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Fun in the Sun and 4.7 Million Raised For Charity
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  2. First the Olympics....and now this. How about moving the LBWVB event to New Zealand?
  3. Unfortunately having thoroughly reviewed the current travel situation & recent surges it’s looking like the LBWVB event will be postponed until March 2021 - proposed Saturday 20th March This is due to uncertainty of: International travel Quarantine regulations upon arrival/return Pre-flight certificates/insurance requirements Staging an event for more than 50 people - crowd gatherings currently not allowed This will also give us a chance to recover lost time for fund raising for the respective charities. Hopefully many restrictions will have been lifted by March allowing most the freedom to travel. The Areca also feel March would be a more suitable date; this we can review again in December. Be safe.
  4. I know it is very early in the game that is going on now, but it would be a real shame if the LBWVB was canned this year. Just have to hope things get back to some sort of normality and it can be run in some form. I would like to attend my first one.
  5. Do you think they will be changing the name of this Wing now?
  6. Areca is actually 3 separate hotels. Areca - Soi Diana entrance Evergreen - Soi 15 entrance Corona - in the middle of Areca and Evergreen Our Pool area is the usual one called the Blue Ocean Pool which is between Evergreen and Corona Best to walk through from Areca entrance in Soi Diana for ticket entry as the Soi 15 pool entrance is closed
  7. Will the event be held in the Evergreen wing on Soi 15 as usual rather than the original Areca on Soi Diana?
  8. LBWVB 2020 are pleased to announce that tickets for the 21st November event being held at the Areca Lodge are now available from the participating bars and the Hideaway Guesthouse, Restaurant & Bar.  Tickets/Sponsors are now for Sale from: Tickets can also be pre-booked directly from the LBWVB site via:- (contact lbwvb@hotmail.com for assistance, more details) Ticket prices remain the same at:- Sponsor contributions at 4,000 Baht - 100% goes to Charity. Includes a comp ticket. Tickets at 1,500 Baht which includes: Cash prizes will be awarded to all participating teams. There is no entry charge for the teams. Drinks for both the day and evening are discounted by Areca for all attendees. Areca are also offering 20% discount on Direct room bookings for the weekend of the event. For reservations please contact Nancy Hoffee at Areca mentioning LBWVB and the dates required. Areca will also have limited tickets available from about 2 weeks prior for guests.  Thanks to all for your previous and continued support and we look forward to seeing you all in November. 
  9. Brilliant video. A lot of familiar faces. Well done Tony. Oops, Sir Tony!
  10. He deserves a full knighthood from the Queen. Ladyboywise, he got my plebeian but well-meaning induction into The Romscars Hall of Legends for lifetime excellence and chivalry, which may be a rogue's recognition but a recognition just the same. Well done Sir Tony Sales ! Rom
  11. Like Kev at the end of the video I felt choked up and teary too. 5.8 million raised in six years .. that must have made a difference to the people for whom it was intended. Rossco deserves a ladyboy knighthood!
  12. very moving shows what a lot of good can be done when a group drive a hope forward. I have not been involved but to Tony, the bars, the girls and all your supporters a big thank you. a wonderful event helping so many to have a chance in life Well done you all
  13. Best of luck to Ladyboy Water Volleyball 2020! It's a fun day in the sun surrounded by beautiful ladyboys in bikinis!
  14. More information to follow but the Areca Lodge, our hosting venue, is booked for Saturday 21st November 2020. 5 Teams. Artwork completed for Posters and Tickets. Tickets should be on sale from early April from participating venues. There are 2 compilation videos worth viewing: 1st is a short 2 minute video detailing what we have all achieved over the last 7 years - Thank You Very Much Sadly 'Kev in Thailand', who gives the dialogue at the end, is terminally ill back in the UK. He really could not finish his commentary - that is the spirit of LBWVB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjOdamHepGM 2nd is a 20 minute video which is a compilation of videos from each year since 2012 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dt0upqHIQNI Hoping we can count again on the good and generous nature of this forum - thanks. It is all about: Fun Charity Promoting LBs in a positive way Tony
  15. Tone you have given hope and indeed life to the many charities that you have donated to. Well done my friend for being at the helm for so many years of the LBWVB organization and events.
  16. Take a Bow and have a good Rest Tony, you deserve it It has indeed been a blast
  17. Apologies for not posting here before.Sad that the event will not move forward but a remarkable result from a niche market of like minded generous people.Many thanks for your support and contribution - no other group has come close to what we jointly achieved.I hope that you all retain pleasant memories of an incredible event over 7 years.It was a blast.20 teams participated overall. Some of whom no longer exist. Anaconda, Cocktails & Dreams, Horny Bar, Stringfellows, So What.I met hundreds of BMs form this forum, and others, and value the friendships made along the way.The Areca Lodge, who hosted the event every year, are disappointed as are many charities that we have directly helped.
  18. LBWVB 2019Unfortunately there will not be an event this yearDifficult decision as so many charities have benefited through all your generosity.It has been a great deal of fun for both participants and attendees and an amazing success story.5.86 million Baht raised over 7 years with 4.71 million going to various charities. Costs to stage the event were 1.01 million0.14 million (138,000) remaining to donate to a deserving charity at some date in the future.Many thanks for your support and contributions which have helped so many people.A special thanks to all the bars that have participated and helped raise funds over the years.Also to Referees, DJ, Photographers. Contributors of Raffle/Auction items and Trophies. Brilliant support from so many.The event has put Lady Boys in a different light showing their positive contribution to society in a spectacular way.
  19. Team Score CardCharitiesSponsorsCommentsMedia Linksare all onhttp://lbwvb.com/ladyboy-water-volleyball-2018-eventHere are 2 Videos from the event:Thanks to Pattaya People Media Group (Barry Upton) for covering the event.http://lbwvb.com/archives/41431Thanks to Kev In Thailand.As Kev says "It is all about the kids"http://lbwvb.com/archives/41424A special Merry Christmas to all the people who supported LBWVB 2018 from those that you helpedTryhttp://lbwvb.com/gallery-category/lbwvb-2018For about 1000 pictures.
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