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Northern Thailand Village Life


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Warning, for those who are only interested in sex, filth and nudity – turn away. This is a piece on Thai cultural life.


Same start as the wedding did not see any point in re-writing


I have just found some photos I took back in 2013 with my camera. I had finished with May and was introduced by Snoop Dog to a girl called Nalee, she was not in P4P and lived in Udon Thani.


We got on well and became close friends. I decided to take a long holiday in the summer (Good God during the cricket season) and came for 6 weeks. While were like brother and sister, I really had not recovered from May and did notfind myself sexually attracted to Nalee. But we did get on well and enjoyed each others company.

I flew up to Udon and met Nalee, we stayed a week in the Centara Hotel, flew To Ko Samui for a weeks (where Nalee used to work), then back to Udon and then for a week up to Chiang Mai.

So these photo cover Thai village life most in an area about 60km north-east of Udon Thani and up in Chiang Mai. They show housing, rural agriculture, the people, the way of life and views many who remain in Pattaya and Bangkok never see - the real Thailand

Thailand June 2014 072.jpg

Thailand June 2014 075.jpg

Thailand June 2014 076.jpg

Thailand June 2014 077.jpg

Thailand June 2014 080.jpg

Thailand June 2014 083.jpg

Thailand June 2014 091.jpg

Thailand June 2014 099.jpg

Thailand June 2014 100.jpg

Thailand June 2014 101.jpg

Thailand June 2014 103.jpg

Thailand June 2014 104.jpg

Thailand June 2014 105.jpg

Thailand June 2014 150.jpg

Thailand June 2014 162.jpg

Thailand June 2014 154.jpg

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Thanks for kind words, I thought the photos were interesting and brought back some good memories

So here is some more from the same areas.

If you not been South or North or East or West in Thailand, then you should try. Car hire is easy (Thai Rental Cars are competitive), they drive on same side as us Brits (so very confusing for you Yanks) and have the most dangerous roads in the world. I worl on the idea "That idiot is not going to.." and expect them to do exactly that! The hotels are cheap, the scenery out of this world, especially in the Mountains and Tea plantations around Chiang Mai. The Mekong river has some lovely places like Nong Khai and Khiang Chan. The people out in the country really do make you believe in the Land of Smiles. I have been all over Issan and the west, but little in south and only Korat and Kalasin to the east. Much of my recent time has been spent about 10km from Chum Phae, which is 110km from Khon Kaen. Hope you enjoy


Thailand June 2014 160.jpg

Thailand June 2014 163.jpg

Thailand June 2014 403.jpg

Thailand June 2014 534.jpg

Thailand June 2014 535.jpg

Thailand June 2014 537.jpg

Thailand June 2014 538.jpg

Thailand June 2014 539.jpg

Thailand June 2014 540.jpg

Thailand June 2014 544.jpg

Thailand June 2014 549.jpg

Thailand June 2014 590.jpg

Thailand June 2014 591.jpg

Thailand June 2014 593.jpg

Thailand June 2014 594.jpg

Thailand June 2014 596.jpg

Thailand June 2014 598.jpg

Thailand June 2014 599.jpg

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2 hours ago, Jimmy Cargopants said:

I have heard different things about Thai rural life - some say they hated it (boring, dreary), others enjoyed it (the peace, nature).. what was your experience Annat?

I was lucky Jimmy, saw all type. First girls May lived in a total slum, Nalee was in the lower middle and Palmmy lived in a very good village rich beacuse of the sugar cane.

It was quiet, 10km to town but a vibrant and active town but alas no cinema and limited eating options.

I did the house up and bought a car, has computer and wifi so was able to do work and watch films.

I walked a bit and the locals accepted me even though I was with the local ladyboy.

I seriously thought about moving there in 2017 but my diabetes stopped me when I found out how much one phial of my injection cost 6000bht.

Also medical insurance was in the realms os 100000+ a year

Think in the end would have been bored to tears and gone totally mad like many farang who live in the country.

will post some photos of May's and Palmmy's villages in due course once I finish with these posts, say a couple of weeks

Glad you still alive  and wearing your cargo, time you got one of your avatars

keep well and happy

this was Palmy's house

the bedroom i put on

and the bathroom




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Great photos!.

It is obvious that buiding inspectors are not in great demand there.

The wall colour in the last two photos is a replica of mine. When I bought the place it had been repainted. They must have purchased a 50 litre pail of Primrose, as every room was the same colour!.

Just as an aside, I liked the way the toilet seat was down. I am amazed how bathrooms are shown, even on sites like booking.com etc., where the seats are up. So uncouth!:blush:

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How common are separate bedrooms in Thailand? I'm curious to know if one was living in a small house (or even a condo) and on fairly modest means, would you have to live in a room which served as both the room you slept in at night and where you spent the rest of your time ... (I think it would drive me crazy to live like that and give me 'cabin fever'. I would need a separate bedroom!)

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