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  1. I pretend that I don't understand. I speak some Russian and just keep saying, Ya nee panemayetye shtoh on gavareet ! ( I don't understand what you are saying )
  2. I miss Pancake. Anybody seen her around ? Yeah she was wild, but damn, the hottest body I have ever seen !
  3. She is HOT, just a little dangerous
  4. Does anybody know about a tour company that arranges flights, accommodations and all the extras to meet ladyboys in central and south America ? Unlike Thailand, if you don't speak Spanish and know your way around you are out of luck. Who know if you venture south on your own if you will encounter unknown dangers. please advise
  5. I never read about Ladyboy tours in Central and South America. Not speaking Spanish, going it alone is not an option. Anybody familiar with tour companies, websites or posts about these trips. Muchas Gracias !
  6. I heard that Pancake from the Darkside Inn on Soi 33 now works at the Check In Bar. I don't see any photos of her on this post. Do any of you gents know if she is now there ?
  7. Thankyou for your response ! One site member said the debri may be leaf material. As the pool in question is entirely enclosed, this is unlikely. Rather than the owner treating negative comments with disdain, it would behove him to exchange emails/phone numbers with a prospective visitor and address the concern with that individual personally. BTW, dumping excessive chlorine into water does not neccessarily relieve the bacterial issue ! Further, Dogs/cats carry disease ! We are so concerned about STDs that we forget that other bugs can bring us down ! As a mortal, I would like to enjoy LOS for many years to come. Sir, my email is meshdent@sbcglobal.net if you would like to converse privately.
  8. That is a reasonable request. I will be in Pattaya from November 16 to December 20th. Who specifically will I contact ? ( Name...phone number please )
  9. I welcome all comments in regard to the state of affairs at the Penthouse Hotel. If they could get their act together, it would be a wonder to behold ! Given that, I would become one of their formost proponents !
  10. Addendum. I received a confrontory response to one of the members in regard to my negative impression of the Penthouse Hotel. The owner of the Penthouse Hotel discounts any comments about the cleanliness issue of this establishment. My observations come an onsite visit in June of this year. I was staying at the Dynasty Inn on Soi 13 which is just down the street from the Penthouse Hotel. The idea of 'ONE STOP SHOPPING' is very appealing to me ! Consider, you can meet, greet and connect with your lovelies downstairs, and without the embarrassment or hassle of motorbiking your way across town, you just adjorn upstairs for the carnal festivities ! I am not objecting to the higher lady drink cost or the high barfine as the convenience far outweighs the toll. However, upon my visit, I requested seeing low to high end accommodation with the approval of the front desk staff during the daylight hours . My sister has several cats and I was keenly aware of a similar kitty aroma as we toured. Kitty litter and kitty urine has its own pervasive stench. Now, the rooms themselves were impressive, practical and WILD ! It looked like I was visiting a hotel in UGANDA but with sexual accoutrements, such as lubes, condoms, dildos and most conspicuously, sex swings...thankyou ! I was most interested in the accompanying rectangular pool overhanging the soi , party to the higher end rooms. My next door neighbor has a well used swimming pool, here in the states, and I am well aware of all that is necessary to maintain it with frequent visitors and the many kiddies who are known to poop regularly in the presence of H2O. He is constantly checking the water, and its chemistry along with frequent visits from his pool maintenance company. He keeps a log of test results that our city requires for all residential pools. Now for my observations...the pool was FILTHY ! There was dark debri in several areas notable in the daylight. I asked if there is a log of water testing and a cleaning schedule. The accommodating receptionist, knew nothing of this. Considering the goings on expected on a regular basis in the pool, there is the question of urinary and fecal material being a problem. Do you relish the idea of ending up in Bangkok Hospital with a urinary tract infection, pink eye, oral fungal infection, rectal abcess, etc ? I DONT !!! I have noted the owner respond with righteous indignation on other websites for those that have questioned the cleanliness of his establishment. To you sir, I respond, I WAS THERE AND SAW ( and smelled ) WHAT I SAW !!! On the other hand, as I mentioned, I love the idea of your Hotel ! If you can post, online, a pool cleaning schedule and lab results from an independent facility, ie professional pool cleaning company, I would most certainly reconsider. Also most people are very turned off by homes or hotels that allow animals to roam freely and contaminate bedding , food and everything else ! Get rid fo the CATS !!!
  11. Anyone else have the same experience at the Penthouse Hotel ?
  12. Unfortunately, few ladies to chose from, at considerable expense and smelly rooms along with a dirty pool make for a useless expensive stay, despite the owners claims to the contrary. Go to Stringfellows instead.
  13. Note: If you go on TheVault website it specifically says NO LADYBOYS ALLOWED However, I did stay there one trip and after having a bad night with a GG, the owner Michael dragged me out and found me a two some...Now that's Service !
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