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    It was a great spectacle last night at the Etihad, the City fans were in good voice ( for a change). Even though I am a United fan I was even a bag of nerves towards the end. Then Sterling scores the winner with a minute or two to go, the crowd go wild, the Spurs players are dejected, the City manager, assistants, subsitutes, masseur, hair stylist, manicure, doctors all tear arse down the touchline celebrating, it was mayhem. Then another twist to the tale, there is silence as the Sterling goal gets reviewed by VAR and is disallowed for Augero being in an offside position. Pep and the City fans are gobsmacked, even I am gobsmacked while the North London geezers in the crowd go wild. It was good to be there tbh, hell I even got on the pitch when Sissoko went down injured I do hope Spurs go onto win it now, now that would be mad..lol It wont be easy against Ajax especially with the little Korean fella missing the 1sr Leg, anyone but the Bindippers please
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    Mark your calendars. Ladyboy Party and Charity Week, 2019! Sylvester and I are proud to announce the inaugural Ladyboy Party and Charity Week, from 8 to 17 November. This will not be another LBWVB event. Streetwalker started an admirable and successful tradition. This will be something new. Rather than bars being required to sell tickets and sponsorships to raise money, the participating bars have agreed to contribute a set sponsorship fee: 5,000 Baht for the two Bangkok bars, and 10,000 Baht for the Pattaya bars. Katoeys ‘Are’ Us will contribute an additional 15,000 Baht for the Battle of the Bars event, making their total charitable contribution 25,000 Baht. The week of fun and charity fundraising will culminate with a gala evening event at The Roof. The ladyboys we love from all of the sponsoring bars will dazzle and entertain us. Details about the gala event will be announced in the coming months. Party dates: Why Not Bar – Bangkok ---------- Friday, November 8th Check Inn Bar – Bangkok ---------- Saturday, November 9th TJs Music Bar ---------- Tuesday, November 12th 69 Bar ---------- Wednesday, November 13th Katoeys ‘Are’ Us ---------- Thursday, November 14th Surprise Yourself ---------- Friday, November 15th Battle of the Bars (Participants to be Announced) Katoeys ‘Are’ Us Saturday, November 16th Grand Gala Finale @ The Roof Sunday, November 17th If you are interested in coming along and/or pledging to charity then please post here. So far we have received over 120k baht in pledges from the bars and members of various forums.
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    I'll go with Maria Sharapova. If that is wrong then Anna Kournikova. One of those Russians. EDIT: It's Maria
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    It’s my pleasure to be working with Aprilbr to organize the Ladyboy Party and Charity Week this year. I’m confident it will be a fun week and that we will be able to raise a significant amount of money for charity. Our goal is to raise 200,000 Baht. While the specific charities have not yet been chosen, we do believe that all of the money raised should be donated to organizations or efforts that work to prevent and treat sexually transmitted diseases, and/or towards efforts that will benefit transgender people in Thailand in a meaningful way. We will announce the specific organizations in the coming months. With the sponsorship fees that have been promised by the participating bars thus far, we will raise 75,000 Baht. Here is a breakdown: Why Not Bar - 5,000 Check-In Bar - 5,000 TJ’s Music Bar - 10,000 69 Bar - 10,000 Surprise Yourself 10,000 Katoeys ‘Are’ Us 25,000 The Roof 10,000 TOTAL 75,000 Baht In addition to the sponsorship pledges, which will be collected two months before the party week, the sponsoring bars have agreed to make at least a modest effort to raise additional money during their parties through donation boxes or any other means they choose. With the pledges received by BMs on the Pattaya Ladyboy Forum, we already have 120,000 Baht pledged. We will need board members to step up and make individual pledges to reach our goal. Aprilbr will keep a record of individual pledges made by BMs here on this thread. Or if you prefer, send either one of us a PM and will make a note of your pledge. We promise not to pester, harass, annoy or browbeat you. We will arrange a date and place to collect pledges from board members in Pattaya during the week of festivities, and receipts will be issued. We can also make arrangements to receive donations from BMs who wish to submit them via PayPal if necessary.  Thanks for your support guys. The goal for the Ladyboy Party and Charity Week next November is to have fun and raise some money for charity. Pledge whatever you are comfortable with.
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    Happy Songran day, Welcome to Katty Bar & Room For Rent at Jomtien Beach Road Soi.4 The most beautiful ladyboy Bar in Jomtien Beach. Come and have fun with us.
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    ploy just sent me this clip , well worth a good munch on . LINE_MOVIE_1555004307988.mp4
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    Bumped, for anyone who wants a good read about the early days of the scene and may have missed this thread from a while ago.
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    Made it over to HH back in February, my first time there in just over 6 years. The bar scene has upped its game, with Soi Bintabaht now using the alias of Walking St also. Came down with a fever so didn’t get out to check the bars at night, but I did spot the odd ladyboy around the sois early in the evening, but you have to keep your eyes peeled and ears open for that distinctive cackle.
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    Welcome to Katty Bar & Room For Rent at Jomtien Beach Road Soi.4 The most beautiful ladyboy Bar in Jomtien Beach.
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    A while ago I booked a week away in Benidorm for the end of this June, which I am looking forward too. Even more so now watching this right up to date Vlog by our Geoff who is on the ground as we speak....Sorted
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    Firstly ....Twat Secondly, my 1 week holiday has cost around £650 with Jet2go holidays. That includes return flights Manchester to Alicante 22kg Hold Luggage 10 kg Cabin Transfers to the hotel and back by coach (1-30 hours), Self check in at the Hotel for the flight back so no need to carry baggage around. Chose and pre booked best Seats (both ways) for a fee Chose Flights times for extra cost which means landing at Alicante at 11am instead of 21-00pm and on the return leaving at 1pm instead of 23-00pm 7 nights Half Board at Hotel Sol Pelicanos/Ocas The price may seem a bit expensive but I am a single traveller compared to a couple travelling it doesnt seem that bad to me with the add-ons. With beers at £2 a pint I doubt I will need a great deal of spending money tbh, unless I get nailed for ladydrinks
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    I must say I fookin love Benidorm, but alas I haven't been there since 2005, which is the year I first discovered Thailand and all it has to offer. It may very much be on the cards for another visit in the too distant, given that I have really started to go off Thailland, especially Pattaya, over the past year or two. Pricewise, mongering aside as I didn't ever partake while in Benidorm (no need to monger, there are a plethora of Brit/Irish girls more than willing for a bit of holiday humpty dumpty), I found Benidorm extremely cheap for accommodation, food and drink, and there are cheap flights almost daily from Belfast. Not sure if it still as cheap, but hopefully young Dukey can report back with a tip or 4-0, oops I mean a tip or two??
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    Good deed done today, at Big C check out I was behind an old lady in the queue. Her bill came to 1100baht but when she counted out her change she had just under 1050baht She didn’t want me to help her bless her, but I insisted, and in no time we had all her shopping back on the shelves.
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    Thanks very much duke for taking the time to do a real, on-the-spot report. It must have been a great game. Trust you to get on the pitch too. Best wishes to Man U for the rest of the season.
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    Another one from Nick Amazing Thai Streetfood at an Amazingly Cheap price
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    According to 70% of Republicans (approximately 30% of the American population), he is the best president in US history and can do no wrong - everyone who criticizes him is fake news and conspires to make him look bad. This support gives him the idea that he has the impunity to say and do things as he likes. The other 70% of the US population (Democrats and independents) think is he a poor US president.
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    Why doesnt this prick Trump keep his big fookin nose out, he talks shite
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    Well it's all over in Phitsanulok. Today at 12 noon there was no water being hosed, shot or thrown anywhere between the backblocks where I live, to the city centre. The traffic was pretty heavy though - people going back to work tomorrow I guess.I only went out to see off a mate to the bus station. Yesterday there were a few pickups with 44 gallon drums in the back driving around, and lots of kids having "fun". I managed to miss it all, apart from the purely family things. So glad not to be in Pattaya.
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    Yes the sad demise of the LBWVB left a large hole in the Ladyboy lover's calendar. Hopefully, we can fill some of that gap with this new initiative.
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    One of my favourite Upskirt shots of all time , any guesses who this gorgeous creature is?
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    Hmmmmm, let me think
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    It really is, and if the author walked into any ladyboy bar today he would be unknown to most if not all customers drinking there, when in fact they should be buying him a drink.
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    Another cheap option
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    I'm living out of town in a small farming community. The local youngsters have done the usual splashing cars and motorbikes on the main road; but it's more of a family thing with us - quite an extended family live in the same general area. Can't remember the last time it rained here, but I'm sure water will be found somehow. A few years ago I did the compulsory Songkran thing in Phitsanulok city - similar to Bangkok streets. Fun once, but over it now.
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    In Tesco Lotus in Phitsanulok, the staff have been wearing the floral shirts for over a week (hard to tell staff from customers). And as of tonight my house will be filling up as "family" start coming back for Songkran. A time I dread every year. Roll along 17 April.
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    I agree. I like Friendship and go quite often, but some things I refuse to buy there, such as grapes. Their bread is nice but despite opening at 7am the fresh bread of the day isn't placed out on the shelves until around 8 or 8.30am. Good to get there early when in need, as later on in the day most of it will have touched by 100's of human hands as it is almost all 'naked'. There's a single set of seemingly 'never-washed' tongues, but most don't seem to bother using them. Back to the grapes. Friendship cost about B160 for a 8x5 inch (?) tray of grapes. In Big C they cost about half that and the grapes are stacked higher, plus all the pips are dealt with. Big C has a better bakery section too. I pay my 3BB manually every few months at their office in Big C Extra and always buy lots of grapes and bakery items from the supermarket whenever I go. I also like the small Malee fruit in syrup cans, longan or rambutan, usually. One style comes with a plastic lid containing a plastic folded-up spoon inside. In Friendship they are B55 each, that's outrageous! They were on sale once for B22 and I bought loads. I've seen them in 7-Elevens often for B33. A tasty little afters.
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    You’d imagine with all the money invested in improving the beach they would have done something about this mess. Maybe it’s in the pipeline
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    Not a partucular nice view from this establishment during the downpour
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    It just stopped raining and Soi Chaiyapoon is flooded but it stopped just before getting high enough to get inside the buildings. Minor flooding on Buakhao but the west end of Chaiyapoon is lower than Buakhao so the water collects there. First flood I noticed but probably slept though any others as the rains have mostly been late morning or early afternoon. Sorry, back to your regularly scheduled program. I could make you guess where this is but it's too easy for many of you.
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    A wee bit wet in Pattaya now going by a few pics a couple of ladies that I have on Line have posted on Timeline Any guesses where they were taken as a bit of fun ?
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    No. This may not be so. Last year in Samut Prakan my condo owner was fined for not lodging my stay details - not me. As the interview said, the talk was with the Jomtien office only, and things in Phitsanulok are different again from Samut Prakan; so it does seem to vary from office to office (immigration officer to immigration officer). What is important is to have that piece of paper in your passport, however it gets there.
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    There is a series called Ozark with this actress that just looks same same
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    Absolute bullshit on the TM30. If your place of lodging has not registered your stay YOU will be fined 1600 baht if you do an extension not the landlord.
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    Tin Hut Restaurant
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    ya know, it just occurred to me that Pokky has THE most perfect nose. Even if it's surgery, it's lovely, long and sharp and fits her face. It's most unThai like, but looks natural for her somehow. I should have gotten a closer "look".
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    Tone you have given hope and indeed life to the many charities that you have donated to. Well done my friend for being at the helm for so many years of the LBWVB organization and events.
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