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Bargirl Pros And Cons

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Was thinking about the pros and cons of being a bargirl.  One obvious negative is that sometimes you have sex with someone that you find repulsive because you really need the money.

But on the flip side it's kinda like going away to college without having to study or wake up in the morning to go to class.  You get to hang out with friends, drink, do drugs, stay out all night and hook up with lots of guys.  I also think the benefits are even greater for ladyboys than ladies.

What do ya think? 

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I think it does depend on how much you need the cash and family needs back home ,I know with my staff they have a budget for living and buying clothing and food/rent then send the rest home .

   It's way different to the girls back home ( Aus ) as most are druggies and need to pay for the habit.

  Either way it has to pretty hard for the los girls to front up everyday and try and be nice to the drunk , fat, old and down right rude guys that seem to treat all working girls as a trophy or a peace of meat .

  I for one have always given respect to them when they show the same, but at the end of the day / night if the chemistry is not there it's really not worth the hassle for both parties. 

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