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  1. willing to expat to brazil ? Ouch, its hard. Candidats to expats often cease, but in the event your really interested, best place to get info´s is http://expat-blog.com/ The place on earth where i was the most happy was in Maranhão, check pictures of beaches on google with term "lençois do maranhão" , touristic area nothing to do with São Paulo or others huge cities, sure helped the fact i speak the language. The local lingo is "bonecas" to describe LB/shemale 3rd sex, and can find non-pro, but that dont look like those ones posted above. Easier to get residency in places like Thailand and maybe PH.
  2. Not familiar to the bar scene in Lisbon, live in another place.
  3. Street actions are mostly ugly. High-end work from flats and post add online as this one : http://tgatas.net/ or http://www.viptransex.net regular updates.
  4. On internet adds you might find recomended motels/hotels for LB fun. They might hoook you up easily.
  5. Perhaps due to understand the lingo, i would say Brazil is the place with most pretty LB, spite Argentina and Colombia have also prety ones. http://www.distintas.net/pt/brasil/home http://www.topstransbrasil.com/node http://www.eliteacompanhantes.com.br/home/bonecas/ Working gals here in Portugal come often from Brazil and Colombia.
  6. tought it would be easier to find a non-pro in Thai or Phils. After a while club working "gals" become borring.
  7. called a few with my VOIP account, but cant confirm adds pics are acurate.
  8. gey guys, how fake are LB adds on craiglist ? http://manila.en.craigslist.com.ph/search/ppp
  9. hi guys, add the chance to subscribe a few groups on FB and began chat with few pretty LB. How come after few minutes of chat, they start asking for money to "help" to buy a smartphone, pay internet cafee or else? Worst impression ever. can you share
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