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  1. Now your talking Pdoggg. I love classic movies. It's strange, I spoke to someone a while ago who professed to have a great love of old movies. When I asked some of their favourites they stated Predator, Terminator, First Blood. When I said The Third Man, The Big Sleep, and Ice Cold In Alex he seemed totally lost. Last year I recommended Raiders of the Lost Ark to a young Thai fella who loves movies. He couldn't believe how good it is. Wouldn't stop going on about it. That reminds me of another fucking excellent American movie often overlooked. Star-studied cast too: "First prize, Cadillac Elderado. Second prize, set of stake knives. Third prize ... you're fired!" Anyone know? Pdoggg, you know.
  2. Wow! Thailand seems like a super fucking pain in the ass place to retire to these days. Philippines looks a better possibility. Or Cambodia. I suppose Malaysia is a possibility. I need to do some research on this.
  3. Yeah, must say I didn't think Rompho would decline the way it has. I always looked forward to a sniff around there. Surely the whole complex won't fold. Jomtien is growing all the time I'd have thought there were plenty of customers.
  4. Don't be too disheartened mate. I certainly have a socialist streak in me, but I think the old choices of left and right are collapsing - certainly in the UK anyway. Don't pick sides just pick policies. I've become quite a fan of George Galloway. He was possibly the most hated man in Britain during the first Gulf War. A rabble rousing, unpatriotic, terrorist loving communist. Or so the media led me to believe. But he saw right through those wankers Blair and Bush and called it for what it really was. Today he's still a total lefty but one that still fights for the common man. Interesting times man.
  5. Actually that makes me think ... anyone do Thai private healthcare? It's got t o be cheaper than Western healthcare.
  6. I don't think I like the sound of the American healthcare system, The European style suits me better, and if at some point I have extra cash I'll bump up to private.
  7. I don't agree mate. Staying in a reformed EU would be my first choice, but a full break might the best in the long run. I see the EU sleepwalking into disaster. The inability to curb mass immigration, the subsidies and protectionism, the inequality between north and south, and this constant talk of expansion and "confronting the Russian menace" really worries me. Truth is Britain was never fully in anyway, and that has always been something the EU wanted to rectify. Lets face it, Britain should have the Euro. Keeping the Pound always showed a lack of commitment. Actually, I'd be happy for Britain to scrap the Pound and go 100% into an economic commitment with the European community. But the EU is a flawed project just now. It's beginning to look very imperialistic to me. Very elitist.
  8. Didn't enjoy my first trip to the island, but my second was good fun. Hired a scooter second time, made all the difference. The view from the summit is well worth it. Pattaya looks awesome from there.
  9. So in the US what happens if you get sick, break a leg, etc? Surely you don't get left on the pavement, em...sidewalk.
  10. I think all parties advocate taxing the super rich, but in reality it's not so easy. They'll just piss off to another country where they get taxed less. Unfortunately the working class doesn't have that option. A much easier target. The NHS is the 5th biggest employer on the planet!! It's a bloated organisation for sure and it needs to be managed better, but I'm super happy that the country has universal health care. I think a big problem is with modern society really. People request to see a doctor for the slightest of things in the UK. I think in the past people were a bit more thoughtful. I think there's less civic responsibility in the UK, probably throughout Western Europe too. A definite sign of a fragmented society.
  11. Britain's in a bit of unease at the moment. My guess is the same anti-EU sentiment will increase in the continent too.My prediction is a last minute concession by the EU. It needs to reform, I think that's obvious to all. So many countries in Europe are unhappy, look at France! Look at Italy! The UK is one of many rebels. I will never vote Labour again for the rest of my life. Champagne socialists who care nothing for the working classes. They have brought misery to the UK.
  12. I was always shit at Countdown. No wonder. Fucking distractions like that, and Carl Vord back in her prime. Always with the short skirts too.
  13. I'm straight. End of! I'm thoroughly turned off by all the trappings of masculinity ... except a cock but body or facial hair, beer bellies, male pattern baldness, big biceps, strong forearms, etc, etc, make my cock recoil in disgust. Also, if one has the desire to have one's rectum pumped full of spunk like a cream doughnut, then ...well ...difficult to square that with heterosexual behaviour. But when it's a sexy young ladyboy doing the pumping ... well ... not guilty m'lord. None of us are gay. There are proper gay websites for that kind of thing ... so I've been told
  14. Fuck that nonsense. I'm surprised more people don't get stabbed up or shot or beaten. Songkran is a recipe for violence.
  15. I had a wee look at that youtube vid. Not selling it so far. Too many prams and mobility scooters for my liking.
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