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    The word "exploitation" by it's exact translation is divisive and open to interpretation. My thoughts are that exploitation is where a person is forced to do something against there will, because they have little or no other choice. But it could be argued that I only translate it to this context because it allows me to sleep soundly at night, believing I have done no wrong. Others may argue that the very fact I indulge in sex for cash in a third world country means I am exploiting a less well off society for my own needs. This is probably a valid argument. However, as seven mentioned earlier, we could all argue we are being exploited in our own society by the rich business owner, if you wanted to perceive things in that manner. For example, I work my ass off usually 60 hours a week, and although I receive a generous remuneration, only my boss is getting rich through my hard work. But i don't feel I am being exploited, because I am not doing it against my will, I am doing it to make ends meet.
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    I very much agree with that mate. We are all, well most of us, faced with distasteful choices at times. I've done some shit jobs in the past, but they paid reasonably well. I've never felt ill will to the man who profits from my efforts. I disagree with your definition of exploitation though. No one needs to be forced to be exploited. " To gain unfairly from another's work, " is the broad definition. However, that poses the question: who determines fair and unfair?
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    As Stro says capitalism by its very nature is exploitive. Perhaps the lady who works in a 100 baht Buakhao foot massage joint is being exploited? Or the Cambodian garment workers who are fighting to make $177 a month? Is sex morally wrong and deserves a special category? So how could we avoid exploitation? I reckon we could double what we pay them and it would still be exploitation. If it were triple then we would just go to the Philippines and exploit there. In an ideal world there wouldn't be such income disparity between countries. But the unholy alliance of neo-imperialists and corrupt local politicians limits opportunity for much of the population. No easy answers here. Of course if no money were involved our ladyboys would much rather go with a young Thai guy. I remember one night a garbage truck rolled past Famous Bar and the Famous Girls went gaga over the garbagemen. But I don't think it is as easy as we might think for ladyboys to find the Thai partner of her choice unless she is supporting him. So being young, horny, and full of cum, if she can find a farang sex partner who she doesn't find repulsive then she can get paid and laid then she might think she is doing well for herself if she is the promiscuous type. If not the promiscuous type she can work in a tourist area and keep her eyes peeled for her rusty knight in shining armour.
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    I do feel this a lot of the time, especially when I'm back home. When I'm in los it doesn't seem to matter so much as it feels more like just the way things are. Perhaps I'm trying to justify myself but I like to think that p4p with ladyboys is less exploitative than with Thai ggs as I can see the lbs get erections and climax so I can believe they are at least enjoying themselves to some extent. But maybe I could think that if I made a gg climax. I do always treat people with respect, I don't treat people as sex toys just because they are in p4p.
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    Good question, QG. I have felt this many times and also expressed this on various forums but that has been as popular as cancer. Its simply nothing that's being considered, at least not in the open. My mongering days are completely different from 10 years ago though so I don't have to contemplate this too often now. Last trip was a 5 month stretch with under 10 paid for sexy time. Excellent points , BB. I have friends who been employees all their life and they look upon themselves as whores or slaves. Go do something every day they don't like for money to be able to survive. One friend even said he'd fuck for money rather than go to his work. Problem is that hes no oil painting and would get zero business. So he goes to work every day and pays for sex while on holiday. Look at the football players today. No loyalty to any club, its all about money. Whores if you ask me. Being on the wrong side of 50 its no secret you're not the catch of the day in a nightclub or bar anymore. To think anything else is self-deceptive and you need to question your own self-image. To bang around in Marine at my age ( 52) and believe you are "scoring" is just pathetic, imo. Some guys may be enjoying Marine for what it is, I personally can't stand it, but thats another topic. Ive met som very nice persons on the job, but also some total lowlifes. Treat people who deserve it with respect , hookers or moneyboys.
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