVB Charity Event – 5th November 2016

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This year was unique in many ways...


10 Matches were hotly contested where each team played against every other team.

4 Matches per team


1st - Blue Dolphins (TJs) won all 4 of their matches so won the title and trophy.

World Champions of Lady Boy Water Volley Ball.


2nd - Green Hornets (Katoeys are Us)


Pink Panthers and Green Hornets both won 2 matches each.

The decider was Points scored and Green Hornets were higher.


3rd Pink Panthers


4th - Black Scorpions (Lita Bar).


Black Scorpions and Purple People Eaters both won 1 match each

The decider was Points scored and Black Scorpions were higher


5th - Purple People Eaters (Kings Bar).


All team managers (5) received a gift of Make Up and Perfume and Stockings.

Every player (25) received a Gift pack of: 


  • Mary Kay make up, Lipstick, Mascara, Eyeliner
  • Victoria Secrets Bikini
  • Stockings
  • Cash. Winners 2,000 each, 2nd 1,500 each, Others 1,000 each


Plus each team received 2 Vouchers for food and drink (Value 1,000 each) at Inter Issan Club near Pattaya Tai and 3rd Road.

Match Time and Scores Final Combo.pdf

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T.J's were the winners in the water, but the charities came away with the big prize.  Tremendous event and effort by Rossco and his organisation.  The week of social gatherings at each of the supporting bars were a blast.  Big props to Lita's bar for stepping to the plate late.  

TJ's girls 










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