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  1. This was a lot of fun to read.. I laughed out loud twice.. made my evening..Truth is she can cuss like a sailor I love the use of words, I wonder if she is like that in person. I kinda admit I want to meet her to see who is behind all the venom. I just told a new friend today that I was thinking about a long term relationship with a trans woman, well something longer than overnight. This thread makes me think again.
  2. Hey Pdoggg, I wish I had seen your reply sooner.. I must have missed the notification. Thank you for getting back to me! Wow that is crazy cheap, and the scene in the PI is so much nicer than in Latin America especially with t-girls especially in Colombia its really not out in the open. The trans girls in Colombia are mostly comfortable in gay bars and clubs, where they are welcome. Trans girls are not even allowed entry into some bars and clubs. They advertise on the internet and while there is a street scene it is not very savory and certainly not very fulfilling. I have been chasing them all over latin america now for about 7 or 8 years maybe a bit more, I am away for as much as 3 months at a time, and am ready to engage with the girls and spend some time, not just popping in to a girls apartment for sex and leaving.. I feel I can get that in PI more so than in Thailand, or Cambodia, what are your thoughts? . I am a researcher and avid youtube watcher, trying to learn what I can, and finding this message board is an awesome discovery for me. Does time spent with a girl, such as going to a girl repeatedly, being a regular for lack of other words, cause her to give better service, or to start considering you in a better regard? I found that lots of times in Latin America the girls start to take you for granted, trans and genetic, the more you see them... service and attention wane. I am looking for the absolute best deal on time with a chica trans pay to play.. for a make believe relationship. Don't necessarily want the responsibility of a girlfriend, but I always leave my options open. Also is Angeles City my best option? I am very attracted to Cebu, because I love Scuba and there is a lot of diving I can access from there. Any ideas about Cebu? Anyway I have lots of questions.. thinking about late February heading that way.
  3. I very much appreciate the detailed reports and the pics. I especially appreciate the details about the girls charges for time. I live in the USA but have an apartment in Colombia, where there are lots of pretty travestis to spend time with. I am thinking about trying out Thailand or the Philippines, anywhere in asia. I was hoping it would be cheaper, but if 2500 is the bottom line, about 48 usd, then its even a bit higher than what my bottom line is in Medellin short time. Tell me if you would what do the LB's in the phillipines think of as short time? An hour or an afternoon? I would be paying about $35 usd for an hour and a half or so, in her apartment. There is no "scene" at all, well there is but its dangerous and you will probably get robbed. The girls are cute.. but you really need to sort them out and it takes time.
  4. The same thing happened to me in Medellin Colombia. Once they get in your room they know you don't want the hassle of police or hotel management in your business, and that we will pay them to get rid of them.. they are professional scammers not sex workers. And like Pattaya or any other major Asian city, they have an unlimited number of tourists, so they don't have to worry about getting a reputation.. most of their victims are only there for a couple of weeks. Definitely always start out with a short time hotel maybe twice just to see if she is stable, then maybe to my place if I feel a warm fuzzy.. This girl did some porn with trans500 so I knew of her and that she was definitely hot. Im trying to think of her name but it escapes me.. if I remember it I will post her name and pic, maybe helpful to someone else. I see her occasionally on mileroticos. Nothing about this is easy, so its nice to have a resource like this to share experiences. Saludos!
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