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Colombia Ladyboys

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I messed up and ruined Donnnnnny's Colombia thread by making the original second page unreadable.  I will repost the first page but have lost all posts on the second page.

Apologies Don and to whoever may have posted on Page 2.

Donnnnnny said:

I have seen some stunning tranny girls from this country on www.imlive.com  for me they far out way there thai and asian sisters , they are beautiful gorgeous and oh so sexy.

Now my question, anyone been to columbia?? what are  the things to watch for there. Im interested to know if its better to rent an apartment or hotel guests allowed.

Im also interested in anyone who cares to join a trip there with me.

cheers don the sa flash


Strocube said:

Yeah, Donny, I have been to Colombia. In fact, I was born there, but have lived all but the first three years of my life in the states.

Was back in 2012 for a few months. I loved the place, but did not peruse any tgirl action. I thought about it, but I was getting so much attention from so many non-pro hot ggs it kinda slipped my mind.

It is truly a beuatiful country with some lovely people.

I do not recommend that you try and find tgirls on the street or in bars. Better to call and have them delivered I would think. Safer too.

If all you are looking for is Tgirl sex try this:


Good luck and let us know how it goes:)


Pdoggg said:

Great info Stro!   


Captain Vinny said:

Flying into Medellin today to spend weekend with my HoTT  Paisa TGIRL.  Ill try to get locations where all

these girls go.. Rented 2 br apt with Jacuzzi from Poblado Appt Rentals. I have used these guys many times

Might have a party Sat night , all Colombiana Chicas love fotos. Ill try to figure out how to post fotos. I have several just do not know how yet


Pdoggg said:

Excellent Captain!   :biggrin:


Here's some info about uploading pics.



Basic Uploader
The default uploader allows you to upload attachments one at a time. To begin, press the button. A box will appear for you to select the file on your computer that you want to attach. Select the file you want to upload.

If you change your mind, you can press the button and then choose a different file.

Once you have selected the file you want, press Attach the file.
If there are any errors uploading the file, you will receive an error message, otherwise, you will see the attachment appear.

Advanced Flash Uploader
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To start, press Click to Attach Files. A box will appear for you to select the file or files on your computer that you want to attach. Select the file or files you want to upload. You can select more than one file at a time by holding Ctrl (on Windows) or Command (on Mac) and click on the files.

Once you have selected your files and clicked "Open", they will begin uploading. If there are any errors uploading the files, you will receive an error message, otherwise, you will see the attachments appear.

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Captain Vinny said:

Colombian Tgirls from Medellin





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Siam Sam said:

Great pix captvinny. Keep 'em coming. 


PANIC said:

Sorry to say but i think that there is a small mistake here made by Donnnny,I  am sure he means Colombia and not Columbia (sony company)...


Strocube said:

Yes, thanks for pointing that out. As a Colombian, it always bugs when I see it spelled Columbia. It is Colombia, not Columbia.


Just Sum Gai said:

that first one is HAWT!

SA the secret?


Strocube said:

Greetings, lads.

Turns out I am quitting my soul destroying job here in the land of fat and stupid and moving to Medellin. Will give that a try for a while and see how things go. If things do not work out, guess I'll try Hawaii. Thailand is plan C.

Guess that makes me a "re-pat."

Of course, I will see how I can get me some of that sweet ladyboy/femboy action.

Will keep you informed.


WildRover said:

Bueno Suerte Strocube. Keep us posted on how you get on in Medellin


Bumblebee said:

Best of luck with the move Strocube and I am sure a few of the guys here are curious to hear what you discover there.


Just Sum Gai said:

oh yeah, I am REALLY keen to hear regular reporting from him. REALLY we need more intel on SA. 30 hours and $1500 to Thailand is a bitch. USED to be around 800 to get to Brazil but lately it's stupidly expensive, almost what it costs to fly to Bkk.

     Good luck Strocube. Land of fat and stupid? you live in the Deep South too? Please do a kind of blog on your Medellin experience. Obviously there are some HOTTIES there.


Saab1 said:

Good Luck Strocube !!

With you plans to move to Medellin, from what I have seen on the net and various other chat rooms and such, there is a pretty good Ladyboy scene in Medellin and various parts of Columbia, and some I have seen in chat rooms, are Stunners !!! so keep us all informed with any info, take care and have a safe journey !!


Lance2546 said:

Looking forward to your Columbia reports Stro :)


Hefe said:

I know a couple of people who have moved from the states to Colombia & really like it & the girls are beautiful, gg anyway. I keep hearing the last 2-3 years how Colombia is the new good place to go on this side of the pond. Looking forward to hearing what life is like once you get settled, Good Luck!


Capt Vinny said:

You might want to travel around before committing to Medellin. Not that much to do . Ck out Manazalas,, Perrada. Taken me a year to get in to scene. Not sws.. Best to rent for at least 1 or 2 years before you buy. Believe nothing that you hear, and half of what you see. I been living in COlombia last 4 years. They call themselves tranvesties.... 


Sustra2 said:

maybe a better link for travestitis in Colombia Bogotà is http://co.mileroticos.com/travestis/bogota/bogota/

done a couple of calls....100.000 pesos short time???? 38 usd....35 euros??? am i dreaming?

i have my finger on the mouse....trip to Bkk or Bogotà? what should i click? Hamletic question!


RXPharm said:

sustra2, I think you would enjoy either place - however you probably would have to keep alert in Colombia even though the drug wars have slowed down, some areas are still dangerous. While Thailand also has dangerous spots, they tend to be well known and easily avoidable.

If you know Spanish that would be a big plus as well.


Sustra2 said:

thanx for the suggestion...was talking to a friend yesterday, a frequent traveller to Colombia...he told me that, yes, could be dangerous...especially Bogotà..( at night ) that was my possible desitnation. On the other hand Cartagena with expensive prices is still safe. he told me that if i take some basic precautions..everything will be ok

I was before going to Thailand a frequent traveller to Cuba & Brasil. Cuba very safe and brasil...well....you know how brasil is...

and yes...i speak spanish very well ( being italian ) ...this could help ( i was in Nicaragua many years ago and everything was ok.....was bribed by police once...but nothing serious ...told me that i couldn't cross the street if not on the zebras...10 usd fine..i had one of the most agreeable femboy of my life there... )


RXPharm said:

Do you have a particular style of tg you prefer? I am under the impression the Colombian tgs might be more Amazonian, like the Brazilan ones, while the Thai lbs tend to be more petite.


Sustra2 said:

i do not have really a sterotype about lbs...i tend to look more at the attitude now than before. In Sao paulo where i lived for 9 months (working) there's every kind of lb you wish...petite, tall, mini, maxi etc etc.....incredible also to see japanese lbs there...the jap community in Sao paulo is the biggest one outside japan

Having a look at an italian site called gnoccatravel.com ( pussytravel...not for us but very informative ) seems Colombia is really a trendy destination...in biggest cities like Bogotà they suggest to be very careful with taxis at night....several aggressions were reported

from the italian embassy site in Colombia:

- Kidnapping: there have been increasing cases of fake taxi drivers (with plates of taxis "cloned") which force the passenger to use their credit card for ATM withdrawals  until exhausted availability (this practice is called "paseo millionaire ")

so it is suggested to book a taxi via phone...and not on the street


JustSumGai said:

nothing more from strocube? That could have been giant. I guess south of the border is just a virtual deadzone. Sad as a short travel time would be SO nice.  I'll have to do more searching, I just can't believe there is NO place online (like a forum) where people help can find information.


Sustra2 said:

from an italian forum a map of "relaxing places" in Medellin


 a sort of thaifrindly from Colombia ( for girls especially )


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Apologies to Donnnnnnnny and the guys who posted on Page 2 of the Colombia thread as I messed up and those posts are now gone.

Chaturbate is crawling with Colombian Ladyboys! 

I'll highlight some of the best ones in the posts below.

With some of the models the formatting is a bit off on LBR, too far to the right or left.  If that is so for a model you like then just click on the cam and you will see the proper format on the website.

Note, most of these posts will say Model Is Currently Offline as none of these girls are strutting their stuff 24/7.  Many go on about the same time everyday/night so I'll try to mix it up time wise.

If you want to hear audio just click on the model's cam and you will be redirected to that model's cam on Chaturbate and you can turn on the audio.  If you want to see the a model's bio when she is offline then click on Model Is Currently Offline and you will be redirected.

Although you can browse Chaturbate without joining their are several advantages to joining up for free which is quite easy and hassle free, takes less than a minute.  If you are a free member you can have a favorites list which makes it quite easy to find your best girls.  

 Warning: Chaturbate can be extremely addicting!

These Cololumbian girls are hot and have bigger dicks than their Thai or Filipina sisters. 

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Since I work and spend much of my time in New York, mongering in Colombia makes a lot more sense.  If I were younger and at a different stage of my life, I would definitely head down there.  Twenty or thirty years ago, Colombia was certainly a violent no go zone.  It was far from a tourist go to area.  Things have changed dramatically.

Bogota is a on stop 5 hour flight away from New York-quite civilised I must say.  Having a very good high school Spanish teacher would really come in handy for a trip down there.  After 40 years, my Spanish is still serviceable.  I have forgotten/lost a bit of vocabulary but I could function at least 90%.  For those of us in North America, a visit to Colombia is a no brainer.  There might be popular forums on this part of the world but I am a bit more surprised its not more popular......btw the GGs are freaking gorgeous as well!!!!

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