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Lita CHALITA @onlyfans

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Greetings BMs one and all

I am starting this thread here at the Romscars Club on behalf of one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE ladyboys who just became a BM here at LBR so she could be part of the most cutting edge ladyboy Board there is.

The name is Chalita, Lita Chalita and she could pass for a James Bond girl with her supermodel looks.   Her beauty is only surpassed by her good heart.

I first met her at Boomerang Twin and now she is a rising onlyfans star and you may want to check her out.


Here are some pics she wanted to share and I am counting on you guys to welcome her to our Board.

Big CHEERS for Chalita.









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@mods: please feel free to transfer this thread to whatever sub-forum it best fits as promotional for a ladyboy
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Holy Self-Promotional Material Chalita !!! ... The “You don’t understand poverty” pitch gave me a dry swallow followed by a wondering of repentance for my selfish monger ways…

But back to business: the admins said it was up to me to leave this thread here at the Romscars Club or they transfer it to the Ladyboys Contacts sub-forum…  Let’s leave it here for now and if Chalita continues to engage BMs on the thread after the initial interest stage, then we will transfer and she will be in full editorial charge …

While it is here at the Romscars Club, I would like to share some of my own photos from 2017 when I first met Chalita shortly after she started out at Boomerang Twin (BT).   At the time I was totally infatuated with another BT sissy (Minnie) who did not give a rat’s ass about me but had put Pattaya dibs on me along with her pixie sidekick (Nan) and the 3 of us had some great fun together on and off the sack.  Then Nan got a sponsor and Minnie for some reason soured on me (“I don’t fuck old farang anymore”) and Chalita was there to save face and provide me great GFE sex better than the 2 others together ever did.  At PY, I posted all the details of this silly telenovela with naked pics of all 3 of them, which got hoovered when the editorial geniuses running PY banned me.    and I am glad they did away with the pics, especially on account of the lovely Chalita whose long and arrow-straight rock-hard cock glued to the belly I was never worthy to expose …  But I will share in this post some of Chalita’s glamour pics from my stash...

She is just a wonderful person to be with and when I finally can go back to Thailand she is at the top of my list of old friends to revisit…












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Daddy those pics I was too much young and ugly. Hahaha. I remember time we met Boomerangtwin. We go room and then we go party walking street and you drink tequilla too much. Hahaha... You took photos in room but I want to show my photos onlyfans please... no pantie show everything...


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On 7/17/2021 at 4:24 PM, Chalitalitaaa said:

Daddy those pics I was too much young and ugly...   No Chalita no sapik that.  You are biutiful too much same-same supermodel 

I remember time we met Boomerangtwin. We go room and then we go party walking street and you drink tequilla too much. Hahaha...   Don't YOU laugh at me gentlemen ... That's why I make sure to go room first and to hook up for LTs ....

OK I am posting some more pics from the Rom archives to see if I can generate a little more interest in the thread and maybe some business for Chalita.

The reason for LBR's existence being to promote Emmy's bar, I thought I would show some pics of Chalita teamed up with another of my Pattaya supermodel favorites who made me feel like a rockstar when I would party the night away with the 2 of them ...  The name of the other one was Belle and in-between boyfriends she worked for a while at Emmy's where in turn I paired her with another lanky favorite Mona but that would be a whole other thread...

For now just let me share the pics of Chalita and Belle in matching shiny little dresses courtesy of sugardaddy rom ... Please don't hate me for not showing pics of the threesome parts but this is not a good time...




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On 7/18/2021 at 9:38 PM, bumblebee said:

Lots of nice shots there, ...

Thanks Bumblebee.   How do you like these ones ?  Chalita and I used to play naughty-naughty-schoolgirl-how-could-you? ... this is her reporting for roleplay ...


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1 hour ago, bumblebee said:

Can’t beat a bit of a uniform look :party0011:

How about the buck naked look ?

Here is a pic from my archives followed by several that Chalita told me was OK to post, including the last one where she had pasted "Breaking News" and I added the corporate logo over that puckering wonder of an orifice...







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Posted (edited)
On 7/21/2021 at 2:20 AM, seven said:

Is this the Coke girl, Rom?    Nope but you have a keen memory of my TR one and a half year ago.  It took me a while to recall  “Coke” was the cover name I gave a non-pro ladyboy I met at Jomtien beach and reported about here at LBR.  I chose "Coke" because her cock was wide like a Coca Cola can .  Lita’s cock is more the long & arrow-straight kind .  I post a picture below of the lower half.  To see the other half ask her or join her onlyfans…

Here are some more pics of Chalita at Boomerang Twin where we hooked up, went to her room (right above BT!) for an ST, followed by a change of clothes and a night out on the town together, followed by LT in my room, followed by breakfast…





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The sleeping body lying on the bed where we fucked without waking that body up is none other than Chalita's roomate at the time the almost as gorgeous MINNIE my previous BT crush ...
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