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What's The Best Country For Latina Shemales


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willing to expat to brazil ?

Ouch, its hard. Candidats to expats often cease, but in the event your really interested, best place to get info´s is http://expat-blog.com/

The place on earth where i was the most happy was in Maranhão, check pictures of beaches on google with term "lençois do  maranhão" , touristic area nothing to do with São Paulo or others huge cities, sure helped the fact i speak the language.


The local lingo is "bonecas" to describe LB/shemale 3rd sex, and can find non-pro, but that dont look like those ones posted above.

Easier to get residency in places like Thailand and maybe PH.

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Well I have to say that in my opinion Brazil is hands down the best country in the whole world for shemale lovers, I would say Brazil and Thailand, but Brazil has a lot more variety in terms of different etnicities, skin tones, and cock sizes lol...the best city is certainly Sao Paulo, you have a huge freedom of choice there, you can find some that are very delicate, feminine, very light skinned and blonde haired, sort of european style, but you can also find some that are indios descendants, some nice brunettes with very fit and nicely curved body, perfect tanlines, and of course you can find some nice black ones with huge cocks. I've been in Sao Paulo several times, and I would say as long as you pick the most famous ones that are frequently working in the nicest and safest areas of the city there's basically no risk at all, of course only search on websites with client reviews on the model page, like this:


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These Portraits Capture the Stunning Diversity of Queer Cubans

Amid rollbacks of LGBTQ rights in Cuba, Alexis Ruiseco-Lombera is archiving the country's vibrant queer and trans community in photos.




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I've chatted with a few Mexican travestis on Tinder; they are all in Guadalajara and I'm too lazy to ride the bus to meet up. 

In 2015 I did a Central and South American tour, starting in Guatemala and ending up in Uruguay. All by bus, save one segment, flying over the Darien Gap :)

Saw some hot LBs in Costa Rica; Saw some in Buenos Aires that looked rough as fuck; I picked up a bad vibe from that neighborhood. Subjective on my part, I'm sure there are some good ones around.

Since Brazil is one of the few countries open to Americans, I may venture down there. I doubt any of us will be visiting Asia any time soon. But it could change like the Berlin Wall coming down; one day it looks like no end in sight, next day it all changes.

We live in hope:biggrin:

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On 1/25/2014 at 2:06 AM, pdogg said:

Hey guys, Ladyboy Review has great coverage of the Southeast Asia ladyboy scene but we're pretty weak in Latin America.


So if headed south of the border, where should we go?






Costa Rica?


Where's a good, fun, safe palce to meet Latina Ladyboys?

I think Latina She cock is best they are the prettiest and have the best bodies i love them could not go back to ordinary girls rule like Flavia Lins

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