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Taking a few minutes out for fantasy


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It's been 4 years since I last entered Thailand (GOTC January 2013). I have been, shall we say, rather preoccupied for a long time now. But lately I have happily returned to having fantasies about LBs once again. Cruising through my downloaded images (mostly from LBR) but having no idea who originally posted them, left me thinking about what my idea of a perfect LB would be like - at least in body, discounting personality for the moment.

I found this image which some kind soul had posted and which I must have downloaded at least 4, 5 or more years ago. My caption in simply "Bow." Another pic I have of her shows her standing (clothed) under an EZY bar sign. Other than that I know no more. (But thanks to whoever originally put said pix up.)

My continuing & ongoing fantasy attributes of choice are these: dark brown skin, small tight muscled torso, purple-black nipples & aureoles (& lips too for that matter), and tiny titlets unfettered by implants. (Note that I think the face is pretty, but that matters not much to me - the body being more important).

OK, that's it. Just thought I would let it out there as a sign of my long continuity of delight in these attributes, & maybe to get lads talking. Hopefully image attached - if I've done it right.

Bow 2.jpg

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I have been fantasising about going with Bow for 5 years now, had a few opportunities to do so but they never materialised, finally after this long wait my "fantasy" with her came true last month....it was well worth the wait   :innocent0001:

You can still find her here Ken if you are ever in Pattaya :hi:









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18 hours ago, SiamSam said:

I too met her and had a frolic way back when she was at EZY. And yes indeed she was a bunch of fun. She'd be a good match for you Mr. Ken. Well worth another trip to LOS. 

A good match, eh Sam? That intrigues me. I would like to hear you expand on that over a bottle of chilled white sometime. I hope to get back to Pattaya this year for short visit, & will try to catch up with Ms Bow if she is willing.

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A big thanks to daveduke007 for posting her contact details. I had a similar experience in that I came 2 years ago and didn't take to opportunity and regretted it ever since.

Sometimes when I fantasise about a girl the experience can be disappointing but not with Bo. Simple outstanding.

Contacted her via TF and she wanted to come straight away. First time I have had to make a ladyboy wait while I finished getting ready. 

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