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  1. RandiUno2


    Basically, Clint Eastwood in any spaghetti western...as the anti-hero...is the motivating fantasy of manhood in certain segments of the US population.
  2. RandiUno2


    I'm a business owner. Currently, I require people to wear masks to enter my business. If someone doesn't wear a mask to enter my business, they are not respecting my rights to dictate what happens on my private property. In the US, "anti-mask" is not a "protected" class of persons, so I'm legally able to "discrimate" in the provision of my public business on this basis.
  3. RandiUno2


    Good to see Thailand like every other country...foreigners are good until they're not.
  4. RandiUno2


    This is the issue. If you don't want to wear a mask on public sidewalk; then don't. But, when a privately owned business requires you to wear a mask to enter, either wear a mask and enter, or don't wear a mask and stay the fuck out.
  5. I can't speak to Europe as the last time I was in Europe was in 2016 for a brief stay in London. However, after my limited travels I have come to the conclusion that the USA has become today's poor country. Forty years (since Reagan) of the US failing to invest in infrastruture in the form of physical or human capital has manifested itself in a vicious cycle of hate politics that is destroying the country. While China has built the largest subway system in the world (Beijing) in 25 years, bullet trains all across the country, and solar capacity unmatched by anyone, US politicians have
  6. I chase ladyboys. I chased them to all over the USA, and then through Mexico, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, and with little success Cuba. Full Disclosure: I always despised the guys who travelled to third world countries to get cheap pussy or cis-gender girls bar girls, or the old fat ugly guys who went to Cambodia to get a pretty 20 something wife because they couldn't get a girl in their home country. Although, I had some sympathy for guys who went looking for a wife that they intended to bring back to the USA and incorporate fully into their life. My perception has been in
  7. Covid Vacinnes are proceeding with "warp speed" in California. 14 million of the 40 million residents already have at least one shot. Good news especially with this Brazillian variant running wild.
  8. Somebody has been taking too many estrogen hormones and smoking crack. Caitlyn Jenner will get no support from the Trumpified Retruglicans party, and she has COMPLETELY alienated hereself from her natural allies (the gay boys and trans community). Her exploration of her candidacy is emblematic of the white transgirl experience...successful white guys used to running the world, transition with all their money, and delusionally think they have the same status after they transition. They don't, but they can persist in the delusion if they have enough money to hirer retainers who will always sa
  9. Hoping you guys don't have to go through what happened here...close down, open up, close down again. Grateful we in California are having a rapid vacinne roll-out.
  10. Well, you could have re-located to a former portuguese colony where the historical respect for life was basically non-existent, and continues to this day. https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/07/americas/brazil-covid-19-record-daily-deaths-intl/index.html
  11. Third wave???? Thailand's covid infections more like a ripple in a pond than a "third wave" compared to USA. People here think 50K infections per day, and positivity rate of 10% is reason to totally open up everything, and return to normal. Your drinking, partying, and sexing life in S.E. Asia may suck right now, but at least you don't really have to worry you might be dead in the next 2 weeks because some jerk refused to wear a mask when you are grocery shopping.
  12. "RandiUno2: did I read you right that you are a self-admitted party bottom and proud of it ?" Yes, I admit to being the designated bottom for a group of ladyboys on more than one occassion, although in my mind there is a distinction between being a "party bottom" and being "a party bottom on special occassions" ie, birthday, closing big business deal, or on ladyboy travel vacation. But, for a self-diagnosis, i would say this behavior get me dangerously close to being gay....lol. There is a also a phenomenon in sexuality research known as "situational homosexuality". This occ
  13. I have come the conclusion that the emotional, social, and financial cost of dealing with GGs is now more than I want to pay. There is no such thing as free pussy. I always have to pay with by taking the time get emotionally invested, or paying by the requirement that I introduce the GG to my social network, or paying (financial cost) actual money since most GG's I have dated expected me to pay full freight for anything we did from dinner to a whirlwind vacation in the Bahamas.
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