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Ladyboys On Pool Tables


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did somebody say "ladyboy on pool table"?



Did not know you were into Pool bro, perhaps you will like this story buddy :hi:



Molested By Ladyboys

The ladyboy hikes up her skirt and wriggles down her black lace panties. In front of the pool table she takes hold of her penis, stretches it taut, then tucks the entire package out of sight between her legs.

‘If you win this game, I’m going to fuck you in the ass.’

She brandishes the pool cue in an unnecessarily graphic representation of the aforementioned ass-fucking. Another ladyboy grinds her buttock implants into my crotch. I block it best I can, but I’m acutely aware of her testicles against my hands. The only thing that could make this night any worse is if I get an erection.

For the uninitiated, ladyboys are, traditionally, Thai men who have undergone varying degrees of gender change to become women. The derogatory term exists as many choose to keep their male equipment. And they’re not afraid to use it. 

The disturbing thing about ladyboys is that they are a startlingly accurate approximation of women. Imagine all the features you lovingly associate with the fairer sex, perverted almost imperceptibly by some latent masculinity.


On our last night together in Thailand, my friends and I had unwisely entered a seedy side-street bar, and swiftly found ourselves in a tag-team pool match with a pair of ladyboys. They had the requisite flowing black hair, slim hips, cartoon breast implants, and bums that in any other context would be greeted with a sharp intake of breath and a declaration of ‘cracking arse.’ It’s the small details that break the illusion: forearms hard with sinewy muscle; false eyebrows like rigid paintbrushes; the chill of terror they instil in your soul.


The ladyboys take a particular fancy to me. My only role in the pool game is to act as their chair between shots. They force my hands around their waists, or up onto their boobs (which feel like not unpleasant sacks of Quaker Oats). I’ve been molested before, but this is the first time I’m powerless to stop it: the ladyboys retain the strength of full-grown men.

When it’s my friends’ turn at the table, the ladyboys jiggle their bare behinds over the pockets, simulate fellatio on their cues like toothless donkeys tackling a carrot.

The game is close. My friend turns to me before he takes a shot. ‘We’re stripes, yeah?’

I nod, wincing as a manicured nail pokes into my belly button. He leans over the table, lines up the cue, and decisively pots a spot.

 ‘I am not getting fucked in the arse by a ladyboy.’


They clear up and win the game. Our displays of chagrin are masterful in their falseness. The ladyboys return to my lap with renewed vigour.

‘Now we find something else to play.’

One of them starts working her hand down towards my crotch. I grab hold of it but she’s determined. Her fingers get inside my zip.

I lurch to my feet, sending the ladyboys staggering across the floor. ‘I’m leaving!’

My friends go ahead of me as we make for the door. I’m half way across the bar before one of the ladyboys jumps up and latches her legs around my waist, her nails digging hard into my shoulders.

Now, if there’s one thing sorely lacking from Thailand guidebooks, it’s advice on how best to dislodge a ladyboy from one’s person. She rides me like an unbroken pony, screaming in delight. I get my hands on her hips to try and pry her loose but she’s too strong. Should I thrust her against the wall until she drops off, retrieve my beer bottle from the bar and smash it over her head? How is it they remove leeches; hold a lighter to her face and hope her make-up is highly flammable? All I manage is to waddle for the door while she bucks and writhes, moaning hysterically while the other ladyboys cackle with laughter. It isn’t until I’m almost on the street that she leans in close and whispers in my ear.

‘My name a Kitty. I like you. Come back later I do you for free.’

The words and laughter don’t just ring out after me into the night. They loop interminably in my sleep.

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Another little trip down memory lane with a few more from Famous Bar on it's soft-opening party night well over 4 years ago now. A terrific venue for party nights back in its day.


May, Nutty and Tina.  Having disappeared for a while Nutty can be found at Baby Boom these days, a few ops later.








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Who's the Cutey in the centre, wearing a purple skirt ? Dam she is Hot !!


That's Nutty (Nut).


As DC says above she can now be found at Baby Boom.


Nut never takes a bad picture.  Take a pic of 5 ladyboys, all equally beautiful, and Nut's pic will probably look the best.


The camera loves her!   :pic:

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