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Interview with the amazing Myx


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Yes, what a fab day that was Duke, coincidentally we had a Filipina ladyboy with us dressed up for the occasion in our own private box.


 Yeah, I got a pic of her somewhere but her name escapes me at the mo....it was a fabulous day indeed with a lots of great guys from the old ATS forum in attendance B)

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Any review of her doing bdsm? Dominating the poor guy I mean.

How does she compare to prodoms?


She can dish out just as much as you would want.  Dominating is want she prefers. She really had to work on her versatility when she first came to BKK working at Darkside bar in order to broaden her customer base.   I had to do some dominatrix whispering to her when I went with her soon after she started.  On the pedestrian walkway over Sukhumvit she pulled out her cock. I presumed she wanted me to suck on it.  So I moved in to give her a late night public blow and she started to piss. As I pulled back a slash went down my trousers.  Back in the room she was a handful to get neutralised. I'm not into taking an ass whipping from a bar fine. I explained to her that there would be plenty of guys that are into that, but I wasn't one of em.  


A couple of weeks later I was talking to Guitar (Tar) who told me that Myx and her went ST with customer at Darkside ST room and she felt sorry for the poor bastard as Myx was pummeling him with her whip leaving visible marks on him.  She was advertising on CL as a dom in those days. A few months later she changed her ads to a more versatile profile.  I know she did quite well on some dominatrix site she was advertising on.


Myx with her whip in the bar when she first started. :girl_devil:





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Need her telephone number and a meeting with her cane :girl_devil:


Here's her contact info as of May 2015 which I presume is still good,   With the handle BangkokBitch, her cane awaits you 8!   :biggrin:  



Line- Myx.xoxo

We chat- myxantonio
Snapchat - bangkokbitch
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