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  1. I thought long and hard before I voted to leave the EU. But the more I looked at this organisation the less I liked it. If the vote had gone the other way I would have accepted what my fellow countymen had decided. I'm no little Englander, nor am I anti-fuck all. I just worry about the direction the EU is going. I just see a monster in the making. I see big problems in years to come. I'm not overly nationalistic either, but I've worked and socialised with great people throughout the country, and I've always been made very welcome wherever I've been. It just makes me angry to see some Remainers who are willing to weaken their own country rather than just accept the path we need to follow. And Ciobha. You're obviously not a cunt. That's unfortunate language for which I apologise. And apologies to anyone else who found the remark distasteful - which it surely was.
  2. No, you take your self righteous anger and ram it. If some in the Republic don't want to trade that's a shame, but to expect the majority of the UK to overturn a democratic decision because you're unsure of the future is weak and childish. No one gave a fuck when the fishing industry was smashed. Oh no, I'm alright Jack. I'm doing fine. Fuck them, they obviously don't deserve a job. I'm sick of listening to remainers. I don't want to share a country with them. Maybe its time for the UK to break up. Anything except having to listen to cunts like you for another 3 years.
  3. Not when so many MPs are convinced they can overturn the decision. Three years of infighting. Scandalous.
  4. No deal. Just get on with it. I blame the MPs who fanatically want to remain despite the majority saying otherwise. This could have been sorted years ago. Let's get the fuck out of this club. It looks like a big fucking moody bully to me.
  5. Why are they protesting in London? Why not Delhi or Beijing or San Paulo? Europe must be the most advanced part of the world when it comes to environmental protection. They're wasting their fucking time in this part of the planet. Stop protesting and actually do something! Wankers!
  6. Fucking hell! Check out how ugly those twof remainer MPs are. No wonder I'm a poofter.
  7. Why is it everything is turned into left or right wing here? Climate change has fuck all to do with left or right. I think some people are obsessed with dead political ideas. This kid does nothing for me. I'm with Cioba on this. I think it's pretty fucking obvious what the problems are. And guess what? Few of them are from western countries. We can't tell China, or Brazil, or India what to do, but they are so greedy for wealth and power they'll shit over the entire planet. India - 500 million without running water but enough spare cash for a moon landing. C'mon.
  8. This will come back to bite the UK in a big way. Never been done before, but now, any political decision that any other politician doesn't like can be taken to court. I honestly think we'll look back on this decision in years to come with regret. Forget Brexit, this could cause untold delay to any future legislation. Actually, this might be the beginning of the greatest change in the House of Commons since the English Civil War. Parliamentary democracy is not suitable for modern Britain. It has allowed elitist remain politician to deny the will of the public. Fucking crazy stuff. Oh well, damage done. Thanks remainers. I never saw this coming. Now there really will be problems in the future, not just the silly scaremongering about Brexit. But it may usher in serious reform to government.
  9. I don't know why, but I really like that one Tel.
  10. That makes sense actually. Maybe three out of the last five times I was in TJs I saw Cindy. She was always with a small group. I guess one of the fellas in the group is her boyfriend, but I don't know. She still looks great.
  11. Good on him. At first glance that looks like a cracking venue. I'll definitely consider a stay at the guesthouse.
  12. He's my kind of guy. I've always enjoyed paying for it in a strange way. It's nice to get discounts and maybe the odd free tumble from someone I've been with several times, but the exchange of Baht always draws a line under the experience, for both payer and payee. And I agree, it's nice to put a smile on a young ladyboy's face. Trying to get freebies is a messy business. That route is littered with hazard.
  13. Fucking hell! They're taking that to Spain? It seems surreal to see that happening in the sunshine. I find that a bit worrying. I'd imagine a Republican march is already scheduled. The Spanish should tell them all to fuck off.
  14. I had an urge to listen to this a few nights ago. Fucking fabulous! Lyrics are brilliant. All the late 70/early 80 bands were on fire looking back on it.
  15. The weather's all fine and good mate, but what I really want to know is ...tranny prospects??
  16. No heatwave in Scotland. Dropped below 10 C a few times last week. Horrible summer so far.
  17. Oh! Lilly's a wee hottie. I'd love to give her a nibble.
  18. I very much agree with that mate. We are all, well most of us, faced with distasteful choices at times. I've done some shit jobs in the past, but they paid reasonably well. I've never felt ill will to the man who profits from my efforts. I disagree with your definition of exploitation though. No one needs to be forced to be exploited. " To gain unfairly from another's work, " is the broad definition. However, that poses the question: who determines fair and unfair?
  19. I still don't see how that can be blamed on capitalism. It's obviously human nature. The sex trade's been going on for very long time. It seems you don't want to take responsibility for your own actions. Don't have sex with young, desperate prostitutes in Southeast Asia if you feel that way.
  20. I do agree that third-world hookers are being exploited by Western, and increasingly Indian, African, and Chinese guys. And I find it laughable when I speak to Western fellas who get so enraged about the perceived social injustice in the West yet feel no guilt when shagging the arse off a teenage street urchin in Pattaya. But, I would say that exploitation is much, much less than others would have you think. Let's face it, it's a fantastic story to spin for a hooker. It really elicits sympathy. 99% of hookers will tell you they don't like to do it with other guys but they need the money. That's exploitation of a hooker. However, they really like having sex with you for money. That's exploitation of a customer. Capitalism by its very nature is exploitative. That's a cop-out. Humanity by its very nature is exploitative.
  21. Binman comes to a house with no bin. Sees a Chinese guy leaving the front door. Binman: Hey mate, where's your bin? Chinese guy: ...I bin Hong Kong. Binman: No mate, where's your wheelie bin? Chinese guy: ...No, I wrealy bin Hong Kong!!
  22. I'm with the Thais on that one. Why does he think he can video anyone he pleases? No sympathy for him.
  23. Wow! What a fucking childish thing to do. Same with the milkshake bollocks. The Left lost me a while ago. All I see are sullen, petulant, children with a cartoon-like grasp of the world around them. Fucking embarrassing man.
  24. I saw this coming, honestly. I've always been suspicious about Joshua's ability to take it ever since the Klitchko fight. Everyone said how tough he was back then to take a pounding and go on to win the fight. But all I saw was a lucky escape. Also, I'm fucking convinced he's on steroids - gives him a wonderful physique but does nothing for his mind. Also, I think he's been groomed too much - told how great he is and that he's the best heavyweight of a generation. The look on his face at the end of the fight said it all. It was like he wanted his corner to come and take him home. I saw the same look when Mike Tyson got put down by Douglas. They just can't take the punishment. Andy Ruiz looks like a hard fucker. I bet you could knock him about all day and not make a dent. Total respect to the man. He's on top of the world at the moment. I do feel sorry for Joshua though. He comes across as a really decent fella.
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